Friday, April 5, 2019

The evolving bicycle

How cool! A bicycle with a hidden electric motor

It looks like an off-road bike with fat tires.
But it's equipped with an electric motor to switch on when you want a break from peddling.
I like it.

How about an electric bike that folds to fit in your backpack.
I like it.

Remember scooters and mopeds?

I hadn't been on a bicycle in about 20 years.
A couple years ago I spotted a 21-speed Mongoose bike at an outdoor flea market and I couldn't
walk away from it. It was as if it was meant for me. 100 bucks and it was mine.

I spent 80 bucks for padded biking shorts and shelled out 20 bucks to exchange the narrow bike seat for a softer, wider, more comfortable one, which was a necessity for my tush.
Then 4 bucks for a helmet I found at a thrift store and I was set. All I lacked was some nice weather and a bike path so I could start riding.

I remember two Schwinn bikes I had when I was younger. One was blue and Dad took a photo of me sitting on it. I was probably about eight years old. It's one of my treasured photos because it reminds me of one-on-one time with my Dad.  (Another treasured photo is of the both of us taken inside a Sears store at a camera counter. Dad is holding me and the moment is preserved on Polaroid film when Polaroids were the newfangled cameras to own). Seeing images develop before your eyes was one of those cool thing from the 60's era, like when we could watch television in living color. But back to my other bike.

image from google images
My other Schwinn bike was a 3-speed and it was black in color. I took that bike to college and because it was a heavy bike, I got an excellent cardio and leg workouts peddling the hills around Davenport, Iowa in the early 80's. I had that bike when I was in the Marines, too. My favorite uncle in Chicago bought it for me. I remember when he took me to the Schwinn bike shop. I was so proud of that bike. Chicago most likely was where the bike was manufactured- and it had the classic Schwinn head badge. To this day, I haven't a clue what happened to either of my trusted Schwinn bikes. (other than color, this bike is the closest I can find of how my bike looked).

My Mongoose bike was made for off-road riding. I set a date and had a friend and my dog with me to drive three miles to the other end of the bike path I had chosen I'd conquer on the Mongoose.
Well, I never got far. Matter of fact, I didn't get more than thirty feet when the gear chain broke. Then after a year or so of seeing it parked on my front porch with the broken chain, I got tired of looking at it and gave it away.

I have a goal to ride a good part of the Silver Comet and the Chief Ladiga Trails. (61.5 and 33 miles respectively.)
And, the plan is to do this on a rental bike.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Penguins are fascinating marine birds

 I think penguins are such interesting birds.
They're so cute waddling on land.
They don't soar through the air like other birds.
 These birds are beautiful swimmers and appear to soar through the water.

There are 17 species of penguins.

Here's a little info on each species of penguin-

1.  The Adelie is small and feisty.  Black head with white around the eyes.
2.  The African or Blackfoot live and breed on the coast of South Africa. Black spots on chest.
3.  The Chinstrap is the most common species of penguin. White-faced.
4.  The Emperor are the largest penguins and don't build nests.  Orange glow throats.
5.  The Erect-Crested- grow to 6-8 lbs., lays two eggs.   Yellow erect plumes over the eyes.
6.  The Fiordland- lays two eggs. Yellow crest feathers over eyes and white cheek feathers
7.  The Galapagos- 4-6 lbs. Mostly black with C-shaped band. Warm weathered.
8.  The Gentoo are the fastest swimmers.  A white band runs behind the head from eye to eye.
9.  The Humboldt live along the coast of Chili and Peru. They look like the African penguin.
10. The King is about 3' tall and has orange on front of the neck and near the ears
11. The Little, Blue, Fairy-3-5 lbs- coastal south Australia &New Zealand. Dk. blue back & head
12. The Macaroni have orange and black spiky head feathers
13. The Magellanic-coast of Chili, Argentina and Falkland Islands. White bands face and chest.
14. The Rockhopper have prominent yellow head feathers and hop with their feet together.
15. The Royal- migratory birds. Orange, yellow, black crest head feathers with white face
16. The Snares- Snares Island, south of New Zealand;  large vocalization; yellow crested
17. The Yellow-eyed- rare and endangered penguins; pale yellow ring around head and iris

And, here's more fun facts and trivia about these birds.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

You leave a mess when you leave without a will

I'm trying to do the best I can to leave information and instructions to those whom I'm designating to deal with my estate should something happen that I can't conduct my affairs any longer.
It took a while but I have my last will and testament drawn up with the help of an attorney and I am relieved it's a done deal.
What's taking the longest time is organizing and leaving explanations with instructions for all the little things so it won't be an impossible puzzle for my estate executor to locate and distribute things with ease as directed in my will.

Whenever I hear of a celebrity who's died without leaving a will, the first thing I think is don't celebrities have attorneys, managers and agents to make sure the business of their clients are in order?

Apparently that's not always the case as these celebrities did not have their wills in order, which means their families have many years of court bickering to go through before anything can be settled.

Do your loved ones a BIG favor and SPARE them future turmoil.
Don't leave them to have to fight over your estate.
Make an appointment with a good attorney and get your will draw up now!. And handle your estate planning, living will and power of attorney while you're at it-so it's all legally binding and enforceable where you live or where you own property and assets. Just get it done already!

When your will is formally finalized and signed, you can be assured your estate will be dealt with as you want it to be versus leaving your property, belongings. holdings, minor children, pets, etc., to be fought over for an undetermined length of time and expense in court. Only you can spare your loved ones from this court drama.

