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Can your heart lead you wrong?

Our deepest, innermost feelings come from our heart.

We dearly want to trust our hearts to lead us 'right,' right?

Heart Nebula
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So, can YOU trust your heart to always lead you right?

I have 3 questions for YOU to answer for yourself.

1. Can you understand and decipher the message your heart communicates to your brain?
2. Could the heart message actually be your intuition or a gut reaction rather than a heart message?
3.  Did the outcome and results of past heart messages always lead you in 'right directions?

I've learned my heart can't 'think' rationally.
Once my heart's been engaged, it's not easy controlling my emotions so I can think and react rationally. For me, my brain needs to be in the pilot seat so I'm not all emotional, then I need
 to stop a minute,  and calmly evaluate what's happening rationally, and I need to step back
for a 'view from above' to get a better grasp of the situation. I need to get instructions of how
should I proceed so that my Lord is approving and God received the glory.

One person wrote about what happened when she's lead by her heart.
 Read here a short letter of what happened to one woman who was lead by her heart.

 It requires maturity gained by experience to teach the heart, brain, and eyes to work in unison.
 Here, one person wrote the heart can be influenced by the eyes or by what you perceive as 'right'.

The emotional creatures we are, we're usually led into relationships by feelings we perceive within our hearts, and by what we see.
When in love, a person gives and shares the very core of their being to another. There's risk in trusting and sharing one's heart to another. In a situation like this, only that person can determine if their heart lead them right or wrong.

There are many instances and situations we daily are trusting our hearts to lead us right.
And, we trust others with our hearts.
Here's something interesting about stages of trust..

Don't misunderstand what I'm saying.
It's not a simple thing to tabulate and formulate all information presented with in every situation required to make a good choice.
I can confidently make the comment that we each want to think
we're making the best choice(s) when we listen to our hearts for guidance in the right direction.

If you want to trust our heart to always lead you right, I think it boils down to these two things.

 What is the condition of the heart?
 And, what's the heart truly being influencing or lead by?

A broken heart will mend with time
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God's love for us is perfect. And I know He surely wants my heart guarded against things hurtful to it.

 The very HEART of  God IS love. He can't not love me or you. 

He gives to us his Living Word for what's good for us and teaching that it's the heart of man that causes us to sin against Him and his holiness and righteousness. We need a Savior.
Evil is going against the holiness of God, and that which comes forth from within a person's heart
is what defiles a person.
A heart with unforgiven sin in it isn't capable to be trusted. 

Think about this-
How about you leading your heart 
rather than it leading you?
Read why this is the better choice.

Love, intimacy and relationships are so closely associated with our hearts. 
 Here are some tips to know about counterfeit love your heart can lead you into.

Love is said to cover a multitude of sins.

 The heart of Jesus ought to be our guide and model for the condition of our hearts instead of depending upon our heart for guidance into fulfilling or satisfying fleshly desires or habits that are unhealthy and/or aren't in accordance with God's desire for your well-being.
And by well-being, I'm referring to your body, spirit, heart and soul.

 He loved us first. Yes, He did.
And He hasn't turned His love away even though we continue to be imperfect.

When you ask Jesus to live in your heart, it's an act of faith. You believe and trust with your heart. You're spiritually re-born.
The condition of your heart changes from hard and spiritually dead to spiritually alive and influenced by the Spirit of God into much better things.

Bible scripture, Mark 7:21 tells it's from a person's heart where all sorts of evil thoughts come forth.
Yes, a heart can be filled with evil rather than love, tenderness, mercy, and forgiveness.

It's interesting that the source of evil thoughts comes from within the heart.

For out of the heart come evil thoughts, murder, adultery, sexual immorality, theft/stealing, lying, and slander  (Matthew 15:19)

Evil thoughts and deeds can be subtle and discreet, not necessarily out-and-out super evil.
In our society today, sexual immorality isn't looked upon or considered a sinful act.

 Has God changed his position on what's evil?
If He doesn't like evil, there's reason it's harmful and not good for us.

Because of our sinful nature, from within sinfulness rules leading to 'sinful' wants and choices.

If the heart is ruled by sin, it's hardened against trusting in God the Father and God the Son, so it's very, very susceptible of being influenced by the one whom I refer to as the Father of all things evil, dark, corrupt, and bad.

The heart can't be trusted to anything but what's in it.
(I'm factoring in what may be right for one person isn't necessarily right for another because
folks have different individual desires, wants and needs). What's important is do the desires and choices fall inside or outside the boundary of sin.

So, with the ever present sinful nature and humanly imperfections always in play,
only you can answer the question, 'can you always trust your heart to lead you right?'

If your heart is leading you to trust it to the Lord, your heart IS leading you right. 
You can trust, believe and have faith that the Lord loves you unconditionally, and is forever faithful and true to you, and without question or fail has your best interest at heart. 
He's proven and  demonstrated his love for you by sacrificing his life so that you may have 
life and peace with God the Father. 
The heart of Jesus is filled with more love for you than you can ever imagine, now and forever.

Video-Celine Dion singing, "Because you loved Me"

And this song about being loved, 'All the Way'-

The initial and always 'right' choice is to humbly, willingly and faithfully choose to invite Jesus into your heart.

This changes the condition of your heart into a beautiful, regenerated heart so it can be lead by the Holy Spirit to be influenced into godliness and righteousness.

A heart obeying the lead of the Holy Spirit is the only way and time a heart can be trusted.

So, can you always trust your heart? 

I think first you should ask yourself what's the condition of your heart, and, what or who is your heart being influenced and lead by?

Bonus: discussion/debate - 'tis better to have loved and lost than to have not loved at all

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