Monday, December 27, 2010

Why aren't you recycling?

I know a lot of people do recycle, but I know most people don't.  I think recycling is one thing which should be done by all. Remember the Indian crying on the commercial when he saw someone litter, and all the litter scattered about the beautiful countryside.  Well, I'm crying also when I see people irresponsible and trash the land, and not a care about conserving the earth's valuable resources we're consuming and not trying to reduce, reuse and recycle.

The below article appeared on yahoo green, posted on 12/21/2010.  May the new year be one in which recycling be practiced in all work places and all homes for the sake of our planet. The article begins........

Most of us believe that recycling is ethically the right thing to do. But sadly, we all seem to have friends, family, and acquaintances that do not recycle.
Below are some of the reasons why people do not recycle and why they should:

The author of the below article is Ronnie Citron-Fink

Five Reasons Why People Do Not Recycle

1. Recycling is inconvenient.
This seems to be the number one reason why people don't recycle -- they don't want to put in the extra effort. Some places have no pick-up. Some people say that they just can't be bothered. Is that a good enough reason?
2. I do not have enough space in my home to recycle.
The lack of space is an issue for many. People don't want to see garbage and with little storage space for recycling bins, the trash is an eyesore. Is that a good enough reason?
3. If they paid me, I'd recycle.
Some countries fine people for not recycling. Some regions pay for just bottle recycling (we know that works). Some areas have no penalties or incentives for recycling. Is that a good enough reason?
4. Recycling doesn't make a difference. So why do it?
Misinformation about overflowing landfills, depleted resources, and climate change has convinced some people that recycling doesn't make a difference. They believe there is no problem. Is that a good enough reason?
5. It is just to hard to do.
Since there are so many facets to recycling -- bottle, plastic, and paper -- it's hard to decipher which kinds go where. Is that a good enough reason?

Five Reasons Why People Should Recycle

1. Recycling saves energy.
Recycling saves energy because the manufacturer doesn't have to produce something new from raw natural resources. By using recycled materials, we save on energy consumption, which keeps production costs down.
2. Recycling reduces landfills.
Recycling reduces the need for more landfills. No one wants to live next to a landfill.
3. Recycling preserves our resources and protects wildlife.
By recycling, we reduce the need to destroy habitats for animals. Paper recycling alone saves millions of trees.
4. Recycling is good for the economy.
Recycling and purchasing recycled products creates a greater demand for more recycled goods. Goods made from recycled materials use less water, create less pollution, and uses less energy.
5. Recycling helps our climate problems.
Recycling produces considerably less carbon, which reduces the amount of unhealthy greenhouse gas omissions.
(end of article)

Check out my postings I wrote on 'Green living' and helping the Earth , and recycling.  Just like anything else, if you think it important and want to do it, you'll find a way, and nothing can keep you from doing it. I hope you think the condition of our earth and resources are important, and think about recycling every day. It really doesn't take much effort. Every little bit of recycling makes a difference. So what you do for recycling, it's greatly appreciated and I hope if you haven't been recycling, you overcome all the reasons you've not been recycling and become a super-recycle-er in 2011.  On behalf of the Earth and all it's inhabitants, thank you, thank you. thank you.   Remember the three R's- reduce, reuse and recycle.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Gourmet secret discovered

I've discovered a secret in Bonnie's kitchen, and it was confirmed by her. I've written in past posts about Bonnie being a gourmet cook, she can create some culinary masterpieces, and if I had a choice of going on cruise or eating at her table, that's an easy choice. The ship would sail without me 'cause I'm eating at Bonnie's- without a crumb of a doubt  ten times more satisfying than any meal served on any cruise ship. I speak from experience.  This day,  I worked in my yard before going to visit Bonnie and her husband on a cold Sunday December afternoon.  She made spaghetti with a meat sauce-perfect to warm up after being out in the cold.  I wanted my bowl of spaghetti with extra garlic powder to help me fight off catching a cold.  I went into her kitchen to get garlic powder.  I found the garlic powder, and a whole lot more. I discovered well over one hundred different spices and herbs hidden in her kitchen cupboards and drawers. These photos show some of the spices I found. She told me she uses them all and it's her secret in making her flavorful gourmet dishes.

In one cupboard alone, I found 48 different spices and herbs 

More spices to flavor those mouth watering dishes

And this drawer is full of more food flavorings
I asked if it was alright to take these photos and Bonnie was concerned her cupboards and drawers didn't look neat. I said who cares!  I've never seen so many herbs and spices in anyone's kitchen before.  So, now, I know her secret for making all her dishes so robustful.  I should have known.  And now, you know her secret, too.
View my earlier post showing Bonnie's blue ribbon cake and other goodies. And her Nature's Notables website.

                                          ELITE ELIXIR EXPERIMENT No.2

Now, if you've read my post of my visit to Bonnie's back in October, with photos of Elite Elixir, and my first experiment comparing Elite Elixir with two other skin moisturizers, I've conducted a new experiment. This time I have two accomplices. First, Gilbert was blindfolded so he could only use his sense of touch. On the hands of my second helper,  I applied moisturizers, a different one on each hand, which you can see in the photos below.  I want you to know Elite Elixir is all I've written it to be and more, and this is more undisputed proof.  I have yet to try Elite Elixir to tame my frizzy hair, which I've heard it will do. That will be another experiment to conduct. But for now, the photos below prove while blind folded, Elite Elixir can be detected on the hand that felt moisturized the best. The photos don't lie and Gilbert had his eyes closed beneath that blindfold.

Gilbert, my eager blind-folded participant

 Gilbert chose the Elite Elixir moisturized hand while blindfolded

This concludes the experiment.

