Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Swimming the distance

I've been amazed with Diana Nyad, the distance swimmer, and her solidly-determined goal to swim without a shark cage between Florida and Cuba. Well, on her fifth attempt to complete the distance, she now holds the distinctive title as the first person who can honestly claim to have done it and can show proof that she swam it!

I was thinking she had to have a team of helpers to make this happen, not once, but five different times. That must have taken lots of man hours, planning, and belief in her.

I have some questions I would like to ask Diana Nyad.

How does one train to swim this distance?
Who are your support team, are they paid, and how much?
Do you have sponsors? And if so, who are they?
Can you sleep while floating?
Did your skin shrivel being in the water that long?
What did you eat and drink during your swim?
Were you able to speak and could you hear those in the boat at all times?
What is the amount in dollars in equipments, boats, manpower, etc for each attempt?
Are you in the Guinness Book of World Records?
And why was this challenge something you had to do?

Her first attempt was in 1978. Her victory was achieved in 2013.

Congratulations! and what a motivation you are to all of us!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Female sumo wrestlers

I think it's so cool that a few women have taken up sumo wrestling. I found Sports Illustrated has done a layout on female sumo wrestlers.

This ancient Japanese sport is reserved for the full, hefty-bodied male, rikishi.
Women can compete only at the amateur level. Women aren't allowed in the matches because the platform is blessed by a Shinto priest, and women are considered unclean. There's a lot of ritual purification going on in this sport and there is no protesting the judges' rulings.

Sumo wrestlers charge their opponent with a weighty burst of energy

Photo credit: hotblack from morguefile.com

Wrestling is a full-contact sport. The objective is to use your mind to out-maneuver your opponent with your body in order to get control of your opponent and pin them down or push them outside the ring. This sport is performed barefoot while blending disciplines of self-defense, martial arts, and hand-to-hand combat.

Wrestling reminds me of a chess game with two queen game pieces remaining on the board-every move is vitally pertinent for the win. Even the stare-down, the psyching-out your opponent, is all part of the sport.

But unlike chess, tennis or boxing, sumo wrestling has a lot of rituals dating back hundreds of years.
When you watch a match, don't blink, because the wrestling match could be over in seconds. The opponents size each other up to get that split second lead of charging first with a blast of energy to throw the other off balance. Blink, and you might miss their lightening moves.

Sumo wrestlers have to be limber because a match can put the wrestlers in all sorts of configurations.  I like watching wrestling matches and sumo wrestling matches are the most fascinating to watch.

Dan Gable won an Olympic gold medal in wrestling-I had the privilege of attending the same high school he graduated. There's a large portrait of Dan hanging in the school gymnasium. I preferred going to wrestling meets than football or basketball games because I think wrestling is more exciting to watch..

Wrestlers, no matter their weight class, have to be quick, strong, limber, and light on their feet. It's never boring to watch because there's always action on the mat.

Wrestlers have some nice physiques, too.

Sumo wrestlers must be comfortable with their bodies to move about while wearing only a big thong, uhh, I mean a belt, called a mawashi.
Women sumo wrestlers wear a mawashi over spandex, thank goodness.

Japan's national sport.

More interesting facts to know about sumo wrestling.

These wrestlers are strong and solid. View this video and notice when they go down, nothing giggles.

Back to women and wrestling... take a look at this young female sumo wrestler from the UK. Even though I've never been to a sumo tournament, I can see participating in this sport would increase one's focus, strength, agility, mind control, and improve one's self-defense skills, as well.

In the UK, this grandmother is a sumo wrestler weighing in at 32 stones, which happens to be 448 pounds. She's been winning her matches. Good for her.
And this Indian woman needing a sponsor so she can compete in more sumo competitions. Hatal is pursuing her passion and doing well in India as the sole female professional sumo wrestler in India. She is determined and aims to "destroy all existent stereotypes. I hope she gets some sponsors and continues to make a name for herself and reaches her goals as an athlete and representative of her country.                                                   

If I could quickly charge someone and knock them over before they knew what hit 'em.
they'd think long and hard before messing with me again!

But first, I need to practice my squats.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Little address book

I came across my old address book. It had been hidden inside a box in my storage shed. Flipping through the pages I felt as if I were flipping through time. These pages were like opening a time capsule of the period of time and the people back when I was establishing myself.

My old address book

On the first pages were addresses I resided after college. I needed these addresses a couple years ago when I was filling out an application of all my prior whereabouts. The address of the apartment I stayed in Jackson, Mississippi, and then my addresses where I lived in Shreveport, LA.  I eventually stopped renting and bought a condo, so that address as well as the clinic I worked were all there.

Flipping through the months for birthdays,  I saw names of people I've long forgotten. Name and birth dates listed were Ella Mae Patterson, my Dad's dad's sister. I remember her place was near the Super Dome in New Orleans. It was at her place on hot evening I learned that roaches lived in trees and they can fly and if they land on your head, they give off an awful smell hard to shampoo out. It was a flight of stairs up to her place, and the other side of the duplex was my aunt and her kids. I do believe I have a photo of me sitting with my grandfather and Monique on the sofa at Ella Mae's. I also remember Ella Mae read her Bible daily, and it was a biggest Bible I'd ever seen due to the large print. I haven't heard what happened to Ella Mae after that. Some 30 years ago have gone by.

Names of some of the guys I knew in the Corps, Mark, Rocky, David, to give a few, and names of classmates I went to college with.

