Sunday, June 17, 2018

Kindness can be more than random acts

A random acts of kindness is something anyone can do and make two people's day so much better.
The recipient on the receiving end of an act of kindness will be elated, and the giver or doer of an act of kindness will also be elated for doing a good deed.

I tend to say doing something nice or kind should be a regular daily habit. Fit it into your normal daily activities, look for instances to surprise someone with an act of kindness.

Acts of kindness can catch on and become contagious to all ages.

The giver receives a wonderful, rewarding, warm feeling for unselfishly doing something nice to another person.

Check out what 'kind' acts young kids can be taught to do.

In this blog are more ideas for kids on doing acts of kindness.

Teaching kids to be kind, grateful and thoughtful raises up kind, grateful and thoughtful adults.

Making the world filled with more gentle and caring people is always good step to take, one gesture at a time.

Why not make kind acts more than just random happenings?

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Over time true friendships become more precious

It's amazing to me that there's no way anyone can out-give God, and that there's nothing outside of God's reach or influence.

When I was younger I remember pondering that if God knows everything, He already knew that I would be pondering that he'd already knew I'd be pondering that he'd already know that I'd be pondering that He already knew. At times I sometimes come up with crazy thoughts- well, God made me this way so I'm really not crazy at all. I'm just the way God made me to be.

Also, I find it's amazing the people God has brought into my life as well as the circumstances which brought them into my life.
While I was practicing chiropractic and massage therapy, little did I know select few of my patients would become my best and dear friends.

Over years, the hours they spent receiving treatments on my massage table is where my friendships developed and deepened.
Over the years since then, those friendships have continued deepening into bonding, loving friendships, tying and linking us without the need to have to speak every day or week. And when we do speak or get together, we know our friendship have neither faded nor weakened, but has actually aged into a solid, sincere, binding, fine friendship that keeps growing deeper with time.

One dear friend, I shall call her Jill, I thank God for bringing into my life. (I thank God for all my friends).
Jill is very bright, intellectual and has a very contagious laugh. We like laughing together.
She has a very thoughtful, generous and kind heart. I really like those qualities.
She supports an organization supporting women and children needing an escape from an abusive husband or boyfriend.
She also supports the American Red Cross which helps a lot of people in times of need. These are just two organizations I know of that she's passionate about supporting. I like that very much.

A plaque at her back door reads, 'The best things in life are free". That is so right.

I could write so much about each of my true friends and what my friendships mean to me.

My true, loving friendships are priceless to me and I am blessed richly from them. My friendships
become more precious to me with each passing year.

Just examples that God gives the best and the most, and He can bring people together in any circumstance to create endearing friendships.

Thank you Lord for knowing I was going to need and extremely enjoy my dear and wonderful friends!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Shirley, June, Florence, Mary, Donna, and other ladies

Shirley Temple was born in 1928.

That whimsy, little girl actor with bouncing ringlets acted and sang and later became an ambassador to Ghana and to Czechoslovakia. (I must rent some movies she acted and sang in and reminisce about the time before tabloids, terrorist threats, and worldwide torrid tensions we hear of daily). I can't help but smile and feel good when viewing her act and sing.

I've read about the 'Thirties'- an amazing time in history.

Shirley Temple died in 2014.

Other women come to mind I remember seeing on television way before reality shows and televised talent and singing competitions, which have become popular to the viewing general public. I've wondered if these weekly shows are showcasing that attributes of getting over on someone, or singing better is more important than having good, respectful, moral character attributes? But I know these are designed for entertainment, get viewers to return week after week and appease sponsors.

Also on my list of female actors who portrayed wholesome, ladylike characters are-

June Lockhart was born n 1925. She acted in Lassie and Lost in Space shows.

Florence Henderson was born in 1934. She acted in the Brady Bunch show.

Mary Tyler Moore was born in 1936. She played with Dick VanDyke Show and The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

Donna Douglas was born in 1933. She played Elly May Clampett on the Beverly Hillbillies.

Shirley Jones was born in 1934. She acted in musical movies and played the mother role in The Partridge Family.

Katherine Hepburn, born in 1907;

Greta Garbo, born in 1905, and Ava Gardener, born in1922.

Donna Reed, born in 1921;

Lucille Ball, born in 1911;

Ginger Rogers, was born in 1911, and

Carroll Burnett, born in 1933.