This experiment was performed not harming any cute animals. Gilbert said he chose the hand that felt silky smooth. Thank you Gilbert for being a willing participant on the spur of the moment. A few minutes later I had to have a feel for myself and I report without bias, there really was a noticeable difference comparing both hands of my second participant in this experiment.  I say Elite Elixir is again the clear winner. 

(And for heavens sake. Elite Elixir is for your skin not to be put in your eyes or eaten. And if you have some reaction to it, by all means stop using it. The ingredients are listed on the jars. Just as you have other items in your home, keep then out of reach of small children. Be responsible and use only as directed only.)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

A world of friends

Recently, I've had the pleasure of visiting a dear friend.  My, the years have changed us. I don't realize how much my appearance has changed until someone who hasn't seen me in a while tells me. I know Myrna was being kind in mentioning how much shorter my hair was from the last time she's seen me, and not mentioning my face looks fuller, or my tummy being rounder. She had to really look hard to recognize me.  Yes, a lot can happen in three years to a body.
This is Myrna, my friend.  She helped me through a very rough, emotional season in my life. She was volunteering as a Steven's Minister and I will never forget her making herself available on numerous occasions to compassionately listen as I vented, cried, and vented and cried some more.  I didn't think I needed that kind of help, but I set my hurt pride aside and gave this Steven's minister a try, and I found Myrna was just what I needed, God sent her to me.  She wasn't critical or pushy, just a friend who patiently listened no matter the hour, day or night. She put her own work aside, putting together a monthly local publication, to be my sounding board and caring shoulder for me to cry on when I desperately needed someone to vent my outbursts of pain and frustration while going through a divorce. She never was weary of hearing me, (or at least concealed that from me very well), as I needed to express my feelings to get past my emotional upheaval for the most part of a year.  Three years have passed since then.  I've healed, had my last cry and moved onward to better things in my life.  I learned immensely from that experience while wading through the muck and mire which I didn't want to be in, my life seemed to have turned on me and I couldn't do a thing about it... but just wait. The pain, the devastation that cut so deeply into my heart, does ease and lighten.  Each day I gradually became myself again, becoming stronger on my knees earnestly praying and trusting God for guidance, wisdom and grace. God answered my prayers quickly, because the tears that used to swell up in my eyes and pour down my face, now seem like a distant memory.  I waded  through that muck and mire to the other side, and thank God, it's good. I'm all the better and I'm just fine from the experience.  Looking back, I see God was right with me, even while I was hurting.  God has always provided everything  I've needed right on time. My shattered heart has mended (I never that it would be possible, but it has), and smiles and laughter have returned.  I had lost track of Myra for a while, and it was so nice to reconnect and visit with her.  She allowed me to take this photo of her. Seeing her that day, just before Thanksgiving, felt just like we used to visit. Only this time, both our faces had big smiles.

Look at that smile- a beautiful friend
I have many dear friends I wish I could see more often. Sadly, family, work, life, or separation of miles poses limits for keeping in touch more than I'd like.  Ah, great memories with my best-est of friends from high school, the Marines, college, my practice, and with those I've met in church.  My life is beaming with friends from every turn and chapter in my life.  Let me tell you one thing about real friends-when we meet, just as I recently met Myrna after not seeing her for three years, it's as if no years had passed at all. The only evidence that years had past is seeing how our bodies have changed. But on the inside, we still have that connection as friends. It's special and the passage of time doesn't touch that one bit with true friends. Thank God for friends who've held my hand and prayed with and for me through some pretty trying times, and the best part is they're there laughing and smiling with me in the good times. That's exactly how God is- faithful all the time. I thank Him for my world of friends.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Works for me every time

Yesterday afternoon I started feeling a bit sick. I was outside taking care of the animals and I definitely was starting to not feel so good. I thought I need to just get in bed, cover up,  and put off the exercising today.  I needed rest worse than exercise right now.  My ears were feeling warm and I felt like I had a fever-my face was hot, and my stomach was feeling funny.  A few days ago I did visit some friends and they told me last week they'd been sick. Maybe I caught what they had, but I can't afford to be sick right now. I needed to nip this in the bud.

evergreen branches 
Photo credit: bosela from

I took care of the animals, and as I was going inside I was thinking which essential oils would do the trick.  I came up with- Balsam FIr, Mountain Savory, and the essential oil blend Sacred Mountain®. These mostly conifer oils are soothing to my respiratory system. I got the bottles, and turning the lid of my container I make my homemade facials in, I put five drops from each bottle of essential oil into this shallow turned upside down top, and placed it near the intake of my CPAP machine. I thought this would be more concentrated as opposed to diffusing the oils into the entire room especially with my CPAP mask on.

evergreen needles
Photo credit: karpati from

I got ready for bed, put my mask on and turned the CPAP on, and could slightly smell the aromas of the essential oils. The oils would  work on my respiratory system with each breath while I slept.

evergreen trees
Photo credit: marykbaird from

Five hours later I woke up, and not a sign of any symptom I had before going to sleep. I'm writing this the next morning, and I'm feeling perfectly fine. Whatever was attacking me and making me feel sick, got the axe. Thanks to the essential oils.

 Fir essential oil natural constituents have antiseptic pulmonary properties, plus more.
 Mountain savory essential oil also has strong antiseptic properties, and a general tonic on the body, as well as anti-bacterial, anti-viral, immune-stimulant properties,  and more.
Sacred Mountain® essential oil is a blend of spruce, fir, cedarwood, ylang ylang, and pine
       essential oils. All to dilate, open, balance the respiratory system.

All without a pharmaceutical drug. Natural first for me, and so far essential oils work every time for me.

Note: essential oils need to be used cautiously at all times. They are very concentrated and could be harmful if not used properly and correctly. That goes for drugs as well.

