Sunday, October 10, 2010

My obvious regret

I really try to think about my actions and what affect they'll have on my future and on others.  I'm just that way. Not perfect, but I do try to be conscious of my actions. I was driving this week and took this photo because I have a regret concerning the man who once lived here.
Once the home of a elderly gentleman
This place is right off a well traveled road and passing it many times over the years I would wave to the gentleman sitting on the front porch. Of course back then his yard was mowed and you could clearly see the entire house with him sitting on his porch. He was always by himself and I'm sure he waved at many a car that passed. Every time I saw him he was sitting on his porch wearing overalls and waved when I waved as I drove by. I thought how long had he lived there? Was he a widower? Did he have children?  What sort of work did he do? Was he lonely? Did the house have electricity? Did he have help with transportation to town? These were some of the questions I had about this gentleman and I thought to myself I would leave home next time early enough to stop and visit with him a minute or two. I'd pay him a friendly visit and I bet he would like that, a visit from one of the drivers always zooming by so fast.

Well, the years went by, and now I have this regret.  Weeds have grown up, bushes now so tall they almost completely cover the little wooden shack and it's now abandoned and empty. I will never know about the gentleman that once lived in the simple wooden small house. My loss and I regret that to this day and it's brought to my attention every time I drive by. My loss.

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