Saturday, October 16, 2010

On Target

I scored 174 out of a possible 180 shooting a 9mm today on the pistol range.  Not too bad for shooting with a bad wrist.  Last year my score was 178. So I'm still in the 170s- and both scores are pretty decent for a girl. To tell you the truth, I like shooting, period. I like shooting with a bow and arrow, too.  Even shooting darts.  I like the challenge of aiming, getting the hand and eye to work together, then relaxing, and slowly pulling the trigger or releasing the an arrow or throwing the dart as smoothly and fluently as possible.  I think I could've made a better score if I had more practice.

This is not the pistol range I went to, but it's sort of like it
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There's lots involved in hitting a target. Of course safety is always important handling any weapon.  To shoot and score well involves your body, your hands holding the weapon, your fingers around the weapon, looking through the sights and seeing the target lined up within the sights, and pulling the trigger smoothly while holding the weapon still. Not as easy as it seems, but I think I scored well enough to pass today.

Some serious bow shooting in this photo
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I owe the instructor that gives me technique pointers on shooting the 9mm pistol.  Today I was reminded of my fingers and hand placement so the pistol is securely seating in my grasp and will have less wobble. I also owe thanks to my fellow Marines in my squadron when I was stationed at the Marine Corps Air Wing, Cherry Point, N. Carolina. They showed me there's really nothing difficult about shooting.  Since then, I've enjoyed the sport of shooting at a target and take on the challenge whenever an opportunity is presented to me.

Target for the game of darts

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 I recently heard a tip to better to help better your shooting score.  I don't remember who gave me the tip so I could give them credit, but the tip is this---- cut out coffee and all caffeine for at least a day prior to shooting day so you can hold your weapon steady without jittering from the stimulant that caffeine gives.  I thought that was a good tip to pass on.   So now you know.

What do you think if this quick draw, sharp shooter?

Well, that's what I grabbed onto interesting and fun today. Semper Fi.
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