Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Enjoying the best juice

I'm ready for my next order of Fruit of the Spirit juice  I can tell ya'll if you've not tried this one juice/puree, you're missing something special. This juice is unlike the juices you get in the store. Matter of fact, most store bought stuff can't touch it's homemade equivalence. I'm not saying Fruit of the Spirit is a homemade drink, but in my opinion it's ten times better than any store bought juice.  Besides juice, there are some other things that come to mind that when compared to store-bought, the homemade version wins every time-

1. Homemade yeast rolls; all baked goods; any home cooked meal over a frozen dinner
2. Homemade soap- ingredients better for your skin, and no detergent unlike in store bought
3. Homemade ice cream; fresh-churned butter- no explanation necessary, just plain good

When food or drink is fresh it doesn't have that processed-sitting-in-storage taste. Fresh is how food should taste and I think we've been settling for convenience over fresh.   Well, there's something unique in the way I would describe Fruit of the Spirit juice/puree. It's slightly thicker than tomato juice, but not lumpy - it's not watered down. It's a puree meaning it's a slightly thicker drink with so much vitality or vital force in it.  It tastes so full and vibrant and lively on my tongue.  It's an experience you should experience first hand for yourself. This drink is loaded with all the healthy stuff your body craves. I'm not exaggerating or kidding here.
 Visit my website to see the amazing ingredients making up this Biblical fruit, mineral, essential oil infused puree so nicely named- Fruit of the Spirit.-click the link on the right hand column, or my 'Nutrition Page'.

Store bought  juices are mostly watered down and sugary
 I bypass this isle in the grocery stores because I can get something much better to drink. And you can, too. Once you get your own Fruit of the Spirit drink, I want to hear your comments.

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