Thursday, December 1, 2011

People, especially friends deserve my quality time

A good friend of mine reminded me that we've spent very little time together this entire year. She's right, and it's a shame I've not managed to spend more quality time with one of my best friends.

I'm finding as I get older, more and more responsibilites are tacked on to my 'need to do' list which pushes other things to the bottom of the list.  I need to re-evaluate my priorities.  Yes, some days are more hectic than other days, but still what's important should take presidence no matter what.

 My friend reminded me about what's most important, and above all, those are friends and family.

Families, we're born into,  but it's our friends whom we choose.  Friends are our chosen families.

Real friendship is golden. One day, when I look back on my life, actually, I should do that every day, on what I've accomplished, and what will be important to me is how I shared and conducted my life to make someone else's life better.  And, the best way I can do that is do something that makes the most positive impact. And that would be to share with my friend's my love of Jesus.  Jesus is my very, best friend.  Jesus is the very best friend anyone can have. With him, your eternal future is secure in heaven. What could be more desired than that, and make more impact than that?

Good friends make life better. I want all my friends to have the best, and Jesus is the way to make their life better now and forever.  Jesus has made it possible for anyone who accepts him by faith into their heart and be their Lord, to be reconciled with God. Their sins will be forgiven because the sacrifice of Jesus upon the cross settled the debt owed that sin required to be paid.  Sin separates us all from a holy, and righteous God.  Sin must be dealt with and purged in order to have a place in heaven. Through Jesus, anyone, spiritually, can receive salvation and gain 'right standing' with God.  I thank God and His Son, my Lord, for extending to me, and to everyone this free gift of salvation.  I want to see all my friends and family in heaven one day.  Friends forever, with Jesus. That would be wonderful!

Love. It all makes sense. What matters the most is loving our friends and family enough to tell them about the love that was demonstrated with outstretched arms to all people by Jesus. Jesus is that friend who died so anyone accepting Him would live. That's an act of love to the highest degree. Love is a verb. I love my friends so I must tell them about Jesus. I don't want a single one to not know of the ultimate example of love God sent from heaven, so one day we, our spirits, can be enjoying heaven, forever.

Sharing the love of Jesus is my passion. I want to have a positive effect upon my friends and everyone I come in contact with.

The video below is an example of a gentleman named Dr. Johnny Long, a band director at Troy University in Troy, Alabama. His former students are proof of what can happen when you share your passion with others. The effects can be long lasting upon other people, then, that passion takes hold and gets passed along, affecting other people,  and it continues.  Johnny Long's legacy continues.  I want my legacy and passion to be sharing the Lord so each can make their choice to accept the gift of God for their salvation, and, the Good News gets passed on and on.  God wants all to make their choice for the Lord.  Selfishly, I do too.

Time without end in heaven with friends, who mean so much to me, will be so wonderful.

I'm going to make the time to spend with my friends, and during that time share Jesus with them. Forever is at stake, and I don't want to miss a single friend in heaven.

Every person deserves to know about the 'Good News' of Jesus. I'm thinking that's the very best quality time I can spend with my friends or anyone.