Visit my aromatherapy/essential oil page on my health website. While there, type essential oils in the search box to take you to my other posts on benefits of using essential oils in and around the home.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Back in time

I wasn't in a hurry the other day and decided it was an ideal time to treat myself and take a back road through some scenic territory on the way to town.  I found this old country road by accident a few years ago, and whenever I drive it, I feel like I've gone back in time.
old country road
There are no street signs, no pavement, no power poles, no other traffic, just three miles or so of old trees on both sides of this winding and amazingly smooth dirt road. It's so peaceful. Even though I'm in my truck, I can't help but think this is a little what it must have felt like traveling during the turn of the century. At night it must be pitch black without a single light pole during the entire length of this dirt road. It's escaped being developed. Not many places like this around any more that are this untouched.  I like it.

I slow way down and put all the windows down and take in the very pleasant 66°F air and the quietness of nature along this undisturbed road. Sounds of nature naturally make me slow  down. I've escaped from civilization.  I like that, too.

a road back in time
One day I want to walk this road with a friend. It would be a nice walk with the dogs. That would be a treat for us all. This hidden road is off from another country road which is a turn off another country road. It's probably only used by the land owners and cattle farmers.  I do see some cattle off in the distance along the way. For ten minutes I absorb all I can of blissful peace and quiet. It does the soul good. Then, coming out onto a paved road, I'm back to  present time.  Those few minutes back in time were refreshing and restful.  I hope that road always stays just like it is.

Matthew 11:28-29  In this scripture I find that I can always go to God and find rest with Him anytime I want, no matter what's bothering me.  That's sort of how I feel on this road, at peace and close to God. So refreshing and all my cares are gone.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday

Well, thank God for the Fall. It's a break from the humidity and I can do more things outside without feeling so drained and weighed down. The Thanksgiving holiday is just upon us- it's my favorite of the whole year. It's the least commercialized holiday, but of course food is a focal point when family gathers. I did my usual grocery shopping after church and the store had three times as many shoppers. I pray all have a table to sit and eat with loved ones, but and I am mindful that many don't. I pray God will provide for them.

Season of Thanksgiving
Photo credit: taliesin from

I hate to see the grass and trees turn from green to shades of orange, yellow and brown, but the scenery is spectacular. Life is about change.  The leaves will all soon fall and only the evergreen trees will supply greenery in this part of the country until next Spring.

 I'm thankful for so much. So much so that it's mind-boggling. I've got so much more than I need, that I need to have a yard sell to get rid of stuff. I wanted to simplify my life this year. I've made a stab at it, but still have a ways to go. I've given away many unused things to friends whom I thought would find them useful and I had some stuff set up at a friend's yard sell and sold and gave away a good deal of stuff,  but not everything sold.  I really do want to purge my life of things so I can concentrate on the important things I want to do, and that's to make use of the hours in the day to be of service to those I love and mostly to be about God's work. The Good News needs to be shared.  I sincerely hope my life and the words I speak, the actions I take, and the words I write or type all point to Jesus. I ask the Lord to direct my steps and to be an instrument for His use. My life is His and my heart belongs to Him. I am no way perfect while living in this body with faults and imperfections, but try to make use of the days for Him and be responsible as a citizen, daughter, friend, and neighbor.

No matter what is going on, each day is closer to the day of the Lord's return. People are still getting married, cheering their favorite football team, hunting, shopping, working, vacationing, partying, and partaking of daily activities, myself included. But the signs are all around in nature and in the news that the days are growing nearer and nearer to the Lord's return just as it reads in the Bible. Life goes on, but there is an urgency I sense.  I remember when I was probably around age 5 or so, before my brother was born, one of my grandmother telling me the Lord will soon be knocking at the door. I believed her. I was ready and could imagine Jesus coming to knock at my door, and I would invite Him in and we'd have a real nice visit.  Well, Jesus knocked at the door of my heart and I invited Him in and I've never been the same since. For some time I didn't answer the door. I don't now why I didn't, being stupid I guess.  But the night of St. Patrick's Day in 1985, I'll never forget, my brother died, I swung that door to my heart wide open and invited Jesus in for good. See, I knew about Him, but I wanted to know Him personally and have Him in my life, not on the outside, but the inside. I've very thankful and blessed and so happy He didn't give up on me. Now each day I open my eyes, I have another day to thank Him for so much. My life is enriched with so many good friends and a close church family do devoted to serving the local community and a few missionaries around the world seeing to spreading the Good News about Jesus. In all, God gives me just what I need. I can't ask for any thing more.
In prayer 
Photo credit: taliesin from

The man in the photo above was either in prayer with the Lord, or deep in thought. He may have even be crying.  Regardless, we all face needs and challenges, sometimes for a season or two we're in serious need of intervention or help of some sort. No matter what that need may be, there is still cause for thanks. No matter what, God promises to never leave nor forsake His children. With Him, there is always hope. That's something to always be thankful for. And all thanks goes to the Lord. He gets all my thanks.

I hope you've opened your heart when Jesus knocks. He is The Way, the Truth and the Light, without a doubt.

I give thanks every day. I could write a series of encyclopedias giving thanks to the Lord. To me it's always a Thanksgiving Day.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Be nice, it's just coffee

I was leaving work and one of my coworker seemed upset so I stopped to ask what was wrong. He said another coworker had messed up his coffee machine and in so many words, he was calling him stupid for doing so. I know people have their likes and dislikes and I've seen people not be able to function without their morning cup o' Joe.  I don't drink the stuff, but I can imagine it's a good get out of bed jolt to get moving in the morning drug or something like that.  Caffeine for some reason doesn't affect me that way.

