Thursday, October 1, 2015

Drafts- and more drafts

Like I said, I've not been blogging as much as I used to,
 but I have been jotting down ideas for blog posts.

I have a good list of blog drafts I have yet to complete and post.
The topics are across the board from your heart, friends, your attitude,
the Confederate flag, animals, and more.

I just need to finish each draft, add images and or video that would compliment
the topic, edit and post.

This looks like a quiet place to write.

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Sounds easy. But if it's too easy I have to make it

Totally into Hello Kitty™

There are some who adore kittens and some who can't get quite enough Hello Kitty™.

Hello Kitty is BIG! and not showing any signs of slowing any time soon.

Hello Kitty is everywhere! I'm not surprised there isn't a Hello Kitty house.
Wait! There is a Hello Kitty™ house.

Here's Hello Kitty's family.

You can even have Hello Kitty™ in your green tea.

I came across some interesting things out there for those who must have their Hello Kitty® fix
satisfied in a big way.

Restaurant- You can eat in 'Hello Kitty' style.

A girl can sleep, wear, eat, drink, wake up to, fall asleep on, walk on, be adorned by, carry, tell time on, etc. Hello Kitty. Hello Kitty™ is a way of life and making many girls and women happy.

There are two destination theme parks for those who need to be surrounded for taking in all the Hello Kitty™ one can imagine.

Eat your heart out Mickey!

Theme park.  Japan
Theme park.  China

There's probably lots more, but that's enough Hello Kitty™ pinkness for this blog post.

One Week- Early Fall, 2015

I haven't been blogging regularly and that bothers me because I like to write.

I have too many daily 'to-dos' on my plate, so some things get put off for a while.
Come to think of it, it's been a while since I've gotten an email from one of my favorite writers.
Maybe he's not been writing regularly either. His book,"Out Where the Buses Don't Run', is good.

Life seems to get crazier and busier in spite of all the modern conveniences we have. I don't see
my daily schedule slowing down. And everyone I know seems to be just as busy.
It's mid-afternoon and I haven't been outside to see about the goat. I'm sure she needs water,
and food, of course, even though she has plenty to grass to nibble on. And Zeus. He's 21 years old and he's not doing much more than sleeping day and night.

This is my week of vacation and it's half over and so far I've spent it being downright lazy.
I'm busy all day, but when I look around I can't see what I've been so busy doing.
So I thought I'd make myself a list of things to get done. That didn't work either.

But is has been quiet, relaxing, and I'm enjoying the peacefulness of not having to think about
going in to work. That alone has been delightful for me emotionally and physically. I've been enjoying sleeping at night like a regular person, and waking up when I've had sufficient sleep.

My stay-cation has been lovely, however I wanted to get more things accomplished while I'm home
day and night.
I still have a few more days to myself, so I if I apply myself I can get a few tangible items accomplished.

Writing this blog is one of a dozen things I want to get done. I still want to clean out my little shed, clean the inside of my vehicles, wash mold off the siding, wash the SunPorch, and pull up weeds in the garden.

And today just happens to be my birthday, though it doesn't feel anything like a birth day should
 feel. But that's okay. I'm not complaining. And I have received 'Happy Birthday' wishes from five people.

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I need to do something nice for someone on my birthday. That will make my complete.

I must end for now to get busy on my list. And if all goes well, I'll can some persimmon jam and squash and okra and juice some carrots later and I want to go through the old family photo album
to find pictures of me as a Camp Fire girl.  I'm considering purchasing an old Camp Fire Girl book I saw on Amazon.
I wish I could locate my blue vest with my beads I earned.

And I still yearn to have a tepee.

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And just maybe one day I will.

Thank you Lord for allowing me to be well and enjoy another birthday.