Names of my first clients in Montgomery I saw. Virginia Durr was one of them. Her husband, Clifford Durr, defended Rosa Parks after refusing to give up her seat on the bus to a Caucasian man back in the 60s. Mrs. Durr had a memory like and elephant.  She told me many things when I was working on her in my office or in her home when I made house calls. If someone called and wanted to interview Mrs. Durr, she's oblige while I continued massaging her, and when the call was over, she'd hang up. Never did I hear her say 'good-bye'. She summered with her daughters in Martha's Vineyard. Hanging on her bedroom was a photo of her husband, and on the wall in her living room was a large painting of her. One of her daughters was married to Hugo Black, a past Supreme Court Justice. Mrs. Durr was like a living history book. She'd met Eleanor Roosevelt and was instrumental in woman's voting rights. I could go on and on. I still have her book she signed for me and a note in her handwriting that she was well pleased with the services I provided.

 I flipped through and saw names of people I did business with in Shreveport. Some names I ran across drew a blank. I couldn't remember why I wrote their name and phone number in my address book.  They had to mean something to me at the time to write their name in my address book.

Some old boyfriends and their brother's and mother's names I have listed along with birth dates.

I have the couple's name who befriended me in Jackson Mississippi. I hadn't thought of them in
years. I remember their home was situated amongst some big, tall pine trees in Jackson. I wish I had kept in touch with them. I really liked that couple.

And Dr. Ed Gavin, from whom is posted to this day on my board a card he gave me which reads, 'How to succeed in business'. Turn it over and  in bold letters it reads, 'GO TO WORK, IT NEVER FAILS'.

 And Pam, whom Mom hired to make a house call to give Grandpa a massage to help relax his rigid muscles. Pam and I spoke and she helped me get started doing massages in Montgomery. Before I had enough money to order a portable massage table, I made do with a foam cushion that was long enough to lie on and I covered it and use it to give massages. It was rough because I was on my knees. Pam referred her clients to me when she got married and moved to Birmingham. I soon bought a massage table and steadily got more clients from word of mouth and advertising in the Montgomery Magazine. Those were my early days and lean days and got me going until I took the Chiropractic Boards.  Pam gave me so very good contacts for which I am still very grateful, because some became my good friends and stayed clients and patients until I retired.

My friend from high school, Eileen, I have six addresses listed for her ranging from Corpus Christi, Lockhart,  and Austin. She moved around a lot, but she always informed me of her new address.

 I even have Jimmie J. whom is female, one of my patients in Shreveport.

And, Darla, (I've changed her name) who had a house cleaning business located on Southern Boulevard. Her business was doing well and she was employing at least a dozen women. I knew Darla before I opened my first office in Montgomery and in a position to afford hiring staff and employees.  I saw that Darla gave classes to her employees and they worked in teams to clean a house.  Darla's weakness was she liked to buy expensive dresses. She came to work dressed to the
 hilt as a professional business women. I saw her dresses on racks in her office. She could start her own woman's exclusive clothing shop with what looked like a hundred or more dresses.
She confided to me that she was in serious trouble for not paying some taxes. She didn't want to but she divorced her husband as a tactic so their home wouldn't be confiscated.
I hope it all worked out. I noticed her business closed after that and I've not seen or heard from her since.

I have my Dad's addresses listed when he lived in Oklahoma, Mississippi and Florida.

Derrick's address and phone number. Derrick was a Marine Corps vet who lived on the next block in Waterloo. I rode my bike back and forth to work when I was temporarily home but still active duty. He saw me wearing my uniform and stopped me and told me he had been in the Marines. He was planning to learn the trade of working on elevators and went to live in Brooklyn. He started a neighborhood organization called T.A.S.T.E. It's amazing that I remembered that. But I've forgotten what it stands for. Oh well.

This little address book is like going back in time to the places I've lived and the people I've met and were connected to at the time.

Funny how some names immediately conjured up memories, and a few I can't recall anything about at all. From now on I must write something along with their name so in the future I will have something to go on.

I wonder if my name in someone's address book has a problem remembering who I am?

Next, pull out my old journals and see what I wrote back in the 70s.

Monday, September 9, 2013

A powerful color punch

There are certain colors that resonate with me. 
 For a long time my favorite color was blue.
What I mean by resonate, is the color does 'something' that's not easy to explain, but I like looking at it and how I feel when looking at it.

Check out these colorful exterior homes.

Chartreuse, anyone?

Colors with unusual names.

Color is important and every where from college colors, to traffic signs, flags and wrist bands.

Here is what someone describes what it's like to be color-blind.

Some vivid colors or groupings of colors we tend to 'like' better than others. 
Color is perceived through wavelengths to the retina of the eye and sends an electrical  impulse to the brain which recognizes what we call 'color'.
Perhaps a related experience which our brain then relates or recalls to that 'color' and that's why certain colors resonate and we like them over other colors.

I like these artists use of color-
Roy Woodard-Fairchild
Diane Clancy

How do we perceive color?

Can color change your mood?   or affect your mood? 
How about the psychological effects color plays on mood and emotions?

Hue, saturation, temperature and value can used to describe colors we see, making for visual interest.

Photo credit: cohdra from morguefile.com

Photo credit: matthew_hull from morguefile.com

Photo credit: taliesin from morguefile.com

Photo credit: beglib from morguefile.com  

Well, I was just thinking about our world of so many gloriously, vivid colors. Nice!