Coffee grounds
Photo credit: jdurham from

I remember the very first time I had to make coffee. Believe it or not, I was in the Marine Corps. Remember, I don't drink coffee nor did my parents drink it, so it's basically a foreign beverage to me.  Well, in the squadron electronic shop where I worked with about eight other guys on my shift, I was very regularly assigned the duty of making coffee for the shop.  Remember I had no experience with coffee, so for me to be assigned this task, I made sure they guys knew I was a rookie. I had to fill a large coffee maker with water from the outside spigot,  haul it back inside and add coffee grounds. I had no idea how much to add, but you know what, those guys drank the stuff no matter how much coffee grounds I added to the pot. It always smelled good brewing, but I noticed over time observing the guys, since I worked with them 5 or more days every week, that coffee stains teeth and makes the breath stink. But coffee sure smells good when it's brewing.

A hot cup of Joe
                                      Photo credit: batespro from

I'm going to stay out of this coffee conflict.  I sure hope the coffee drinkers handle their coffee business peaceably as gentlemen.  I hope they'll be nice, since we all have to work together. As for me, I could care less about coffee or the coffee pot. But coffee sure smells good when it's brewing.

But I think I am going to try a cup of coffee substitute- made with cardamom, sometimes called cardamon, ( and not the adulterated stuff) but the pure Elettaria cardamomum, a perennial plant of the the ginger family. I hope it doesn't have caffeine in it. I'll definitely let you know my findings if they are good, cause maybe you might like to try it for a change.  And I just discovered besides Columbian,  French and Italian coffee, there's Turkish, Mexican, and Cuban coffee?  I bet there are many more coffees all over the world. But is there an easy way to cover up coffee breath?  But while it's brewing, that coffee aroma sure is nice.
 Until next time, 

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Enjoying the best juice

I'm ready for my next order of Fruit of the Spirit juice  I can tell ya'll if you've not tried this one juice/puree, you're missing something special. This juice is unlike the juices you get in the store. Matter of fact, most store bought stuff can't touch it's homemade equivalence. I'm not saying Fruit of the Spirit is a homemade drink, but in my opinion it's ten times better than any store bought juice.  Besides juice, there are some other things that come to mind that when compared to store-bought, the homemade version wins every time-

1. Homemade yeast rolls; all baked goods; any home cooked meal over a frozen dinner
2. Homemade soap- ingredients better for your skin, and no detergent unlike in store bought
3. Homemade ice cream; fresh-churned butter- no explanation necessary, just plain good

When food or drink is fresh it doesn't have that processed-sitting-in-storage taste. Fresh is how food should taste and I think we've been settling for convenience over fresh.   Well, there's something unique in the way I would describe Fruit of the Spirit juice/puree. It's slightly thicker than tomato juice, but not lumpy - it's not watered down. It's a puree meaning it's a slightly thicker drink with so much vitality or vital force in it.  It tastes so full and vibrant and lively on my tongue.  It's an experience you should experience first hand for yourself. This drink is loaded with all the healthy stuff your body craves. I'm not exaggerating or kidding here.
 Visit my website to see the amazing ingredients making up this Biblical fruit, mineral, essential oil infused puree so nicely named- Fruit of the Spirit.-click the link on the right hand column, or my 'Nutrition Page'.

Store bought  juices are mostly watered down and sugary
 I bypass this isle in the grocery stores because I can get something much better to drink. And you can, too. Once you get your own Fruit of the Spirit drink, I want to hear your comments.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Another beautiful October visit

I had another nice visit with my friend after church today.  I always have a nice visit which includes conversation, laughter, and of course food. The day was lovely so I took some photos. I wish the sun was shining in the windows so the glasses on the window sills and the crystal on the curio would've been shining. Here's looking through Bonnie's kitchen windows.

Pretty glassware

Crystal in the window
My friend is very creative and her newest creative project is called Elite Elixir. There are two versions of this skin cream- #1 is what I show in the jars below, while #2 is light pink in color.  Bonnie is far from being described as 'ordinary,' and this cream fits in that category, as well. I've been using Elite Elixir on my hands, legs and feet and I'm not exaggerating, she needs to mass produce and market it worldwide. This is some good stuff. It's not thin or too thick- it makes my skin feel like it should- supple and moist. And it lasts. I gave a sample to a friend and she said, 'it's been a life saver,' and she wants more.  The ingredients are listed below so you can see whys it's good for skin, So you can see what this product looks like in the jars, I took the photos below and took the liberty to also show a small sampling of other Nature's Notables items- some delicious for eating, some for displaying and showing off.

Elite Elixir 1 (cream), a commissioned botanical composition, and packaged eatables 

Elite Elixir 1 cream comes in two ample sized  jars

I've been seeing jars of Elite Elixir displayed in some shops around the community and hearing some very good feedback from people having used it. And I personally report it's all that and more. It is slightly greasy for a few seconds after applying, then soaks in and your skin feels happy. I can honestly say it's far superior than any lotion I've used.  Like I said, if Bonnie has anything to do with it, it's gonna be a winner. She's gotten feedback that it's being well received. At a recent showing promoting Elite Elixir, her table she told me had the most interest and the product was well received-even men were interested in it for their backs and feet. Yes, I don't blame them, men should want moisturized, rather than itchy dry skin.  A Bonnie quote,"You can go to drug store after drug store trying this and that lotion or cream, but you won't find a better one than this."

You'll get a good amount- the largest jar is a little over 3.25" tall and 3.5" in diameter. I carry the small jar in my vehicle so I have some with me when I'm away from home.

Ingredients- mineral oil, vitamins A &E, collagen, elastin, petrolatum, aloe vera, wheat germ oil, coconut oil, sunflower seed oil, shea butter, cocoa seed butter, glycerin, diazolidinyl ura, and fragrance.

Update on Elite Elixir- I was informed by Bonnie of a pricing increase on 1/1/2011 due to supply cost increases. So place your order now for Elite Elixir- I recommend the large jar!  No.I don't receive a commission- I just want you be thrilled in your skin this winter. Makes for a nice gift, too. And just so you don't think I'm exaggerating, I did my own very scientific experiment to prove to myself Elite Elixir is in a class by itself. My other lotions are sub par compared to it. Now scroll down to end to see my 'experiment' photos.

