Monday, October 1, 2012

Hoppel poppel -my birthday gift to me

I know my talent is not in the kitchen. I think I dislike standing on my feet in the kitchen.
So I really appreciate anyone who enjoys the process of preparing, ingredient gathering,
and mixing for cooking and baking such mouth watering dishes.  It looks so easy, but for
me it's a chore.  I will gladly clean the kitchen afterwards as my offering of help to the
meal preparer.

Hoppel poppel fresh out of the oven

Well, I've been craving hoppel poppel for some time, and I finally got all the ingredients
together this weekend based upon Bonnie's recipe. No potatoes, bacon, or spinach, but
salami instead. Her recipes are a bit different from the usual--that's her creative-genes in
action doing what they naturally do, and the results of don't disappoint the taste buds.

So for my birthday, rather than a birthday cake, I have a proudly made casserole- dish of
 hoppel poppel to dig into. Here it is with cheese on top.  I made it all by myself.

Hobbel pobbel with a cheese topping

And cleaned up afterwards.

As I''m getting older, I've noticed I'm not craving sweets as much. I prefer dessert before my
dinner, but lately I've been noticing a change. I wonder what's up with that? Oh, well, as I take
another fork full of hoppel poppel.  Oh, so good!

 And thanks Bonnie, my friendly, gourmet cook, for having confidence in me in making this.
I'm not gonna say how long I was in the kitchen, but it was enjoyable when I didn't think about
 my poor feet.