A Veteran's viewpoint

A few days ago, I received and read the following email. It's worthy of sharing due to it's content. The 'beige puppet", hmmmm, whom might that be? And more importantly, I wonder if many will not even go to the polls to vote in future elections since it's lookin' pretty slim we'll ever return to the 'olden days' of baseball, apple pie and the traditional family around the table.

Oh well, those days are history. A new view of everything is on the scene calling the shots and has the masses wanting this big change and voting for it.  I can only hope down the line those who voted for this big change aren't unhappy with where this big change is taking our country.

Sometimes you don't know you're in quicksand until you're in with both feet. Trapped, your freedom to move or free yourself is limited. Strength isn't enough...and rescuing needs to happen within a certain time frame, lest you become vulnerable to other dangers.  America, the land of the free, home of the brave, is in quicksand.

Read below what one Veteran wrote.

those who serve know 'best' the cost and value of freedom

Photo credit: aconant from morguefile.com

The American Dream ended on November 6th in Ohio,
written by a USMC Vet
  The second term of Barack Obama will be the final nail in the coffin for the legacy of the white Christian males who discovered, explored, pioneered, settled and developed the greatest Republic in the history of mankind.
A coalition of Blacks, Latinos, Feminists, Gays, Government Workers, Union Members, Environmental Extremists, The Media, Hollywood, uninformed young people, the "forever needy," the chronically unemployed, illegal aliens and other "fellow travelers" have ended Norman Rockwell's America.
The Cocker Spaniel is off the front porch...the Pit Bull is in the back yard.
The American Constitution has been replaced with Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals" and Chicago shyster, David Axelrod, along with international Socialist George Soros will be pulling the strings on their beige puppet to bring us Act 2 of the New World Order.
Our side ran two candidates who couldn't even win their own home states, and the circus fattster Chris Christie helped Obama over the top with a glowing "post Sandy" tribute that elevated the "Commander-in-Chief" to Mother Teresa status.
People like me are completely politically irrelevant, and I will never again comment on or concern myself with the aforementioned coalition which has surrendered our culture, our heritage and our traditions without a shot being fired.
You will never again out-vote these people. 
 It will take individual acts of defiance and massive displays of civil disobedience to get back the rights we have allowed them to take away. It will take Zealots, not moderates--not reach-across-the-aisle RINOs to right this ship and restore our beloved country to its former status.
Those who come after us will have to risk their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to bring back the Republic that this generation has timidly frittered away due to "white guilt" and political correctness...
I'm done, but before I go I’d like to share a one sentence editorial that appeared today in the Illinois Newspaper the Peoria Journal Star... It speaks volumes:
"A pen in the hand of this president is far more dangerous than a gun in the hands of 200 million law-abiding citizens."
If you want to share this with your friends, please feel free to do so!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

NYC stimulates all the senses

It's been years since I accompanied a friend on a trip to NYC. My first time there was exciting and fabulous seeing some famous sites. The food was marvelous, people-watching was entertaining
and just being in NYC three days was thrilling and maximum sensory stimulating.

A horse drawn ride through Central Park
Photo credit: td2 from morguefile.com

Things to do in New York City.

I boarded the plane leaving NYC with a Stage Deli cheesecake in a carry-on box. One of the pilots volunteered to keep it up front with him. I should've told him, "not a problem as long as I could be
in the cock pit with it for safe keeping." I even ordered a cheesecake from Stage Deli to treat my
staff to this fabulous,  and I'm not exaggerating, 6-inch thick delicacy.

Pretzels from a street vendor was warm and scruptuous!  There was food and smells and stands containing bright flowers just about on every block. Small grocery stores were here and there and everyone was moving at a good clip, including the thousands of taxi's. New York City is a live blending bowl holding millions of people and an immense array of things to see, places to visit, sounds to hear, aromas to smell, and food and drink to consume and be pleasingly gratified .

NYC is alive with street vendors. 
Check out this virtual tourist site of NYC.     If auditory and aromatic senses could be included, that would be the best virtual experience to NYC.

View this video of a stroll along Fifth Avenue, NYC

Old street vendor pictures.

There are two observatory decks. I went to the open-air observation deck at the top of the Empire State Building,  it sways a bit. There are different banks of elevators serving different floors. I took an elevator that went to a certain floor, then another elevator to the highest floor you could take. It's windy but I sure took in quite a panoramic eye-full at a quarter-mile above the ground.  The ground floor lobby was impressive and full of people, and I couldn't help but notice one gigantic list of building tennants, some 15,000 make their business address at this famous skyscraper on Fifth Avenue.

Bonus-there's another deck and the building's undergone renovations since my visit in 1994.

The foyers of The Ritz, Trump Towers are impressive. Riding in a horse drawn carriage into Central Park on a chilly night was a joy. The clop, clop clop and the driver in his top hat and coat and the blanket across the lap are nice memories of that experience. There are lots of horses in NYC pulling carriages or being ridden by policemen.

Check his view of mounted policeman amongst taxis in Times Square.  ( See other tourist views at this link).
 This women policeman on her police horse show it's definitely mandatory horses be accustomed to commotion of vehicles, people and sounds to not be spooked.

