Sunday, December 30, 2012

The strong sound, smell connection

A few months ago I remember reading of a father upset because his cell phone provider deleted saved voice mail messages of his deceased daughter.  I'm sure hearing her recorded voice was his way of keeping some sort of connection to her memory. I sure hope he has other recordings of his daughter. One's voice is unique and distinguishable, like fingerprints. He was holding on to a bit of his daughter he could dial up and revisit whenever he had a sense of longing for her presence once again. A father, missing his sweet little daughter.

The Father/Daughter bond is a special bond
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It's interesting how we hold on to something which connects us with a loved one. A know of a widow who has kept the recording her late husband's voice on her answering machine. People also hang onto photos, jewelry, clothing, any object which links and gives a sense of closeness to the previous owner will suffice because of a lingering scent or memory associated with it.

My brother's wall-to-wall red carpeted bedroom, with his Bruce Lee posters and collection of James Brown albums, was over the garage. I didn't go up there much, but when I did, the first thing I noticed was a distinct, pleasing aroma which I'd never smelled but in his room.  I've associated that pleasant aroma with my brother. To this day, when I want to heighten my memory of him,  I open a small, round, tin canister, displaying artwork of old, Oriental scenery wrapping it's sides and on the lid, and inside is the treasure which can't be deleted, a small bag containing an exotic blend of potpourri. A deep, slow inhalation and immediately I'm transported back to my brother's bedroom when all was well.
It's amazing how aromas can trigger such vivid memories.

the window and lighting reminds me of my brother's room
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The brain is amazing. In the brain, the 'glia' cells remembers everything. It helps in survival- the transmission of chemicals and nerves from the molecules we inhale through our nose sends a message to be interpreted by the glia or 'little brain'. There, the electrical pulse that's triggered recalls  the last time that same trigger message was received and what it was associated with, even it it was decades ago, and immediately our brain links that event or person to that aroma. Amazing. Also, based upon other info and experiences, our brain can tell us to stay away from certain aromas which don't smell 'quite right', for it might be spoiled, so do not eat it. Or, it may recall a certain aroma linked to a past enjoyable event. We depend upon our noses all the time, but not quite as to the extent as our canine pets do. Aromas even assist in choosing a mate.

The brain can be triggered to recall events 

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My brother and I were 'tight' despite a 6 year age difference. Even to this day I believe the world lost out on a great young man when God called him home. He bravely, and I mean bravely fought an invading battle, but after five years the foreign invading cells won and his body died before he turned 18. I was holding him when he took his last breath and even typing these words, tears fill my eyes because I feel joy for him...not that he had to physically suffer, but because suffering is the furthest thing from him since his last breath. He was freed from the unrelenting pain and from death. His body went limp, but he did not die. In the spirit I witnessed his heavenly escort charged to receive his soul, and take him home. I didn't 'see' them, but an awesome presence like no other I'd ever felt or sensed filled the room, no doubt about that. It's impossible to describe the beauty of the last moments of someone dear to you exhaling their last breath with great 'beings' about the room charged to take the saint, just freed from fleshly limitations, heavenward. It had to have been predestined for angelic being to know when to be in that hospital room and to have me there to experience and witness my brother's homecoming. It was beautiful and peaceful and quiet, and nothing to be afraid of at all. Beautiful is not wonderful enough a word to describe what happened in his hospital room late on St. Patrick's Day of 1983. His body was emaciated to skin covering his bones. It shocked to see such a drastic decline of his physical condition in a two week span. I cried all that day because reality sunk in me that my brother's condition didn't appear that he could pull through this time- his defenses and his body had become too severely weakened and damaged.  He'd fought long and hard and his body was give out. I never knew tears couldbe so big and flow so hard until that day.

That entire St. Patrick's Day, for the first time, I had a deep knowing that my brother's time here was short. I was down the hall from his hospital room and I was suddenly overcome by a powerful thought to immediately drop what I was doing and hurry back to his room.. I can't really adequately describe how strong that urgent feeling overcame me. It was as if someone got into my brain and spoke to me to do what I had heard, and right then. There was no way to ignore it. And I really don't remember walking, just floating along that hallway as if I were being carried. I have been changed since. I held my brother and told him I loved him as he started to have difficulty breathing. There was an ethereal feeling about the room. It was beautiful beyond words. His heavenly escorts carried his soul leaving his limp. lifeless shell. His journey here was finished and he was released from the physical world and .he was on his way home. I knew that I knew and I still know he was fine and knowing that has helped me greatly from that night knowing the pain he had to endure was for a while, but no more.  After all that happened, I am still here feeling so honored to have had a brother such as he. One day I would again see him and hear him call me, 'Trina' as only he did. I look forward to that day and in sharing, I hope you have your heart and spirit in agreement with our Heavenly Father so  you'll be charged an angelic detail to escort you HOME!

Right after those last moments with my brother, I had an epiphany. Death isn't anything to fear. Physical death is actually the 'door' to your heavenly homecoming.  If you're in Christ, the last breath you breathe opens the door to entering into a more glorious life on the other side- to being spiritually alive in the presence of our Lord, Jesus. How wonderful that's gonna be!  To be ALIVE with Jesus!

the spiritual opens once you breath your last
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Potpourri from my brother's room - still potent & magical
Inhaling deeply, my entire body smiles.

