Monday, February 6, 2012

A bestseller for Bonnie

This is an update on a soon-to-be bestseller for Bonnie. Her memoir, "Rural Home, Recollections and Reflections",  has been completed and she's now formatting the manuscript to make it an e-book on Amazon and Kindle.  Research shows e-books are extremely popular now. You'll be able to read her book instantly on computer or tablet. How convenient. For the old fogies, she's planning to self publish her memoir so you can turn pages the old-fashion way, too.  And, I might add, she can autograph a hard copy, which will be a good thing.  Bonnie and I talk daily about plans....naturally, I enjoy writing, so I'm happy to pass this info along to you.

Front cover

Her manuscript was sent to a publisher before the holidays, but that publisher decided it just wasn't what they were looking for.  Well, that's all Bonnie needed to hear, make it available in e-book form was on full-speed ahead the moment she got off the phone with that publisher. I'm glad, this way she'll be more in control of her book.

I'm not exaggerating one bit, (I've read the manuscript) and in my opinion, it's a 'very good read'. I suggest reading it in it's entirety in two to three sittings.  From cover to cover, I was enthralled, never bored, and couldn't read fast enough to see what was on the next page. It has all the makings of a movie in my opinion, too. So, if you know someone in cinema or movie production looking for a good story, I really think Rural Home would make a good movie.  Bonnie's writing is fresh and lively. When I read her manuscript, I picture her next to me reading it herself. (mental note--recommend she make this an audio book, too). Listening to Bonnie speak will give an even more added dimension to her story. She has that pleasant, charming Southern-dialect which is becoming rarer to hear any one speak any more).

One last bit of e-book info to provide to Amazon is the "about the author" and I think that's done now.  I also asked Bonnie if she graduated from Troy University.  All she lacked was her student teaching.  If it were up to me, I say her manuscript more than adequately completes that assignment.  Her memoir is filled not only with some pretty incredible life experiences, but it's pages are filled with her wisdom, engaging her readers to think by opening their eyes, thus touching you, the reader about various life situations. I call that teaching. You'll soon agree with me of the numerous valuable lessons gained from reading her book.

I'd like to see her memoir's first volume reach the best seller list of Amazon books, and, the New York best seller list. That would be so cool to personally know a best selling author, wouldn't you think so, too.  If everyone reading this post will share with your followers and contacts, to buy the e-book when it's available on Amazon, then write your comment at Amazon, (good of course),after reading it, or read a hard copy of her book,  we can all be proud in making this book a bestseller. I'm serious, is one book that will make a strong, positive impact on a diverse range of readers, and I'm very proud that she took time and energy to write and compile and want to share her life with you.  So let's help make Rural Home, Recollections and Reflections, a bestseller in record time.  We can do it!

Stay abreast on her Facebook page, or here.  I'll post updates as to when you can promptly place your order on Amazon.  I imagine it could be available sometime this month, February 2012.

The photos below show some of her latest Nature's Notables art/creations. I'm so impressed with her business savvy, organization and artistry.  Read more about her many talents and skills here, here and here

Here are some stunning Nature's Notables compositions-

Compositions tagged and ready for owners to pick up

I can't get over the vibrant colors
An original to preserve a special occasion or event

One of my favorites-looks 3 dimensional to me

See much more in the gallery of

Goal- a bestseller for Bonnie. Let's make it happen!!!

Until next time, remember to count your blessings.