Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Ultimate Hero

Heroes. Who doesn't love and respect a hero? I have on occasion asked young adults the question if they'd consider serving in the U.S. military for all the benefits they'd receive including the experience and honor of serving their country.  The  responses I usually heard were, "I don't want to die." This answer makes me think about Medal of Honor and Purple Heart recipients, whom I consider to 'true heroes'. Non-selfish heroes.

Recently, I searched info on what it takes to warrant a nomination of one of these medals of high honor. What I found was astonishing- The number of nominees to receive medals is fewer now than years past. What's the matter here? I, a Veteran, would accept the chance to serve my country in uniform again. I wish I had opportunity to serve during wartime, but that wasn't a choice for me back in 1976-80. I don't have a death wish, but I can honestly say I would be happy to volunteer and serve knowing the risk of possible dying for something so great as this great country.  Why not be proud to serve for something great? This is what I believe, and I have strong pride and respect for those who feel the same and have given 'the ultimate' for me. 

Here is one recipient of multiple medals whom I don't think was afraid to die.

If you're a follower of Christ, you bypass death. Upon your last breath, in the span of an instant, you're soul is present with the Lord.  So what does a Christian have to fear about dying? Nothing!
(1 Cor 15:11-53)

Symbols of honor bestowed our heroes

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THE greatest hero, deserving far more than a medal, is Jesus. In heaven, there are unceasing praises unto Him, (Revelation 4:8:11),and deserving so. For He really is worthy of all praise and honor of the highest kind. Jesus is the 'ultimate hero' for what he endured, offering the ultimately for us, and sparing our souls from death. He is The Hero of the World! The Hero of Mankind! The Hero of the universe! The Hero of all time!

This is my definition of what it takes to be a hero. It takes courage, an unselfish attitude, making a decision of committing to action in an unfavorable or extraordinary situation while ignoring possible harm to self, driven by love to prevent harm of another person.

Jesus did more than that. 

He withstood public humiliation, ridicule, unjust accusations, flogging, an unjust trial, being stripped, whipped, made to carry the object he was to be nailed to, (can you believe having nails driven into your wrists and feet), then hoisted up to be viewed by all while, and while waiting to die, He experienced God turning away from him, for the first and only time as he was the 'scapegoat' having all the sins of Man, even the sins of the people responsible for having him crucified, upon him. Yet he said,"forgive them Father....". Then Jesus went to hell for us and there He became our 'ultimate hero' by conquering death for us.  All of this was done for you and I.  He is more than a hero to every man, woman and child since the existence of Man. He is the Savior, our Lord, and deserving of the highest honor and praise for His actions to save us. A hero saves lives by placing others above himself.  A Savior saves souls by placing others above himself by dying to pay their sin penalty so their soul never has to be apart from the love of our heavenly Father.

A load of scripture references on praise.-deserving of the 'hero of heroes'.

Jesus is your hero, too, if you believe who He is, believe what He did, and admit that you need Him as your Savior and Lord.

A hero saves a life.
A savior saves a soul.

Remember your soul will exist forever somewhere. Heaven is a place where no sin can be.  YOU decide the place where you soul will spend eternity.

End note- There are many types of heroes. There's a hero in each of us. For this entry, I was focusing on the person offering the sacrifice of his life to save another. There is only one 'ultimate hero' and He desires to be yours.

You need an 'ultimate hero' type love that only Jesus provides for your soul.

Here is a song, "Sweep Me Away" sung my Kari Jobe.