Sunday, August 29, 2010

Don't be pulled into the trap

A missionary from Africa visited church today.  I missed the first few minutes of his introduction, but I got a lot from the bulk of this message.  Mainly, his message was about many people haven't heard the Good News that God has made a way to save their souls from the penalty of death. We're all guilty of sin. Not one person is without sin, not the Pope, Sister Theresa wasn't, and certainly not me. Many people don't want to know the true God, but try to make Him what they want Him to be. They'd rather keep doing what they want to do and turn from God. They don't want to give up the things they're doing, even though they know it's not right, but they don't want to stop.  One characteristic about God, is He will not force anyone to love Him. Think about it.  Love can't be forced. It's a choice of the heart.  Love can never be forced. Anyway, just like the fallen angles, people can fall away from the plan God has for them.  Whenever you turn your back towards God, it's inevitable that the heart 'hardens' towards the things of God.  Once this happens, it's not impossible, but it's not easy to turn back to the things of God. It's best not to ever let the heart get in that hardened, dark condition. Now, the god of this world is one of the fallen angels, and his influence pulls and tugs very strong continually upon the mind and flesh.
The tug of war and pull is strong but can be overcome
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Satan is a fallen angel, but a "little god" and he's all about playing upon your weaknesses, and he knows how to do that very well- he knows humans are about me, me, me, in other words, humans like the flesh satisfied, (the want what they want, to have what they don't have, and to be comfortable and not lack anything), they like their pride fed,(they like to feel important and not to be wrong), and they want money,(nothing needs to be said about that, they love money).  But thank God, God hasn't left you for prey unprotected, there is always a way out of the traps and snares, but, if you'd rather choose and side with the god of this world, then God allows men and women to go the way they wish, which leads further and further down a dark road. Oh, for a while that road may seem pleasurable and feel good, filled with gratifying all sorts of fleshly desires and unnatural acts, and all seems well, but just as it was written and foretold long ago in the book of Romans, (one of the books in the Bible written by man, but inspired of God), we are seeing these very things happening today. This makes me wonder about people who've turned their hearts away from the things of God, they think they're right. What are they basing their thoughts upon? They can't create a single thing, or know more than God? They don't have the mind of God, nor will anyone escape the judgment of God.  There is no way to heaven except but by the way written in God's Holy Word, and that way is through His Son, Jesus.
The invitation is available to everyone wanting eternal life
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There is no other way. Maybe someone might think there is no heaven, no God, or all you have to do is live a good life and surely God won't banish you to hell if you're not a murderer or anything like that. Well, what if you're wrong about all of that? Really, what if you're wrong? Because if you're wrong it will be the worst mistake which will get your soul eternally separated from God, and you'll be sharing hell and the lake of fire with fallen angels and it will not be a party at all. It will be darkness like never before, hot, and the sick smell of sulfur you'll be subjected to and tormented forever with no chance ever for rest or escape-that will be where your soul or spirit will reside from then on. God does not want that for you or me or anyone. God loves you. He's made the way and His invitation is extended to you and every person wanting life in heaven. God is spirit and God is love. But if you don't accept His Son, according to God's word, you're essentially rejecting God.  It's satan's influence on the mind of men to be tolerant of things other than God's plan.  What would you think if you created or designed something but someone else came along and got people to think their imitation was better than your original? You wouldn't like that, and that's just what the fallen angel is doing. Don't fall for it. Everything satan does is a clever imitation to appear like it's of God, but it's not. You have to be keenly aware to not fall for his cleaver tricks, and they are cleaver.  Remember, he's a great illusionist,liar, and deceiver. In the end, satan will get what he deserves because he's already defeated. So why side or continue with a loser?
Don't fall for the trickery of the sly Fox
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