Shops and more shops and big, colorful, neon, flashy, can't-be-missed, over-the-top advertisements line the streets and certainly in Times Square.  Macy's has wooden hand rails going up the escalator. Or was it wooden steps? Something was wooden which I had never seen wooden before.  I do remember lots of make-up counters and displays just about on every floor,  mostly Clinique. I want into Neiman Marcus, Toy store, and being it was November, there were some festive decorations and people were wearing coats and boots.
 In the air is energy, sounds of honking horns, taxis, mass transit double-decker buses,  delivery trucks, and food smells.
The subway is accessed by taking some steps going underground. At first I didn't see where, but you have to look for a square of thick fencing along a sidewalk and there will be the steps leading down to the subway. I'd never been underground ( at least to my recollection) so taking steps down under the street was a new experience. I was surprised that everything was well-lit and clean. Even the subway cars were clean and on time.

I noticed people didn't make eye-contact or spoke to each other. I saw that it's all about getting to where you're going and ignoring all the other people also busy at getting to where they're going.
No one looks directly at another person so there is no pleasantries or 'how ya doing?' spoken by anyone. People mostly were reading and being to themselves.

 Here's info about riding the subway I didn't have at the time.  My friend had been there before,        so we didn't have any problems at all. I was sort of hoping to see some graffiti, but the cars and   walls were spotless. My uneventful subway rides got us to our destination and back. The ride on
a double-decker was more fun.

I saw very little trash, graffiti or homeless people in Manhattan. I wondered where I might see some, but I guess Manhattan is kept pristine for the tourists. I found NYC stimulated all my senses- almost to overload, and the bustling multi-cultural metropolis was pretty clean it's millions of inhabitants.

Not enough greenery or trees, but tons of concrete and metal stretching skyward, fancy advertisements, lane upon lane of vehicles and people constantly on the move. 

I almost felt I could be in a foreign country. I heard other languages being spoken more than English.  I saw people wearing turbans and Jewish head ware. 

Did I mention the food was absolutely heavenly and plenty of it served, and quickly, and sitting and letting your food digest at the table was not looked favorable upon. In NYC, you are not to mess around taking your time.. You are to eat and get up so the table can be readied for the next customers waiting to be seated. 

Some 10 minutes or so North of the main sites of Manhattan, I did get the taxi driver to drive a couple blocks into Harlem. Our driver was very hesitant to do so and he looked puzzled that I wanted to go to Harlem.  

If I ever get back to NYC, I definitely want to visit this establishment.  It's new as of 2013, and sure has made an big impression in many categories.
I think a week would be plenty of time to visit other places in NYC and get my fill of sensory experience and taste sampling and more memories in the city that does not rest, not even for one quick second.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Take the Silver Comet Trail

Wow! I was excited to discover there's very nice bike path, called the Silver Comet Trail running from Smyrna, Georgia to the Alabama state line.  That's a distance of  61.5 miles.
That's pretty impressive to me. Why hadn't I heard of this before?  From there it connects with the 33 mile Chief Ladiga Trail.

Photo credit: Jusben from morguefile.com
For a vacation or weekend outing combining sight-seeing, exercise, fresh air, and fun, why not?

I used to have and old three speed Schwinn bicycle. When I was away to college and living in Davenport, Iowa, I had a morning routine of getting on my bike and tackling some pretty steep roads. That was good workout on the legs, arms, and heart. Then I'd change and get ready for morning classes.  Boy, I had lots of non-stop energy back in my school days.

Photo credit: singhajay from morguefile.com
Some cities have some very nice bike paths and make for great getting out to exercise for all ages.
Kids should have lots of adventures on a bicycle.  Once you graduate from training wheels, you're bound for many good times pumping those pedals which will always be good memories of childhood.

I haven't been on a bicycle in years. I should do this. Really.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The feats those daredevils must do

The tightrope walk across the Grand Canyon yesterday by Nik Wallenda, who wore a microphone, and from the famous funambulism family known as the " FlyingWallenda's", caused me to think of various other astonishing feats men a women perform requiring guts, unrelenting determination, nerves of solid steel with a gutsy desire to do some thing only a handful of people on Earth could even attempt to successfully do.  Then, to make the feat even more challenging and solidifying their name in history, add the element of possible death if there's a mistake or failure on their part in performing the feat.

Feats require great balance, precision, strength and training
Photo credit: rollingroscoe from morguefile.com

I'm sure the adrenaline rush is huge and one reason why some daredevils return to perform even
more challenging feats. It must be addictive. We won't mention the financial gain and notoriety-
those are a given to these daredevils.

Check out this impressive list of Niagara Falls daredevils.

These women she-daredevils were each quite astonishing with their feats of skill.

Is it possible to 'not sink' running over water?

Photo credit: kconnors from morguefile.com

My favorite is a guy running on water(I think it looks real). See for yourself along with other amazing physical feats-(click link for video)

 I have to include Harry Houdini's feats of escape so many people fell spellbound to. A daredevil, an entertainer, an escape artist and master illusionist.  He was quite an original.

In this vid, you see a man 'walking on mostly water '.  Kinda funny how he was able to.

And of course, remember the always fit-and-spry Jack LaLanne doing something more featful than the year before.  Maybe I should say, 'more feating, but his feats were not life-threateningly dangerous, but they still required great skill and physical strength which the majority of us regular folk could consider to be super-human,
so I consider them feats.

In this posting I've mentioned just a few daredevil feats. Each prove the potential of the mind and body can do much more than the limits we normally place upon our bodies is very possible.

