Saturday, November 27, 2010

Back in time

I wasn't in a hurry the other day and decided it was an ideal time to treat myself and take a back road through some scenic territory on the way to town.  I found this old country road by accident a few years ago, and whenever I drive it, I feel like I've gone back in time.
old country road
There are no street signs, no pavement, no power poles, no other traffic, just three miles or so of old trees on both sides of this winding and amazingly smooth dirt road. It's so peaceful. Even though I'm in my truck, I can't help but think this is a little what it must have felt like traveling during the turn of the century. At night it must be pitch black without a single light pole during the entire length of this dirt road. It's escaped being developed. Not many places like this around any more that are this untouched.  I like it.

I slow way down and put all the windows down and take in the very pleasant 66°F air and the quietness of nature along this undisturbed road. Sounds of nature naturally make me slow  down. I've escaped from civilization.  I like that, too.

a road back in time
One day I want to walk this road with a friend. It would be a nice walk with the dogs. That would be a treat for us all. This hidden road is off from another country road which is a turn off another country road. It's probably only used by the land owners and cattle farmers.  I do see some cattle off in the distance along the way. For ten minutes I absorb all I can of blissful peace and quiet. It does the soul good. Then, coming out onto a paved road, I'm back to  present time.  Those few minutes back in time were refreshing and restful.  I hope that road always stays just like it is.

Matthew 11:28-29  In this scripture I find that I can always go to God and find rest with Him anytime I want, no matter what's bothering me.  That's sort of how I feel on this road, at peace and close to God. So refreshing and all my cares are gone.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday

Well, thank God for the Fall. It's a break from the humidity and I can do more things outside without feeling so drained and weighed down. The Thanksgiving holiday is just upon us- it's my favorite of the whole year. It's the least commercialized holiday, but of course food is a focal point when family gathers. I did my usual grocery shopping after church and the store had three times as many shoppers. I pray all have a table to sit and eat with loved ones, but and I am mindful that many don't. I pray God will provide for them.

Season of Thanksgiving
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I hate to see the grass and trees turn from green to shades of orange, yellow and brown, but the scenery is spectacular. Life is about change.  The leaves will all soon fall and only the evergreen trees will supply greenery in this part of the country until next Spring.

 I'm thankful for so much. So much so that it's mind-boggling. I've got so much more than I need, that I need to have a yard sell to get rid of stuff. I wanted to simplify my life this year. I've made a stab at it, but still have a ways to go. I've given away many unused things to friends whom I thought would find them useful and I had some stuff set up at a friend's yard sell and sold and gave away a good deal of stuff,  but not everything sold.  I really do want to purge my life of things so I can concentrate on the important things I want to do, and that's to make use of the hours in the day to be of service to those I love and mostly to be about God's work. The Good News needs to be shared.  I sincerely hope my life and the words I speak, the actions I take, and the words I write or type all point to Jesus. I ask the Lord to direct my steps and to be an instrument for His use. My life is His and my heart belongs to Him. I am no way perfect while living in this body with faults and imperfections, but try to make use of the days for Him and be responsible as a citizen, daughter, friend, and neighbor.

No matter what is going on, each day is closer to the day of the Lord's return. People are still getting married, cheering their favorite football team, hunting, shopping, working, vacationing, partying, and partaking of daily activities, myself included. But the signs are all around in nature and in the news that the days are growing nearer and nearer to the Lord's return just as it reads in the Bible. Life goes on, but there is an urgency I sense.  I remember when I was probably around age 5 or so, before my brother was born, one of my grandmother telling me the Lord will soon be knocking at the door. I believed her. I was ready and could imagine Jesus coming to knock at my door, and I would invite Him in and we'd have a real nice visit.  Well, Jesus knocked at the door of my heart and I invited Him in and I've never been the same since. For some time I didn't answer the door. I don't now why I didn't, being stupid I guess.  But the night of St. Patrick's Day in 1985, I'll never forget, my brother died, I swung that door to my heart wide open and invited Jesus in for good. See, I knew about Him, but I wanted to know Him personally and have Him in my life, not on the outside, but the inside. I've very thankful and blessed and so happy He didn't give up on me. Now each day I open my eyes, I have another day to thank Him for so much. My life is enriched with so many good friends and a close church family do devoted to serving the local community and a few missionaries around the world seeing to spreading the Good News about Jesus. In all, God gives me just what I need. I can't ask for any thing more.
In prayer 
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The man in the photo above was either in prayer with the Lord, or deep in thought. He may have even be crying.  Regardless, we all face needs and challenges, sometimes for a season or two we're in serious need of intervention or help of some sort. No matter what that need may be, there is still cause for thanks. No matter what, God promises to never leave nor forsake His children. With Him, there is always hope. That's something to always be thankful for. And all thanks goes to the Lord. He gets all my thanks.