My dozen mentioned women are memorable to me because they played characters that were wholesome, and in reading about them, they are/were ladies in private, as well.

By the term 'lady', I mean they did not make the tabloids exhibiting un-ladylike, hoydenish behavior because they-

-dressed elegantly, or as the situation called for
-they were mannerly, calm, cool and collected
-they were charming and respectful
-they expressed themselves without being rude, loud or vulgar

No, these women are/were not women of nobility,
but instead, just normal women living respectful private lives and the same when in public.

I miss seeing lady-like mannerisms displayed in shows and movies.

I find it interesting that the women on my list were born between the years 1905 to 1936.  (1936 was over 80 years ago!). Many of these ladies were acting and viewed on television and movie screens mainly during the 1940's through the 1970's.

Thank goodness the work of these ladies have been preserved on formats for viewing today. The younger generation (whom I fear know or care little about being a lady) can view what acting, dressing and speaking 'like a lady' looks like. 

I could be wrong about this, but I have a strong feeling the young women are not very interested in acting 'like a lady'. The shows, movies, songs, dress and make-up worn by younger women are quite different than that of the ladies of generations ago. I know the youth are interested in what's currently in vogue, but still a woman or girl can conduct herself  in a lady-like while also being fashionable.

I guess I'm 'old school' and showing my age.

Women have changed over the years. The media has helped and coaxed an evolution of styles and body image changes.

And by the way,  I like my hair natural-colored, but if someone wants green, blue, orange or purple hair-I won't hold it against them, but certain hair coloring always reminds me of a clown.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A man's colossal memorabilia collection!

The video below shows a man and his vast collection of interesting memorabilia.
He's gathered quite a colossal and impressive collection to say the least!
I would like to meet this gentleman, tour his place and take in all he's collected.
I'm impressed!

His collections include:
machine guns, shot guns, hand guns,
model cars,
hot rods,
gas pumps,
model trains,
a phone booth,
popcorn machine, 
jute boxes....and much more,
and they all appear to be in prime working condition!

Definitely a blast from the past!

I'd sure like to visit this interesting gentleman & tour his place.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Super-bacteria and super-essential oils to the rescue

There are now stains of bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics.
Read the above sentence again.
Think about how a bacterial infection may affect you and your household.

This is an unfavorable, critical predicament for us (mankind) to be without antibiotics to counter the effects of a bacterial infection.

Read about drug-resistance infectious diseases from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

Personally, I believe it would be in our best interest to look into essential oils.

1. Because certain essential oils have strong anti-bacterial chemical properties, and,

2. Bacteria can't build or form resistant to essential oils. Essential oils (they're called oils but they really aren't oily like vegetable oils) contain hundreds of natural chemical compounds which make it impossible for any bacteria strain to become resistant to the many chemical compounds in a single oil.  The major two or three chemical compounds of an oil are normally listed, but an oil is made of hundreds of chemicals, and,

3. Each season the oil is slightly different in it's chemical composition due to the masterful design of the Creator making essential oils even more difficult for any super-bacteria to ever become resistant to the anti-bacterial chemical properties of an essential oil which we get from plants.
Essential oils are the best alternative.

Content about essential oils and how they are able to assist us to fight bacteria and other microbes.
From the Journal of Applied Microbiology.
From the Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy
From Ananda Apothecary
From Abundant Health

Always utilize essential oils with extreme caution as essential oils are very potent and very concentrated chemical substances. Be advised that these are not to be played with or used without proper education and experience.
A drop or two can do wonders, and a drop or two can cause much discomfort if not utilized correctly and properly.  Seek immediate medical attention should essential oils cause any adverse reaction.
Keep away from the eyes and other mucus membranes.
Do not ingest without professional advice.
Extreme caution if using around children, the elderly, sickly, in pregnancy or with other serious health issues.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Thursday, March 3, 2016


The symbols caught my eye.

 I did some searching to learn more about the symbols,  the meanings of the symbols and about Coexist.

Here are what the symbols represent.

Islam  - the crescent moon and star

Baha'i Faith - the nine-pointed star

Male/Female -

Judaism - the Magen David

Paganism - the Ankh

Taoism - the Yin-Yang symbol

Christianity - the cross and crucifix

Here are some other interesting facts on religious symbols.