BONUS:Nik Wallenda's 22 plus minute tighrope feat crossing a gorge spanning a quarter mile at the Grand Canyon was accompanied by continual prayer. See this photo of him.

(That's 22 minutes of death defying walking and balancing without a safety harness or net on a cable
across a gorge with wind blowing).

He's got my vote for having nerve to even attempt something
like that. I think I would like to read his memoir-I bet it would be interesting. Click to read the transcript of an interview he gave.

Daredevils have to be bold and have confidence in their abilities to perform their daredevil feats.
They keep us enthralled and mystified with their confidence to even attempt such challenges
that can bring fame, but also the possibility of losing their life should they fail. That's what I call
 do or die trying.

I applaud them for doing what they must do.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Barks and second chances behind bars

When someone incarcerated decides to make a positive change for him or herself and is a positive influence on another living creature, it makes for a happy ending for all involved.

This video shows inmates training greyhounds with love. Lots of good teaching advice.

Inmates train dogs to be rescue dogs, service dogs for the disabled, and prepare dogs for adoption.
In other words, people serving time behind bars who failed in society are training dogs to be of service in society.

These programs are very rewarding and good not only for the inmates but for all involved when the dog is later placed with a person in need of service or rescue dog.

I'm pleased to know there are many programs the incarcerated are training dogs.  This link will show many videos of such programs.

 In essence, inmates receive first-hand training themselves by training dogs to have acceptable social behavior greatly increases their own second chance success in society.

Every one deserves second changes for a better ending.

Congrats to all. Keep it up.

Sunday, June 16, 2013


Have you wondered why it's called a 'spelling bee?' Why not 'spelling stand-off' or 'spelling derby'?  All in all, I think it's a grand thing that kids devote a huge part of their young lives studying words because what they gain will carry forward to everything they will do. Spend hours memorizing little nuances of different languages for the possibility of having to spell a word from a language different from their own will help them in every form of communication in every profession or field of study.

There's a lot of words to spell in the world

Photo credit: jdurham from morguefile.com

Here's info on the history of spelling bees.

Here is a list of past winning words. Make sure you check the 'Spellers' to read these kids are very intelligent and gifted in academics and music.

Contestants have to study world dictionaries to spell words I wouldn't even begin to use in a normal conversation. But they are amazing to even know how to dissect a word apart based upon it's origin, the put it all together.

Congratulations to this year's National Spelling Bee Champion.. This teen, Arvind Mahankli, has a sense of humor, and, a set goal for his future. His parents and sibling I'm sure are so proud of him.  I especially like that he's humble of spirit, taking his winning all in stride. He was a contestant in 2010, 2011 and 2012. Now that he's a winner and in more ways than one. What a role model for all of us to never give up until you succeed.

Video of the newest spelling bee champion and the German-derived word he nailed sealing his win.

 Congratulations to all who entered and spelled words I wouldn't even know how to begin spelling.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Performing on brain power, youthful winners win for all

I read about the top winners in this years Intel International Science and Engineering Fair.
Just the top three winners alone have such inventions that could benefit the world- and I mean
the potential to affect and reach the vast majority of every single person on Earth.
The top winners of this fair are ages 18 and 17 and hale from Romania and the United States.

Exercising the brain is a wonderful thing
photo credit: Paul Mayne via photopin cc
I sure would like to know what other inventions were considered and even from past years what's become of the inventions of past winners.

I sure do like to hear about young minds putting forth effort and energy into thinking. Way too much emphasis and exposure is placed on athletic abilities and outward physical attraction.

The rewards sure have drastically increased compared to just last year.

In 6th grade I came up with an idea for a solar powered washer and dryer. I don't remember where I put that paper, but I had sketched and detailed how my invention would work for a class project.  It was fun designing something new that would help the earth and mankind.  About eight years ago I had submitted my idea design for a therapeutic pillow to help relax neck and upper back muscles and keep pressure off the ear. The company, which I will not mention by name,  I made my submission to to help me make my design presentable to potential industry buyers and market and sell it, wouldn't 'cha know, was hit with a class action lawsuit. I would've rather chosen my design get patented and marketed rather than the few hundred lawsuit dollars I received. The world of inventions can be a ruthless one if not careful.

Here's info on invention fairs.

Wrapping this up, I do appreciate one's physical abilities to run fast, jump high, throw a ball through
a hoop from thirty feet away and looking at a perfectly symmetrical face, a body with little body fat and a thick head of hair, but in the scope of daily living, how do any of those things really benefit
you and me?

We, collectively, need to really consider top rewards to those who's inventions help mankind on a daily basis. I am really proud of all those who win but also each one who submits their entry to an invention fair.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sprinkle on that golden, sunny spice

I felt this spice I've read about bears sharing with you. Consuming this spice is documented and studied to have very favorable benefits to you and I.  We all know of someone who has dementia or some inflammatory condition, or craves sugar or is needing protection against certain cancers The compound responsible is called curcumin, and it's in turmeric spice.  Yes, it's not some expensive pharmaceutic drug, but something natural you can pick up in your grocery store. And it's cheap.

Spices containing curcumin-the natural wonder compound
photo credit: nehasingh7 via photopin cc

What about that? Cheap in price but huge and effective head to toe for your health- for healing and preventative purposes.

Get the turmeric spice and sprinkle it on with black pepper. I knew there had to be a reason I like curry so much. Now I'm gonna use more yellow-colored Indian spices more than I have been.