Beautiful detail and vivid colors in these Nature's Notables pressed flower compositions

A close-up of a one-of-a-kind framed botanical composition

Here's another framed composition that's going to look beautiful on someone's wall. The colors and detail of this arrangement are a knockout as well.
Adore the colors in this framed Nature's Notables original.
I always enjoy my visits and look forward to the next to see what new creations are in the making.   You can be transported to Natures Notables right here. Contact her for some of your own Elite Elixir 1 or 2.

Click here for a previous entry I wrote on Bonnie's creative cooking and more artwork.

She won a blue ribbon for her carrot cake.

                                                       My experiment
I took Elite Elixir 1 and two of my previously favorite lotions. I applied them to my  arm taking care not to cross mix them.
My highly scientific experiment to see which is best on my skin

Elite Elixir on the left, other lotions the middle on the right

Elite Elixir absorbing in, the other two still penetrating

A few minutes, all absorbed in, the lotion on the right looks shiny

Conclusion- Elite Elixir is the winner in this experiment.  It starts thicker and penetrates without an opaque film on my arm. After it's absorbed in, my skin felt moisturized and dewy. Minutes later, my skin felt as if it was moisturized deeper than just the top surface skin.
The middle lotion was good, but I didn't feel the moisturizing effect as deeply, and this lotion felt as if it would evaporate soon.  The lotion on the right took the longest to penetrate, as if it melted in and then left a shiny film, which you can see in the photo.  It didn't seem to really penetrate deeply, and it being an intense repair lotion, it did not have the rich feeling as Elite Elixir. 15 minutes later I felt my arm and for sure, the area where I applied Elite Elixir still felt dewy and moisturized. Not greasy but dewy. The other two areas- no comparison. Elite Elixir is richer, penetrates deeper and lasts longer. It more than sufficiently moisturizes and makes my skin feel soft, and dewy
-This concludes my highly scientific experiment-

That's all for now. If you want your skin to feel happy skin, find Nature's Notables' phone number on Elite Elixir in the display photos. When you call, you'll enjoy a nice little chat with either Bonnie or Gene. 

View experiment No. 2  I conducted later in another posting.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pumpkins and the horror!

I'm seeing pumpkins everywhere right now-in stores, curb markets, on magazine covers and in Fall decorations on peoples' front doors and yards. This year I'm seeing white pumpkins- that's different. I've never had any success growing pumpkins, so hat's off to anyone that can.
I just did a little reading on the history of Halloween and the Jack O'Lantern.

A sea of pumpkins
Photo credit: acrylicartist from

Trick or treating as a child was fun, especially before the scare of child abductions. I do remember hearing on the news after Halloween that a razor had been found in an apple. I never got an apple for Halloween. I grew up thinking Halloween was for getting candy, not fruit.  Back then us kids, and I'm referring to my fellow trick-or-treater's, had to start allowing a parent view all the candy we got prior to use eating any, for our safety and check and make sure nothing looked like it has been tampered with.  It was fun deciding how creative I could be making my costume by using things around the house. Then as I got older, it was fun to make the trick-or-treater's that stopped at my house perform a trick in order to get a treat. Most just stood there not knowing what to do. They were eager to get going to the next stop.   That was their trick. It was fun times going up and ringing doorbells of homes and yelling, "trick or treat give me something good to eat!"  Well, the last Halloween I remember going trick or treating I decided would be my last. I was with my friends and some of their friends so we trick-or-treated at a lot of doors that night. My bag was heavy when we finished, surely I enough sweets and goodies to eat for weeks. I couldn't believe it, even to this day I still remember the horror when I dumped my bag on the table to see the sugar laden bounty I'd collected.  Rocks. Lots of rocks.  Why would someone give me rocks?

Anyway, that was a big let down after all my hard trick-or-treating effort and toting that heavy bag back home. I even remember saying my bag was the heaviest and how I planned to add so much candy in my lunches for the next two months. I had envisions for that candy. But it wasn't to be. The others had their laugh but were nice enough to share some of their candy with me when they saw how devastated I was.  But it wasn't the same. Halloween fun that night was tarnished forevermore in my mind.  I was the only one that had gotten any rocks. That had really affected me.
For the love of candy
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There used to be a haunted hayride out this way every year. I heard it was a good production. A lot of volunteers eagerly hid in the woods and jumped out to spook the riders on the wagons. I just heard about it and was invited to go plenty of times, but never went. It was popular with people driving miles to come to it the last two weekend nights in October.  But the haunted hayride is no more as of about three years now.

I remember going only one time to a scary Halloween house with my Mom, my sister and brother back in the late 60s. It was actually an empty office building transformed into a scary Halloween attraction. As soon as we paid to enter, then around the very first dark corner, it was either my sister or brother that was too scared to continue, so we left. All I remember is a person with a hideous mask stuck their head out. No one screamed or anything, but I guess the hideous face was much too close for my brother or sister to continue. Maybe it was good we didn't.  Even back then I thought that production had to take a lot of time and effort to bring about producing screams from people wanting to be scared and frightened on Halloween night.

I took the above photo a few days ago. This old house is decorated by a man every year for Halloween. If I get a chance to go by at night, I'll include a night photo. It's different every year, but from past years, at night  is when this place looks real spooky. I don't like ugly things, and I surely don't believe in skeletons or zombies, but I do believe in ghosts, which I think are spirits. Spirits of dead prophets are mentioned in the Bible that came to give a warning. We all have the breath of God in us, which is spirit, which is the part of us that will never die. If you're reading this, know that your spirit has been quickened, is alive and sealed for life in heaven when you accepted Jesus as your savior. That's what being born again is.  God is Spirit and he made man in His image.  Our bodies will die, but our spirit won't and will go to either heaven or hell. If hell, then later your spirit will end up in the company of Satan and his brood in The Lake of Fire and there you'll be tormented forever. Now that will be the horror of all horrors. Please, if you've been putting off getting saved, or not understanding something, make it a priority to get yourself in right standing with God, ask a solid Christian, so you can make the most important decision in your entire life and accept by faith his Son Jesus as your Savior. But you've got to mean it in your heart. First hear the Word, and then with your heart because you can't get to heaven on your own accord.  Don't be deceived, there is only one way and God says it's through Jesus who died for you. Don't allow Satan to deceive you from the truth another day.

