Saturday, December 29, 2012

Money trees- the real ones

Money trees and the beanstalk Jack climbed are unfortunately not real. So there's no need to set out searching for one to grow in your back year.  But wait, that's not entirely true---Money trees do exist and what's so magical about them is they don't require water, just a generous hand to attach some paper leaves onto their frame, and voila, a good ole fashun' money tree ripe for pluckin'.

You may ask, how on Earth do I know money trees exist? Well, let me tell you sighting one is quite a rare treat. I've sighted not one, but two double-rainbows long before I laid eyes upon my first money tree.  But when I first saw it, I did a double-take. There it was, plain as day, settin' pretty upon a glass top table, not really wanting to be the center of attention. It was like one of those blossoms that only blooms once in ten years and fades fast. Just think, I could've missed it. But not that day. There it was, as real as could be. I got closer and it sho' nuff was in fact a real, honest to God money tree.

An actual money tree in full bloom

It was no fake 'real' money tree cause the leaves weren't 'play' leaves. I would rank seeing a tree like this as often as I'd see a double-yolked egg. So with permission, I took this photo for prosperity sake and proof.

I did some searching, and if you'd like, you can craft your own money tree  just in case you want to have a 'green back' thumb.

I have yet to come across a beanstalk I can climb, but in case you run into one, let me know so I can come check it out.

And,  I might add, there are things like this which are mean to enjoy on special occasions. That's what makes them rare and special.

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