An Indian meal flavored with spices rich in curcumin
photo credit: jACK TWO via photopin cc

Below is the article, complete with references,  about this helpful spice and how to maximize it's effect on your health.                                         


Chemist Shows Secret Behind Ultra-Potent
Cinnamon & Milk Thistle Cure

Did you know that a few dollars per month could stomp out high blood sugar, cravings for sweets, fatigue and even pull toxins from your body?  Chemist gives solid proof and explains how it can make you biologically younger in just three days...

Dear Katrina
Inside your kitchen cabinet there are probably dozens of spices and herbs you should be using more liberally... and more often.
In fact, these flavor-boosters don't just make your meals taste better... they can also dramatically increase the healing power of your foods.
Today I'm going to share one of most powerful superfood spices you should be shaking, blending and stirring into your meals to supercharge your health.

Turmeric: The Golden Spice for Head to Toe Protection  

Turmeric is the spice that gives curry its distinct yellow color. But the benefits of turmeric extend well beyond its ability to add a sunny hue and spicy kick to foods, thanks to a powerful compound called curcumin.
Curcumin is a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. Research shows that the effects of this phytonutrient are comparable to the steroidal and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (like COX inhibitors) that people take for the pain and swelling associated with arthritis... but without  the serious side-effects.
In fact, recent research published in the journal Arthritis and Rheumatism found that injections of turmeric almost completely eliminated joint swelling in rats that were bred to develop rheumatoid arthritis. In another study of patients with rheumatoid arthritis, curcumin produced comparable benefits to the prescription phenylbutazone, including shortened duration of morning stiffness, increased walking time, and reduced joint swelling.

Sprinkle On This Cellular Cancer Shield 

But curcumin doesn't just reduce inflammation and free radical damage in the joints. It guards cells throughout the body too by preventing the mutations that can lead to cancer as well as destroying existing cancer cells.
Dr. Bharat Aggarwal of M.D. Anderson Cancer Center says:
"Curcumin acts against transcription factors, which are like a master switch. Transcription factors regulate all the genes needed for tumors to form. When we turn them off, we shut down some genes that are involved in the growth and invasion of cancer cells."
And not only does curcumin turn OFF the genes that promote cancer, but it also turns ON the genes that boost your body's most powerful cancer-fighting agent - glutathione.
It's no wonder that curcumin has been found to be protective against many types of cancer cells, including those of the prostate, colon, breast, lung and skin.

Guard Your Memory with the Golden Spice

Arguably the most impressive of turmeric's capabilities lies in its unique ability to defend against dementia.
Scientists began investigating turmeric's effects on the brain because Alzheimer's rates are astoundingly low in India where curry is consumed frequently. Research published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry found that curcumin actually helps to break up beta-amyloid plaques that damage the brains of Alzheimer's patients.

Maximizing Turmeric's Power

Because oxidative damage and inflammation are two key factors in most chronic diseases - from arthritis to Alzheimer's - researchers believe curcumin is beneficial for a wide range of "age-related" conditions.

To get the most inflammation-fighting, cancer-preventive and neuron-protecting power out of turmeric, be sure to store it in a cool, dark place. And use or replace your supply every six months. When you do use turmeric, you can increase its power by doing these two things:
  1. Combine with black pepper (Piper nigrum). A compound in pepper called piperine has been shown to boost turmeric's power by 2,000%!
  2. Enjoy with some oil or healthy fat. Because the active constituent of curcumin is lipid-soluble, eating it with foods that include fat will enhance the body's absorption.
Here are some simple and delicious ways to get the benefits of turmeric in your everyday meals:
  • Add to scrambled eggs and frittatas
  • Mix into free-range chicken or egg salad
  • Make a flavorful curry marinade for your grass-fed beef, free-range chicken, wild salmon or shrimp
  • Make an Indian-spiced dressing (try avocado oil, turmeric, ginger, garlic and pepper) to drizzle over steamed veggies or use with stir-fries
Turmeric is one of the most healthful and bioactive foods known to man. Not only will it add flavor to your cooking, but, quite possibly, years to your life!
Stay tuned. In the coming weeks, I'll be sharing several more superfood spices and healing herbs you should be using to add fabulous flavor and powerful health benefits to your cooking.
To Staying Healthy... Deliciously! 
Kelley Herring 
CEO & Editor-in-Chief
Healing Gourmet 
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Saturday, April 13, 2013

This change is absolutely priceless!

I read this story and it made me very proud of this guy.

Imagine the earnings he took in in one week ?
Imagine the expensive toys, cars, boats, and jewels he once had at his disposal?
Imagine the control and power he used to have on the streets?
Imagine the people working for him; his business; his lifestyle.
All the above was from dealing and selling illegal drugs that people got hooked on and most likely to some degree ruined their lives.

cocaine, flake, snow white, dust, coke
photo credit: benben via photopin cc

Imagine being imprisoned 20 years.
Then imagine coming out a changed person.

I'm proud Tommy chose not to go back to his old lifestyle.

He chose a better one.

He chose to help people.
Really help people. People often overlooked in society.

I'm proud for Tommy and hope he continues to inspire others to change their choices and be of
service to others in a 'good' way.

Here's a link to view another article and video of Tommy in action.

When you serve others, I truly believe it's of the Lord.

There's a lot more to life than material things. Instead, focus on people. Being of service is where
you will discover true happiness.
So reach out, find what a person needs and help them.