See my other blog on how to receive the gift of life forever with God through His Son and be saved from the penalty that sin in a place that will be beyond horrible, or watch this video.for instructions as well. Angels in heaven will rejoice knowing another soul has been saved.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

On Target

I scored 174 out of a possible 180 shooting a 9mm today on the pistol range.  Not too bad for shooting with a bad wrist.  Last year my score was 178. So I'm still in the 170s- and both scores are pretty decent for a girl. To tell you the truth, I like shooting, period. I like shooting with a bow and arrow, too.  Even shooting darts.  I like the challenge of aiming, getting the hand and eye to work together, then relaxing, and slowly pulling the trigger or releasing the an arrow or throwing the dart as smoothly and fluently as possible.  I think I could've made a better score if I had more practice.

This is not the pistol range I went to, but it's sort of like it
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There's lots involved in hitting a target. Of course safety is always important handling any weapon.  To shoot and score well involves your body, your hands holding the weapon, your fingers around the weapon, looking through the sights and seeing the target lined up within the sights, and pulling the trigger smoothly while holding the weapon still. Not as easy as it seems, but I think I scored well enough to pass today.

Some serious bow shooting in this photo
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I owe the instructor that gives me technique pointers on shooting the 9mm pistol.  Today I was reminded of my fingers and hand placement so the pistol is securely seating in my grasp and will have less wobble. I also owe thanks to my fellow Marines in my squadron when I was stationed at the Marine Corps Air Wing, Cherry Point, N. Carolina. They showed me there's really nothing difficult about shooting.  Since then, I've enjoyed the sport of shooting at a target and take on the challenge whenever an opportunity is presented to me.

Target for the game of darts

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 I recently heard a tip to better to help better your shooting score.  I don't remember who gave me the tip so I could give them credit, but the tip is this---- cut out coffee and all caffeine for at least a day prior to shooting day so you can hold your weapon steady without jittering from the stimulant that caffeine gives.  I thought that was a good tip to pass on.   So now you know.

What do you think if this quick draw, sharp shooter?

Well, that's what I grabbed onto interesting and fun today. Semper Fi.
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Sunday, October 10, 2010

My obvious regret

I really try to think about my actions and what affect they'll have on my future and on others.  I'm just that way. Not perfect, but I do try to be conscious of my actions. I was driving this week and took this photo because I have a regret concerning the man who once lived here.
Once the home of a elderly gentleman
This place is right off a well traveled road and passing it many times over the years I would wave to the gentleman sitting on the front porch. Of course back then his yard was mowed and you could clearly see the entire house with him sitting on his porch. He was always by himself and I'm sure he waved at many a car that passed. Every time I saw him he was sitting on his porch wearing overalls and waved when I waved as I drove by. I thought how long had he lived there? Was he a widower? Did he have children?  What sort of work did he do? Was he lonely? Did the house have electricity? Did he have help with transportation to town? These were some of the questions I had about this gentleman and I thought to myself I would leave home next time early enough to stop and visit with him a minute or two. I'd pay him a friendly visit and I bet he would like that, a visit from one of the drivers always zooming by so fast.

Well, the years went by, and now I have this regret.  Weeds have grown up, bushes now so tall they almost completely cover the little wooden shack and it's now abandoned and empty. I will never know about the gentleman that once lived in the simple wooden small house. My loss and I regret that to this day and it's brought to my attention every time I drive by. My loss.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Changes in life are natural

You can expect life changes, there's no getting around that. On my website, on the about me page, which I wrote last year including my Mom, and my animals, each very important and dear to me. Well, some major changes occurred this year. It's come in three's, if that number has any significance, I don't know.  Changes have occurred with my Mom, one of my dogs, and my oldest pig.  Mom had a stroke in April, my oldest dog, Chi Chi,  died while Mom was in a nursing facility, and then two months later I had to make a very difficult decision and put down Skunk, my oldest potbelly pig.  Skunk was born on a very cold Winter morning of 1995, one of the two that survived in a litter of eight, I found alive. His surviving brother didn't live more than a couple weeks, so Skunk was spoiled all his life. I even took him to work with me that Winter and he slept on a heating pad under my treatment table in my office. He was so cute with a white diamond on his forehead. He was always well mannered and never gave a minute of trouble. Pot belly pigs are very smart and since they're the only pigs I've ever had, all I can say is they are one of the best pets.  Skunk was special, as all pets are with their unique, distinct personalities.  Skunk was aged and I didn't think it was fitting or fair for him to suffer any longer. His legs had gotten so arthritic that he could hardly walk. I did all I could by giving him what the vet told me and all I could think of to make his life as comfortable as possible. The Summer heat is very stressful on animals, and that heat was going to intensify his suffering. I couldn't think of him suffering more than he was already.  I never imagined having to make such a decision for another living being. I weighed my decision for weeks, and wondered if I could live with myself in the decision I was going to make. God knew I cared very much for Skunk and I knew in my heart that Skunk knew I loved him from first sight. He had brought me years of joy and I hoped he had as good a life as any pig could every have.  My oldest dog, a black lab, died peacefully a few months before Skunk.  She also had a long good life in dog years. I'm sure anyone that's cared for a pet fully understands how I felt and still feel. I buried her myself, then went to the nursing facility with Mom.  Mom has been slowly improving with medication she's had to learn to take for the first time in her life. It's been an adjustment for her because she has always been so anti-medication or anti-drug of any sort. I thank God for medical doctors and their training.
Once new,  time ages and brings changes to all things

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Life calls for changes - we get aged and old. Sometimes it's easy to adjust, sometimes it can be a monumental challenge to adjust to natural life changes.  But we must. It's a natural part of growing each day. I thank God we have loved ones about us to help us with this.  I'm up for the challenges of every tomorrow God grants me. I can do it with the strength He gives me. It's going to be interesting, that I know.

