Saturday, December 29, 2012

Graphene, diamonds & graphite-carbon allotropes

Graphene. I came across this interesting element, which for a while scientists thought was too unstable to exist. In 2010, the Nobel Prize was awarded to two men for their characterization and discovery of graphene.  (in Physics at the Manchester University). We all know diamonds are hard, but the graphene element is hard, and bendable. Hard as well as bendable is amazing.

Diamond can't conduct electricity but similar to graphene

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 Images showing the structure of graphene-

 Images of graphene to view:

Graphene has a one layer thick hexagonal lattice structure giving it a wide range of useful properties in electronics, mechanical, thermo and thermo-electric, optical and chemical.

Here you can read that graphene has caught the eye for seeing the potential for multiple uses for this 'super material'.  Dec 2012.

Both diamonds and graphene are made of carbon molecules. Here are some comparisons between the two. 
It's the molecular structure which gives an element or mineral it's properties. A small structure change can have big effects upon it's properties.

Graphene can be used to create very strong but flexible materials.

Allotropes of carbon- diamond, graphite, graphene
 (allotropes are different physical forms of the same element)
 (elements are chemical structures which can't be broken down or changed to another substance       using chemical means)

Graphite also is made of carbon molecules. and we all know pencil led is made up of graphite- it's soft, and non-conductive properties.  - video below shows how pencils led is made

I believe we're gonna be hearing a lot more about graphene as scientists find ways to use this element's multiple properties in today's ever growing need for upgrading our digital communication devices and products.

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