I can promise you that you will be happy when you see people appreciating your service.
There's another name for this- it's called love.
And when you give it, it comes back to the giver in a way that touches the heart unlike any amount of money ever can. Priceless.

I salute you Tommy Mickens.

And please, someone ought to find what led this former convict to want to be a help to society.
This needs to be available so all prisoners can personally know there are choices that they can make to keep them out of the legal system, earn them a living and be of help to others.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Superb intelligence must be wiping the floor of wisdom and common sense.

Slowly, surely, methodically, man has evolved in his of things that were once considered 'wrong' to now being 'fair' and 'within their individual rights' and glamorized by television, celebrities, politicians and professors. One step leads to another and will come another and soon, 'w'e lose what was one reserved as being something sacred you shared with another person (in marriage) meant to be the physical and emotional and spiritual union of a married couple for a stable family unit in society. But now......

Intelligent man now thinks nothing is wrong with having sexual relations with his own daughter.

photo credit: katiew via photopin cc
Does any one find this disturbing? This the 'intelligence' of man leading him further and further from the wisdom of God?
If this is intelligence, (aren't professors considered to be the most intelligent people in society?), then I think the word intelligent.has a meaning totally different from what I think is intelligence.

My summation- Man is using his 'intelligence' to reason their actions so they can believe their physical wants and needs are 'good' and justified'. This is very different from the intent God gave brains in the first place. Man is exercising his free will to maximum capacity taking giant steps in the direction leading away from God and right into the snare the 'Father of all lies' wants man to fall into. This one deceiving many, this charmingly convincing 'voice' goes by the name of Lucifer and he's the great master at lassoing many an intelligent mind away from the things of God which are holy, good and righteous. This feat can be done because the heart of man prefers sin. Plain and simple. What the heart of man desires, he will find a way, and Lucifer is having a hay day with his work being so easy, to keep man desiring things of ill-repute and believe it's their 'right' to seek and have it to enjoy, so he continues on to want more and more of the same.  Is this intelligence at it's best? And more importantly, what's happened to wisdom? Has the pursuit of wisdom been hijacked?

My conclusion- The sidestepping of wisdom in his quest for more and more knowledge has given man a 'weird and ungodly' intelligence.  If this continues, man will ultimately destroy himself.

Here is a link to a online discussion on difference between knowledge, intelligence and wisdom.
Another link to difference between intelligence, knowledge and wisdom.
What is the difference between intelligence and wisdom.
More discussion on intelligence, knowledge, and wisdom
An essay. 'Is it worth being wise? by Paul Graham

And what about the cousin of intelligence, you know, that thing called common sense? Read what this person has to say about it, and what I say has sadly been evolving into something of 'uncommon un-sense.'

Monday, March 25, 2013

Remembering Pistol Pete

His name finally came to me this morning. Years ago, in the 70's, I had picked up a book from the library and read about 'Pistol Pete'. Peter Maravich was a basketball player and a super good one at that with lightening fast reflexes. I haven't heard his name mentioned in a long time, so I couldn't remember it until a few minutes ago. I believe you will be blessed if you will take 15 minutes to read and hear a little about this man, especially the second video in which you'll see him spin a basketball and then speak to an audience. Be sure to listen. I know you'll be blessed.

photo credit: *sean via photopin cc

Pete Maravich had multiple great skills playing and handling a basketball. He made it into the Hall of Fame.
He died young, age 40, due to an undetected heart defect. Imagine that. God kept him playing to become a great basketball player before calling him home.
Oh, yes. He was taken home. Pete had found Christ and he wanted to be remembered as a Christian more than a basketball player.

I can't think of anything better to leave behind than being remembered as being a follower of Jesus. That alone is greater than all the riches, fame, or notoriety in the universe. For the name of Jesus is above all names. Scroll this list and see that the name of Jesus is above all names.

Watch and listen

Here is something on Pete's life after his great basketball career.

If you are short on time, at least view the YouTube video of his testimony. (Parts 1-4) It will be the best thing you'll see today.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z31E7rBNx-M

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hurray, Jessica Cox! you're my new hero!

Today, I've just read and learned about Jessica Cox. A fabulous young lady who's a pilot, a piano player, with a black belt in Taekwon-do , and a motivational speaker to boot.  And by the way, she has no arms. Born that way.

 Watch Jessica do her thing-looks like she's having fun

But her parents taught her to live and live she has. She's an inspiration to us with two arms. For anyone thinking they're deprived or don't have enough to pick themselves up in life, and crying for whatever pathetic reason, they just need to see Jessica and they will be without a leg to stand on with their excuses to not succeed.

What I also get from knowing about Jessica Cox is she faced her fear of flying head-on. Now her 'fear' is called 'fun'.  She's my new hero just knowing about her.

I certainly have been motivated this morning just knowing of this young lady. She's a class act and a true hero in my book just because of her bravery about tackling life with seemingly less to start with. She's taught me what makes the difference is perspective, attitude and determination.

And, she's really brought home the point.....the sky's the limit !

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Can your heart lead you wrong?

Our deepest, innermost feelings come from our heart.

We dearly want to trust our hearts to lead us 'right,' right?

Heart Nebula
photo credit: write_adam via photopincc

So, can YOU trust your heart to always lead you right?

I have 3 questions for YOU to answer for yourself.