 Important note-----
If you don't ever come to the saving grace of accept Jesus as your Savior and Lord, you will be left without any hope of everlasting LIFE in heaven. If you need guidance on knowing how to go about this, please don't a single day, Make it a priority, Seek a person you know who's saved or a church to have someone walk you through the scriptures and then lead you in a prayer something of the sorts and humbly pray to God that you know you're a sinner, you know you need a savior, you accept Jesus to be the Son of God and as your savior who died in your place on the cross and you thank him for saving your soul and you invite him into your heart. You will begin a new spiritual awakened life, and will require need learning and growing in Christ, for living and growing in your newness of life because you are spiritually and forever a child of God, and heir to His out-of-this-world wonderful blessing!

 Your soul isn't anything to take lightly. Any day could be the day you physically breathe your last, and after don't get a second chance do-over.. It's believing deep in your heart God has the best for you, Jesus, and it's for you to accept his love. It's a spiritual decision to make, and will determine your spiritual future forever. Don't allow the adversary to keep lying and delaying or hindering your decision. To say it bluntly, do you want forever life or death?
 There's only One Way approved by God, only one,  through Jesus and Jesus alone.  That's why he's called, The Way, The Truth, and The Life.

In John 15:13, you can read that Jesus calls you 'friend' and loves you so much that he laid down his life for YOU

And you can go here to view 2 videos of Billy Graham speaking.  He shares humor with stories in saying you don't have to shoot for perfection,  you don't need to be perfect and it's alright to fail......  but you need to know the One who can save your soul. Watch and listen, Your choice is to accept or reject the best God has to offer to you.

What sort of aroma are you to God?

This is FYI on what the Bible explains what happens when we die.  
And also Dr. David Jeremiah taught about heavenly escorts.
Here is some info about angels.
And here lists some of the tasks angels carry out and more info on these wonderful beings. 

depicting an angel

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Read of two incidences with angels I encountered with my brother here

Pink-eyed purple hull peas

When I say, 'pink-eyed, purple-hull peas,' I think of a singer warming up her voice by practicing proper pronunciation of words. And purple-hull peas conjure up memories of a friend with bags of peas around her, intently happy watching her daytime soap while busy hulling, blanching and canning her 'mess of peas'. Her Summer-time ritual.
Anyway, another very good friend shared a bag with me to give to my Mom. Let me tell you... those purple-hull peas were yummy.  I did some checking around and found purple-hull peas are popular peas. Please proceed to poke about how people in parts all over plant, prepare and plan to partake in plenty of purple-hull peas.

What are purple hull peas and they are also called cow peas.

Purple-hull peas
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Here's an article in the Washington Post by someone crazy about purple-hull peas.

Video on picking, hulling and canning purple-hull peas.

And this woman painted them.  Now that's combining food and art.

These peas can be called--purple hull, or pink-eyed, purple hull. Bur never you mind 'bout that. It's eatin' and tastin' them little darlins that has folks always wantin' matter what these beauties are called, they're good ole fashun' good eatin'.

Here's comparing a variety of peas.

Now,  pass the peas, please.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Graphene, diamonds & graphite-carbon allotropes

Graphene. I came across this interesting element, which for a while scientists thought was too unstable to exist. In 2010, the Nobel Prize was awarded to two men for their characterization and discovery of graphene.  (in Physics at the Manchester University). We all know diamonds are hard, but the graphene element is hard, and bendable. Hard as well as bendable is amazing.

Diamond can't conduct electricity but similar to graphene

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 Images showing the structure of graphene-

 Images of graphene to view:

Graphene has a one layer thick hexagonal lattice structure giving it a wide range of useful properties in electronics, mechanical, thermo and thermo-electric, optical and chemical.

Here you can read that graphene has caught the eye for seeing the potential for multiple uses for this 'super material'.  Dec 2012.

Both diamonds and graphene are made of carbon molecules. Here are some comparisons between the two. 
It's the molecular structure which gives an element or mineral it's properties. A small structure change can have big effects upon it's properties.

Graphene can be used to create very strong but flexible materials.

Allotropes of carbon- diamond, graphite, graphene
 (allotropes are different physical forms of the same element)
 (elements are chemical structures which can't be broken down or changed to another substance       using chemical means)

Graphite also is made of carbon molecules. and we all know pencil led is made up of graphite- it's soft, and non-conductive properties.  - video below shows how pencils led is made

I believe we're gonna be hearing a lot more about graphene as scientists find ways to use this element's multiple properties in today's ever growing need for upgrading our digital communication devices and products.

Money trees- the real ones

Money trees and the beanstalk Jack climbed are unfortunately not real. So there's no need to set out searching for one to grow in your back year.  But wait, that's not entirely true---Money trees do exist and what's so magical about them is they don't require water, just a generous hand to attach some paper leaves onto their frame, and voila, a good ole fashun' money tree ripe for pluckin'.

You may ask, how on Earth do I know money trees exist? Well, let me tell you sighting one is quite a rare treat. I've sighted not one, but two double-rainbows long before I laid eyes upon my first money tree.  But when I first saw it, I did a double-take. There it was, plain as day, settin' pretty upon a glass top table, not really wanting to be the center of attention. It was like one of those blossoms that only blooms once in ten years and fades fast. Just think, I could've missed it. But not that day. There it was, as real as could be. I got closer and it sho' nuff was in fact a real, honest to God money tree.

An actual money tree in full bloom

It was no fake 'real' money tree cause the leaves weren't 'play' leaves. I would rank seeing a tree like this as often as I'd see a double-yolked egg. So with permission, I took this photo for prosperity sake and proof.

I did some searching, and if you'd like, you can craft your own money tree  just in case you want to have a 'green back' thumb.

I have yet to come across a beanstalk I can climb, but in case you run into one, let me know so I can come check it out.

And,  I might add, there are things like this which are mean to enjoy on special occasions. That's what makes them rare and special.