Sunday, July 1, 2012

Kentucky Wonder

It's Summer, and that means the wait's over. Time has arrived for digging into a good, fresh watermelon! Today, compliments of Carla, who brought a harvest of home-grown produce from her garden, I got to do just that.  The watermelon had it's own seat, literally, in one of the chairs until slicing time and this bad boy was packing.  It wasn't weighed, but it measured in length as a big'un.

Kentucky Wonder coming in at 22 inches

Just like fresh tomatoes from the garden, there's something especially mouth-watering good when a watermelon is sliced open and you smell that savoring aroma. You know already it's a good 'un.
I enjoy my watermelon WITHOUT any enhancement- no salt on my slice. I want to taste the goodness from nature, and that's all.  It's good without sprinkling or adding anything to it.

Thank you Carla for all the garden fresh delights.  Especially, my first lip-smacking, doozie of-a-watermelon this Summer.