1. Can you understand and decipher the message your heart communicates to your brain?
2. Could the heart message actually be your intuition or a gut reaction rather than a heart message?
3.  Did the outcome and results of past heart messages always lead you in 'right directions?

I've learned my heart can't 'think' rationally.
Once my heart's been engaged, it's not easy controlling my emotions so I can think and react rationally. For me, my brain needs to be in the pilot seat so I'm not all emotional, then I need
 to stop a minute,  and calmly evaluate what's happening rationally, and I need to step back
for a 'view from above' to get a better grasp of the situation. I need to get instructions of how
should I proceed so that my Lord is approving and God received the glory.

One person wrote about what happened when she's lead by her heart.
 Read here a short letter of what happened to one woman who was lead by her heart.

 It requires maturity gained by experience to teach the heart, brain, and eyes to work in unison.
 Here, one person wrote the heart can be influenced by the eyes or by what you perceive as 'right'.

The emotional creatures we are, we're usually led into relationships by feelings we perceive within our hearts, and by what we see.
When in love, a person gives and shares the very core of their being to another. There's risk in trusting and sharing one's heart to another. In a situation like this, only that person can determine if their heart lead them right or wrong.

There are many instances and situations we daily are trusting our hearts to lead us right.
And, we trust others with our hearts.
Here's something interesting about stages of trust..

Don't misunderstand what I'm saying.
It's not a simple thing to tabulate and formulate all information presented with in every situation required to make a good choice.
I can confidently make the comment that we each want to think
we're making the best choice(s) when we listen to our hearts for guidance in the right direction.

If you want to trust our heart to always lead you right, I think it boils down to these two things.

 What is the condition of the heart?
 And, what's the heart truly being influencing or lead by?

A broken heart will mend with time
photo credit: buttersweet via photopin cc

God's love for us is perfect. And I know He surely wants my heart guarded against things hurtful to it.

 The very HEART of  God IS love. He can't not love me or you. 

He gives to us his Living Word for what's good for us and teaching that it's the heart of man that causes us to sin against Him and his holiness and righteousness. We need a Savior.
Evil is going against the holiness of God, and that which comes forth from within a person's heart
is what defiles a person.
A heart with unforgiven sin in it isn't capable to be trusted. 

Think about this-
How about you leading your heart 
rather than it leading you?
Read why this is the better choice.

Love, intimacy and relationships are so closely associated with our hearts. 
 Here are some tips to know about counterfeit love your heart can lead you into.

Love is said to cover a multitude of sins.

 The heart of Jesus ought to be our guide and model for the condition of our hearts instead of depending upon our heart for guidance into fulfilling or satisfying fleshly desires or habits that are unhealthy and/or aren't in accordance with God's desire for your well-being.
And by well-being, I'm referring to your body, spirit, heart and soul.

 He loved us first. Yes, He did.
And He hasn't turned His love away even though we continue to be imperfect.

When you ask Jesus to live in your heart, it's an act of faith. You believe and trust with your heart. You're spiritually re-born.
The condition of your heart changes from hard and spiritually dead to spiritually alive and influenced by the Spirit of God into much better things.

Bible scripture, Mark 7:21 tells it's from a person's heart where all sorts of evil thoughts come forth.
Yes, a heart can be filled with evil rather than love, tenderness, mercy, and forgiveness.

It's interesting that the source of evil thoughts comes from within the heart.

For out of the heart come evil thoughts, murder, adultery, sexual immorality, theft/stealing, lying, and slander  (Matthew 15:19)

Evil thoughts and deeds can be subtle and discreet, not necessarily out-and-out super evil.
In our society today, sexual immorality isn't looked upon or considered a sinful act.

 Has God changed his position on what's evil?
If He doesn't like evil, there's reason it's harmful and not good for us.

Because of our sinful nature, from within sinfulness rules leading to 'sinful' wants and choices.

If the heart is ruled by sin, it's hardened against trusting in God the Father and God the Son, so it's very, very susceptible of being influenced by the one whom I refer to as the Father of all things evil, dark, corrupt, and bad.

The heart can't be trusted to anything but what's in it.
(I'm factoring in what may be right for one person isn't necessarily right for another because
folks have different individual desires, wants and needs). What's important is do the desires and choices fall inside or outside the boundary of sin.

So, with the ever present sinful nature and humanly imperfections always in play,
only you can answer the question, 'can you always trust your heart to lead you right?'

If your heart is leading you to trust it to the Lord, your heart IS leading you right. 
You can trust, believe and have faith that the Lord loves you unconditionally, and is forever faithful and true to you, and without question or fail has your best interest at heart. 
He's proven and  demonstrated his love for you by sacrificing his life so that you may have 
life and peace with God the Father. 
The heart of Jesus is filled with more love for you than you can ever imagine, now and forever.

Video-Celine Dion singing, "Because you loved Me"

And this song about being loved, 'All the Way'-

The initial and always 'right' choice is to humbly, willingly and faithfully choose to invite Jesus into your heart.

This changes the condition of your heart into a beautiful, regenerated heart so it can be lead by the Holy Spirit to be influenced into godliness and righteousness.

A heart obeying the lead of the Holy Spirit is the only way and time a heart can be trusted.

So, can you always trust your heart? 

I think first you should ask yourself what's the condition of your heart, and, what or who is your heart being influenced and lead by?

Bonus: discussion/debate - 'tis better to have loved and lost than to have not loved at all