Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hurray, Jessica Cox! you're my new hero!

Today, I've just read and learned about Jessica Cox. A fabulous young lady who's a pilot, a piano player, with a black belt in Taekwon-do , and a motivational speaker to boot.  And by the way, she has no arms. Born that way.

 Watch Jessica do her thing-looks like she's having fun

But her parents taught her to live and live she has. She's an inspiration to us with two arms. For anyone thinking they're deprived or don't have enough to pick themselves up in life, and crying for whatever pathetic reason, they just need to see Jessica and they will be without a leg to stand on with their excuses to not succeed.

What I also get from knowing about Jessica Cox is she faced her fear of flying head-on. Now her 'fear' is called 'fun'.  She's my new hero just knowing about her.

I certainly have been motivated this morning just knowing of this young lady. She's a class act and a true hero in my book just because of her bravery about tackling life with seemingly less to start with. She's taught me what makes the difference is perspective, attitude and determination.

And, she's really brought home the point.....the sky's the limit !

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