Sunday, December 30, 2012

Pink-eyed purple hull peas

When I say, 'pink-eyed, purple-hull peas,' I think of a singer warming up her voice by practicing proper pronunciation of words. And purple-hull peas conjure up memories of a friend with bags of peas around her, intently happy watching her daytime soap while busy hulling, blanching and canning her 'mess of peas'. Her Summer-time ritual.
Anyway, another very good friend shared a bag with me to give to my Mom. Let me tell you... those purple-hull peas were yummy.  I did some checking around and found purple-hull peas are popular peas. Please proceed to poke about how people in parts all over plant, prepare and plan to partake in plenty of purple-hull peas.

What are purple hull peas and they are also called cow peas.

Purple-hull peas
Photo credit: greyerbaby from

Here's an article in the Washington Post by someone crazy about purple-hull peas.

Video on picking, hulling and canning purple-hull peas.

And this woman painted them.  Now that's combining food and art.

These peas can be called--purple hull, or pink-eyed, purple hull. Bur never you mind 'bout that. It's eatin' and tastin' them little darlins that has folks always wantin' matter what these beauties are called, they're good ole fashun' good eatin'.

Here's comparing a variety of peas.

Now,  pass the peas, please.

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