I hope you've opened your heart when Jesus knocks. He is The Way, the Truth and the Light, without a doubt.

I give thanks every day. I could write a series of encyclopedias giving thanks to the Lord. To me it's always a Thanksgiving Day.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Be nice, it's just coffee

I was leaving work and one of my coworker seemed upset so I stopped to ask what was wrong. He said another coworker had messed up his coffee machine and in so many words, he was calling him stupid for doing so. I know people have their likes and dislikes and I've seen people not be able to function without their morning cup o' Joe.  I don't drink the stuff, but I can imagine it's a good get out of bed jolt to get moving in the morning drug or something like that.  Caffeine for some reason doesn't affect me that way.

Coffee grounds
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I remember the very first time I had to make coffee. Believe it or not, I was in the Marine Corps. Remember, I don't drink coffee nor did my parents drink it, so it's basically a foreign beverage to me.  Well, in the squadron electronic shop where I worked with about eight other guys on my shift, I was very regularly assigned the duty of making coffee for the shop.  Remember I had no experience with coffee, so for me to be assigned this task, I made sure they guys knew I was a rookie. I had to fill a large coffee maker with water from the outside spigot,  haul it back inside and add coffee grounds. I had no idea how much to add, but you know what, those guys drank the stuff no matter how much coffee grounds I added to the pot. It always smelled good brewing, but I noticed over time observing the guys, since I worked with them 5 or more days every week, that coffee stains teeth and makes the breath stink. But coffee sure smells good when it's brewing.

A hot cup of Joe
                                      Photo credit: batespro from

I'm going to stay out of this coffee conflict.  I sure hope the coffee drinkers handle their coffee business peaceably as gentlemen.  I hope they'll be nice, since we all have to work together. As for me, I could care less about coffee or the coffee pot. But coffee sure smells good when it's brewing.

But I think I am going to try a cup of coffee substitute- made with cardamom, sometimes called cardamon, ( and not the adulterated stuff) but the pure Elettaria cardamomum, a perennial plant of the the ginger family. I hope it doesn't have caffeine in it. I'll definitely let you know my findings if they are good, cause maybe you might like to try it for a change.  And I just discovered besides Columbian,  French and Italian coffee, there's Turkish, Mexican, and Cuban coffee?  I bet there are many more coffees all over the world. But is there an easy way to cover up coffee breath?  But while it's brewing, that coffee aroma sure is nice.
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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Enjoying the best juice

I'm ready for my next order of Fruit of the Spirit juice  I can tell ya'll if you've not tried this one juice/puree, you're missing something special. This juice is unlike the juices you get in the store. Matter of fact, most store bought stuff can't touch it's homemade equivalence. I'm not saying Fruit of the Spirit is a homemade drink, but in my opinion it's ten times better than any store bought juice.  Besides juice, there are some other things that come to mind that when compared to store-bought, the homemade version wins every time-

1. Homemade yeast rolls; all baked goods; any home cooked meal over a frozen dinner
2. Homemade soap- ingredients better for your skin, and no detergent unlike in store bought
3. Homemade ice cream; fresh-churned butter- no explanation necessary, just plain good

When food or drink is fresh it doesn't have that processed-sitting-in-storage taste. Fresh is how food should taste and I think we've been settling for convenience over fresh.   Well, there's something unique in the way I would describe Fruit of the Spirit juice/puree. It's slightly thicker than tomato juice, but not lumpy - it's not watered down. It's a puree meaning it's a slightly thicker drink with so much vitality or vital force in it.  It tastes so full and vibrant and lively on my tongue.  It's an experience you should experience first hand for yourself. This drink is loaded with all the healthy stuff your body craves. I'm not exaggerating or kidding here.
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Store bought  juices are mostly watered down and sugary
 I bypass this isle in the grocery stores because I can get something much better to drink. And you can, too. Once you get your own Fruit of the Spirit drink, I want to hear your comments.