Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Swearing & cursing outbursts

I ran across this article on kids swearing at such an early age.
After reading it, I thought parents don't normally encourage their child to curse or swear,
but do so by allowing them to hear them talk speak such language.  So what 
should a parent do to discourage or change behavior if their child starts cursing?

Photo credit: EmmiP from morguefile.com

I think adults who use profanity or strong expressive curse words should take notice to limit certain words if within hearing range of tiny ears so kids don't hear or learn such descriptive words. I remember my parents spelling words around us kids, but I seriously doubt they were spelling swear words.

I understand swearing and using 'choice' curse words for expressing one's true feelings and emotions is called for at times. I don't deny using expressive words, but I do not use the Lord's name, or say, 'g.d' no matter how emotionally frustrated or upset I sometimes might be. And I didn't pick up any of the mild words I use from my parents, but I really can't tell you where I first heard them.

I believe if you have a decent vocabulary or use of one's language, you will be more equipped to verbally express feelings in a tactful and intelligent manner so that resorting to profanity or cursing is last rather than first or the prime way of expressing self.

Kids get emotionally charged and they mimic exactly what they've seen and heard from adults.

There are some general reasons why a person chooses to swear- for expressive, verbal emphasis, to feel 'macho' in a situation, and to help deal with feelings of discomfort.

All in all, heightened emotions are behind profanity, and often those words can be vile, hurtful and cruel of spoken to or about a person.
There are occasions when swearing is an appropriate means of expression, if done with respect for people who will be in earshot, especially children who are prone to repeating what they hear. 

Unfortunately, children do hear cursing and profanity, and may not fully know what those words mean. Before their 'foul language' becomes 'habit' I do hope some adult sits with them and explains there's a more acceptably approved way of voicing one's thoughts and feelings that will be more apt of getting help and attention.

I much prefer hearing kids saying the 'darndest things' like on the old Art Linkletter show.

or these kids....

And I wanted to end with this...

This was an April Fool's joke- I thought soap flavors for washing a child's mouth was creative.