If you've been putting this off, then stop and make the appointment and get the ball rolling on this.

Whatever you can do to make your family and friends proceed easier and smoother in your absence, will help them.
Just think of all the things (passcodes, keys, important documents, account numbers, phone numbers, contacts) -organize all this information so it's accessible to the right person(s).

P.S.  You don't have to have a lot of possessions, property or money to need a will. If you want someone to inherit something in particular, in your will you designate what you want someone to have. Without a will, it could be a free-for-all, or a mad dash to grab it first, bickering or a family tug-of-war over what you leave behind. The person whom you wanted to have your prized possession could come up empty-handed if you don't have a will.

Don't blink-technology changes that fast

The other day I was speaking with a friend and we wound up talking about how so many things have changed, mainly technology. We laughed when we brought up how kids today are clueless about many common things we grew up with. For instance, a rotary dial telephone; a telephone booth, an eggbeater; a slide rule, a hand written note, a full-service gas station. We laughed even more when we shared stories about how clueless we are about some of today's electronic devices, gadgets and fast changing technology.
(I'm really not sure what's an mp3 player).

There's a TV commercial that hits it right on the mark about fast changing technology.
A person can purchase an electronic device and the product upgrade is out even before a person gets home with their now obsolete purchase.
It's not easy keeping up with the lightning fast changes in technology.
If you blink you'll get left behind in the stone-age times.

Image result for how technology has changed our lives
    image from google images

Do youngsters today know what is a tricycle; a vinyl record; a cassette player; or an 8-track player?
(And that's fine to not know about common household items used before their time).

Technology has and is changing the world in a relatively brief span of time. It's a full-time effort to keep somewhat abreast with so many technological updates and changes touching and affecting every aspect of our lives.

I think it would be nice if some technology communication upgrades would benefit the millions of people living outside of major metropolitan areas who still don't get reliable cell phone reception. With satellites and all, cell phone reception without any black out areas should be available for every cell phone user by now. Perhaps soon and 5G is the newest thing coming out which means what we thought was fast now, tomorrow will be slow.

And, I still want a Dick Tracy watch.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Old person smell is called nonenal

The sense of smell is vital every day which is the reason why I don't like having a stuffy nose.

There are literally thousands of aromas which communicate about the things in our surroundings.

Aromas are beneficial.

Ansomia is the loss of the sense of smell- here are some causes of ansomia.

Image result for sense of smell diagram
image from google images

Molecules are taken up by our olfactory receptors which distinguish and chemically communicate to the brain and help us distinguish many things.

For instance, aromas can be foul, pleasant, enticing, putrid, invigorating, attractant, calming and more.
Aromas of food signal when food is spoiled or fresh.
Aromas help us distinguish if something is clean or soiled.

Just about everything gives off an aroma, and yes, people have distinguishing aromas which just by smell alone, you can tell if a person is young or old.

Yes, a baby has a smell,

 and, older people have a smell. - it's called 'nonenal'.

Here's another article about old-person smell.

But don't fret, there are workable, simple solutions to minimize this nonenal aroma.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

You're right, I'm left-handed

It's a right-handed world in which lefties have to manage and adapt.
And, do so without complaining.

Lefties have to be creatively navigate within their surroundings which are majorly designed for right-handers.

August 13th is Left Handers Day.

Here are some interesting facts about left-handed folks.

Image result for left handed people

There are those who are right-handed, left-handed, and
then, there are those who are ambidextrous.

Image result for ambidextrous people

So, there's nothing wrong being dominant with either
hand or hands.
Use them well to do whatever is good, lovely, kind, and
beneficial in all that you do.

And, that's all I have to say on this subject.

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Shamed and humiliated to death

Remember Tyler Clementi?

He was in college and a short video was leaked by his roommate showing Tyler being intimate with another man. When Tyler learned about the video, he took his own life by jumping off a bridge.

It's quite possible to ascertain Tyler became distressed, unsettled and overwhelmed with depression, shame and humiliation when he heard his privacy had been violated and leaked.

Tyler's not here to describe exactly how he felt, but more so than not, he probably was very distressed and horrified to learn his privacy has been violated and viewed by others.

Monica Lewinsky voiced that she had thoughts of suicide after her 1995-97 affair with then-President Bill Clinton become headline news. She was in her early 20's at the time.
The thoughts to end her life were not carried. She went on to earn a Master's degree in Social Psychology and today she has positioned herself to be of help to others by working for anti-bullying organizations.

Feelings of shame and humiliation can be experienced when your intimate/private life is publicized without permission.
This can be a very distressing experience for anyone which can bring about extreme emotional turmoil and if that person doesn't seek professional help to deal with their emotions, a person can resort to retreating and withdrawing from their normal activities and even contemplate and attempt suicide to escape from the excruciating pain of being humiliated.

Here's an article how humiliation can lead to suicide and 6 steps to talk a man out of suicidality.
( I trust will also work to talk a woman out of suicidality)

Here's an article with video about shame being connected with suicide.

I am not a professional counselor,
so please seek professional advice immediately if you are experiencing any emotional turmoil from any upsetting situation.
Professional counselors are skilled in helping a person overcome trauma and the distressed feelings with solutions to help get past feelings of suicide.
Bad things can happen to good people.
There is hope and there will be good times again if you give healing and help a chance.
There is a tomorrow and there is hope.