As for anti-aging, well, all we can do is age with grace with the blessing of God, and do all we can to remain as healthy as possible to be as productive as possible to the last breath we're granted.  Check out my website on health and be sure to click on the links on the home page, such as Everything Anti-aging.

Keep young at heart, and keep nurturing loving relationships.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

It was an accident

The nights are getting cooler and the deer are out.  I know this very well.  But an accident happened and it was totally unavoidable.  I saw the mother on one side of the road when my headlights hit her.  I slowed down just as her little baby came across the road right in front of me. I've learned not to swerve so to not lose control of the vehicle. I didn't want to hit either of them, but it was too late. I hit the baby deer. I was slowing down, but I wasn't slowed down enough.  I heard the impact. Visions of a little baby deer on the road hit by me were on my mind. I immediately prayed to God to take the baby deer to deer heaven, please don't let it suffer. The mother deer was looking on and probably went to her baby after I drove on not looking back but praying all the way to work.  I couldn't stop and get out. I couldn't. What could I do if I did? I've hit deer in the past, but not killed them and not a baby deer.  Deer jump out into the road in a second, and if it's the wrong moment,  an unavoidable collision is going to occur, sorry to say.  I'm not feeling good about this even while I'm typing this. And everyone I've spoken to has said it wasn't my fault and there was nothing I could do.  Doesn't make me feel any better.  The little deer was either crippled, or killed. It's a life ruined by me in my big metal machine. I hope this doesn't happen again for a very long time. I took a different route home.
The photo here show two beautiful deer-they're larger than the one I sent to deer heaven.
Young deer I hope never meet an automobile on the road
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Monday, September 6, 2010

No bed bugs please

The bed bug situation I've been reading in the news is getting out of hand. There's a dog, named Lola, that can sniff out bed bugs in Britain to let you if there are bed bugs around and one named Snoopy in New York City. I don't have a trained bed bug sniffer,  so I'm just gonna just keep the bed bugs away, period. Wanna know what you can use without having to sleep in a sleeping bag if you're gonna be traveling? Spritz your bedding with essential oils.  But for at home, I give a spring cleaning to include essential oil. I strip my mattress of all linen and spritz my entire mattress, including the seams, the sides, the buttons, everything, even pillowcases, and take it from the room to be laundered in hot water. If the pillows can be laundered, I do so. If not, spritz the entire pillows real well with essential oils, too. If you have help some strong muscular help, move the entire bed away from the wall, vacuum the floor and the slats and the bed frame and the entire bedroom real good, making sure to get around the dark areas all around the base board and legs of your bed. This might be a good time to clear the clutter and get some good disinfectant on the baseboard as well.  If you have a foundation mattress, spritz it with essential oils and the underside of your top mattress as well, if you can.  You want to make those bed bugs unwanted everywhere and give them no place to hide or be comfortable.  Essential oils will do the job.  Then every time you change sheets or every other night, spritz around the bed or on your sheets and go to sleep enjoying an aroma of the essential oils of your choice, and smile knowing bed bugs can't tolerate essential oils.  Don't forget to wash your sheets, pillowcases, shams, and bed shirting in hot water before placing back on your 'bed bug zone-free bed. Make your entire bedroom a place that bed bugs will run from.  Check out my website to see the newest entry of the essential oils I use to banish bed bugs in any bed I sleep in and not allow any infestation to get started. Those bug bites hurt! So don't let 'em get started to get ya.

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Need muscle

I was looking through my bookcase and pulled out some books I haven't looked at quite a good while. You know what, these were pretty good books when I got them and I bet the information is still good today.  Yes, I hate to say it, 'cause it does not seem that it was that long ago, but it's been over thirty years ago that I bought some of the books I pulled out and dusted off. This holiday weekend I'm going to look through them and reacquaint myself with them.  I'll tell you right now that they of course were about health and staying fit and well.  Yes, even back then, before some of you were even born, women were lifting weights.  Wow! And to see now how 'in' weight training is in addition to cardio exercise for keeping your muscles toned and helping keep metabolism going strong into age 40 and beyond. These books will be like revisiting an old friend.

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They were a good read back then when I was one fit teenager and into my twenties. I was into jogging, track, racquetball, tennis, cycling, swimming, skating, and working out in the gym. It was all good and I sure do miss doing them all. I could eat and not gain an ounce and look good in short shorts and a halter top.

These were the books that I spent hours looking through at the photos in them and reading.  I they're probably out of print, but maybe you can view them where old books are sold. Anyway, look through some of your old books and magazines. You don't have to spend lots of money reading only current literature when there's been some pretty fabulous fitness info written years ago.  The key is to keep moving and exert those muscles through all ranges of motion to stay strong, toned, and fit. Keep at it consistently and you will start to feel your clothes fitting a little looser and you're standing a little taller.
  The 'Cellulite: Those lumps, bumps, and bulges you couldn't lose before" book I bought for $5.95 back in 1973.  The 'You Can Be Physically Perfect, Powerfully Strong', book was given to me by my brother. Copyright date 1975. The 'Lisa Lyon's Body Magic', book, copyright 1981, I bought for $9.95.  The 'Lady Bullworker' wall chart I've had for eons, and the 'Vitalizer' brochure came with my first aerobic rebounder I bought in 1980 for $185. Wow!  So dust off and revisit your old exercise videos and books and have a flashback to the oldies but goodies.  Hey,  be smart and check with your doctor before embarking an any exercise regimen.  And check out my Fitness page on my website.  Enjoy your day while striving to be your best.

