Sunday, October 31, 2010

Another beautiful October visit

I had another nice visit with my friend after church today.  I always have a nice visit which includes conversation, laughter, and of course food. The day was lovely so I took some photos. I wish the sun was shining in the windows so the glasses on the window sills and the crystal on the curio would've been shining. Here's looking through Bonnie's kitchen windows.

Pretty glassware

Crystal in the window
My friend is very creative and her newest creative project is called Elite Elixir. There are two versions of this skin cream- #1 is what I show in the jars below, while #2 is light pink in color.  Bonnie is far from being described as 'ordinary,' and this cream fits in that category, as well. I've been using Elite Elixir on my hands, legs and feet and I'm not exaggerating, she needs to mass produce and market it worldwide. This is some good stuff. It's not thin or too thick- it makes my skin feel like it should- supple and moist. And it lasts. I gave a sample to a friend and she said, 'it's been a life saver,' and she wants more.  The ingredients are listed below so you can see whys it's good for skin, So you can see what this product looks like in the jars, I took the photos below and took the liberty to also show a small sampling of other Nature's Notables items- some delicious for eating, some for displaying and showing off.

Elite Elixir 1 (cream), a commissioned botanical composition, and packaged eatables 

Elite Elixir 1 cream comes in two ample sized  jars

I've been seeing jars of Elite Elixir displayed in some shops around the community and hearing some very good feedback from people having used it. And I personally report it's all that and more. It is slightly greasy for a few seconds after applying, then soaks in and your skin feels happy. I can honestly say it's far superior than any lotion I've used.  Like I said, if Bonnie has anything to do with it, it's gonna be a winner. She's gotten feedback that it's being well received. At a recent showing promoting Elite Elixir, her table she told me had the most interest and the product was well received-even men were interested in it for their backs and feet. Yes, I don't blame them, men should want moisturized, rather than itchy dry skin.  A Bonnie quote,"You can go to drug store after drug store trying this and that lotion or cream, but you won't find a better one than this."

You'll get a good amount- the largest jar is a little over 3.25" tall and 3.5" in diameter. I carry the small jar in my vehicle so I have some with me when I'm away from home.

Ingredients- mineral oil, vitamins A &E, collagen, elastin, petrolatum, aloe vera, wheat germ oil, coconut oil, sunflower seed oil, shea butter, cocoa seed butter, glycerin, diazolidinyl ura, and fragrance.

Update on Elite Elixir- I was informed by Bonnie of a pricing increase on 1/1/2011 due to supply cost increases. So place your order now for Elite Elixir- I recommend the large jar!  No.I don't receive a commission- I just want you be thrilled in your skin this winter. Makes for a nice gift, too. And just so you don't think I'm exaggerating, I did my own very scientific experiment to prove to myself Elite Elixir is in a class by itself. My other lotions are sub par compared to it. Now scroll down to end to see my 'experiment' photos.

Beautiful detail and vivid colors in these Nature's Notables pressed flower compositions

A close-up of a one-of-a-kind framed botanical composition

Here's another framed composition that's going to look beautiful on someone's wall. The colors and detail of this arrangement are a knockout as well.
Adore the colors in this framed Nature's Notables original.
I always enjoy my visits and look forward to the next to see what new creations are in the making.   You can be transported to Natures Notables right here. Contact her for some of your own Elite Elixir 1 or 2.

Click here for a previous entry I wrote on Bonnie's creative cooking and more artwork.

She won a blue ribbon for her carrot cake.

                                                       My experiment
I took Elite Elixir 1 and two of my previously favorite lotions. I applied them to my  arm taking care not to cross mix them.
My highly scientific experiment to see which is best on my skin

Elite Elixir on the left, other lotions the middle on the right

Elite Elixir absorbing in, the other two still penetrating

A few minutes, all absorbed in, the lotion on the right looks shiny

Conclusion- Elite Elixir is the winner in this experiment.  It starts thicker and penetrates without an opaque film on my arm. After it's absorbed in, my skin felt moisturized and dewy. Minutes later, my skin felt as if it was moisturized deeper than just the top surface skin.
The middle lotion was good, but I didn't feel the moisturizing effect as deeply, and this lotion felt as if it would evaporate soon.  The lotion on the right took the longest to penetrate, as if it melted in and then left a shiny film, which you can see in the photo.  It didn't seem to really penetrate deeply, and it being an intense repair lotion, it did not have the rich feeling as Elite Elixir. 15 minutes later I felt my arm and for sure, the area where I applied Elite Elixir still felt dewy and moisturized. Not greasy but dewy. The other two areas- no comparison. Elite Elixir is richer, penetrates deeper and lasts longer. It more than sufficiently moisturizes and makes my skin feel soft, and dewy
-This concludes my highly scientific experiment-

That's all for now. If you want your skin to feel happy skin, find Nature's Notables' phone number on Elite Elixir in the display photos. When you call, you'll enjoy a nice little chat with either Bonnie or Gene. 

View experiment No. 2  I conducted later in another posting.

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