Great books and equipment that helped me back in the late 70's-early 80's

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Don't be pulled into the trap

A missionary from Africa visited church today.  I missed the first few minutes of his introduction, but I got a lot from the bulk of this message.  Mainly, his message was about many people haven't heard the Good News that God has made a way to save their souls from the penalty of death. We're all guilty of sin. Not one person is without sin, not the Pope, Sister Theresa wasn't, and certainly not me. Many people don't want to know the true God, but try to make Him what they want Him to be. They'd rather keep doing what they want to do and turn from God. They don't want to give up the things they're doing, even though they know it's not right, but they don't want to stop.  One characteristic about God, is He will not force anyone to love Him. Think about it.  Love can't be forced. It's a choice of the heart.  Love can never be forced. Anyway, just like the fallen angles, people can fall away from the plan God has for them.  Whenever you turn your back towards God, it's inevitable that the heart 'hardens' towards the things of God.  Once this happens, it's not impossible, but it's not easy to turn back to the things of God. It's best not to ever let the heart get in that hardened, dark condition. Now, the god of this world is one of the fallen angels, and his influence pulls and tugs very strong continually upon the mind and flesh.
The tug of war and pull is strong but can be overcome
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Satan is a fallen angel, but a "little god" and he's all about playing upon your weaknesses, and he knows how to do that very well- he knows humans are about me, me, me, in other words, humans like the flesh satisfied, (the want what they want, to have what they don't have, and to be comfortable and not lack anything), they like their pride fed,(they like to feel important and not to be wrong), and they want money,(nothing needs to be said about that, they love money).  But thank God, God hasn't left you for prey unprotected, there is always a way out of the traps and snares, but, if you'd rather choose and side with the god of this world, then God allows men and women to go the way they wish, which leads further and further down a dark road. Oh, for a while that road may seem pleasurable and feel good, filled with gratifying all sorts of fleshly desires and unnatural acts, and all seems well, but just as it was written and foretold long ago in the book of Romans, (one of the books in the Bible written by man, but inspired of God), we are seeing these very things happening today. This makes me wonder about people who've turned their hearts away from the things of God, they think they're right. What are they basing their thoughts upon? They can't create a single thing, or know more than God? They don't have the mind of God, nor will anyone escape the judgment of God.  There is no way to heaven except but by the way written in God's Holy Word, and that way is through His Son, Jesus.
The invitation is available to everyone wanting eternal life
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There is no other way. Maybe someone might think there is no heaven, no God, or all you have to do is live a good life and surely God won't banish you to hell if you're not a murderer or anything like that. Well, what if you're wrong about all of that? Really, what if you're wrong? Because if you're wrong it will be the worst mistake which will get your soul eternally separated from God, and you'll be sharing hell and the lake of fire with fallen angels and it will not be a party at all. It will be darkness like never before, hot, and the sick smell of sulfur you'll be subjected to and tormented forever with no chance ever for rest or escape-that will be where your soul or spirit will reside from then on. God does not want that for you or me or anyone. God loves you. He's made the way and His invitation is extended to you and every person wanting life in heaven. God is spirit and God is love. But if you don't accept His Son, according to God's word, you're essentially rejecting God.  It's satan's influence on the mind of men to be tolerant of things other than God's plan.  What would you think if you created or designed something but someone else came along and got people to think their imitation was better than your original? You wouldn't like that, and that's just what the fallen angel is doing. Don't fall for it. Everything satan does is a clever imitation to appear like it's of God, but it's not. You have to be keenly aware to not fall for his cleaver tricks, and they are cleaver.  Remember, he's a great illusionist,liar, and deceiver. In the end, satan will get what he deserves because he's already defeated. So why side or continue with a loser?
Don't fall for the trickery of the sly Fox
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Friday, August 13, 2010

Yoga for firm, fit and flexible muscles

   I used to think yoga was for sissies. Come on, it's just getting into pretzel positions. That's not gonna do much except probably make you feel like a contortionist , and unless you're wanting to be a circus performer, what good will that do?  Well, have I opened my mouth an inserted foot, literally.  I was wrong.  Yoga is so much more than contorting into forms of  human pretzels. Yoga actually helps you from head to toe improve in multiple healthy aspects, and without the exhausting exertion of sweating and panting that you go through when jogging. Yoga has gained my total respect.  Number one is the fact that it helps firm, tone and build muscle. And when you do that to your muscles, you're automatically burning more calories throughout the day, your able to move and walk more fluidly, your joints are better supported when your muscles around them are toned, and your clothing fits better naturally when your muscles are toned and firm for sure, your metabolism gets revved up, and you age much more gracefully and so important for seniors to keep their independence, yoga helps maintain mobility.  So keep 'em guessing your age 'cause you won't be showing it or acting it!
   I am really enjoying these yoga videos with Dina called "Get Exercised", and I bet you will too. Laugh while you try a few yoga poses and know you're doing good stuff to your muscles. You never will get bored, there's a ton of yoga positions/poses to experiment with. The easiest way I like to incorporate them is do a couple during commercial breaks, or when I want to take a stretch break from typing or reading, or even at work on a break. At home Perfect, my dog, likes it when I unroll my exercise mat, 'cause he knows after wards it's play time.  Be sure to get a mat. It helps you not slip and slide and cushions your tush and joints when you're moving about and wear something that allows free movement.  That's really about all you need.  Visit my yoga store on my shopping page.
Then check out more on fitness, visit my website,

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