Monday, March 2, 2020

Nick Vujicic- a man of substance and stature

About 10 years ago I happened to learn about Nick Vujicic.

He's quite amazing!

His biography.

Nick explains why he loves life.

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Fabulous Saturday mornings, cartoons and cereal!

I'm blessed to have delightful childhood memories.
At the top of my list of favorites was Saturday mornings. 
Saturday mornings meant cartoon time all morning!
For a kid, Saturday morning cartoons were the bomb!

Cartoons in the 60's and 70's covered the gamut of a kid's imagination.
There were prehistoric to futuristic cartoons; cartoons with animal heroes and snickering villains. To the amazement of young eyes, viewing cartoons was colorful and exciting while mesmerized of characters, no matter they be animated, puppets, marionette characters or life-sized.
Saturday morning cartoons was a weekly looking-forward to, anticipated happy time which never disappointed.

There have been many cartoons of animated animals, fish and people.
Here's a listing of the top 50 cartoon characters.

Monday through Friday mornings I walked to school. But the deal on Saturdays was to hurry and get household chores done so I could sit and watch cartoons while I consumed a big bowl of my favorite cereal with milk. Saturday mornings were the bomb!

Here's a line up of cartoons shown on television back in the 60's
and the 1970's.

Here's another listing of cartoons and shows.

There have been some well-known cartoons and characters, but there was one Saturday morning program in particular I've longed to view again.

What I could remember about this cartoon was it was about an undersea world of talking fish.
The fish were marionettes. Some of the fish were 'bad' fish. I remember the 'bad fish' having a long nose, possibly a long nosed saw shark. but I can't remember for sure because the last time I saw it was decades ago.

I searched 60's and 70's cartoons with marionettes, fish, sharks, but no luck coming across the cartoon. The more I searched the stronger felt the urge to see it one more time for old time sake. I just needed to search using the correct search keywords-I knew I was going to find it sooner or later, so I wasn't thinking of giving up my search.

There were other shows on Saturday watch list, such as, The Monkees. and  H.R. Pufnstuf.

As I mentioned earlier, watching kid shows on Saturday mornings wasn't complete without a bowl or two of crunchy cereal mingled with some cold milk, and 
that wasn't complete without reading the back of the cereal box during the commercials. Like I said, Saturday mornings were delightful to the eyes, ears, and taste buds, and tummy!

Image Source: Google Images

Here's a visual of 1960's breakfast cereal.

Some 1970's breakfast cereal.

Finally I hit upon the correct sequential keywords because up popped an image 
I hadn't seen in a long time of a long-nosed fish. It was Baron Barracuda and beside him was his associate in crime, Trigger. I found it! My search was over!

'Diver Dan' was the name of the program..

So, after about 55 years I relived being a kid again on a Saturday morning. I made myself a big bowl of not too sugary cereal, poured on some almond milk, got a spoon and enjoyed watching and laughing at one of my old-time favorite shows.
Life is sweet.

Passenger Space Travel - believe it or not

My grandmother didn't believe Man had set foot on the Moon.

I remember her saying it was all a hoax and that images of the moon landing on television
were all fabricated in a studio. Grandma thought traveling to other planets through space
was nothing but fantasy and we just ought to stick to the planet God placed us on and stop
trying to wonder away.

It's now 2020 and space travel for very, wealthy and adventurous souls (not just astronauts)
is almost here.

Check this National Geographic article about what Ron Howard says about space travel.

I'm fantasizing a minute.....if I could afford the price of a ticket would I book myself on a
space travel flight?

Yes, I believe I would because the experience would be out-of-this-world exciting!
A getaway from earth for a prospective of viewing the planet we live on from afar with
myown eyes, and away from all the issues of Man doing wrong to each other would be a
wondrously thrilling experience.

Image source-Google images

And, like Ron Howard thinking about his grandfather, I'd certainly think about my
sweet grandmother. I still miss her and I did understand how unbelievable she
thought space travel was. It really is out of this world!

A window seat for me, please.

Saturday, January 4, 2020

The Great Value of a Healthy Soul

The other day I received a very nice thank you note from a friend.
She signed her name below the sentiment inside the card which read..

You are everyday in our prayers, and
we wish above all things, (along with beloved John) that you may
prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers. (III John 2).

I gave this some thought.
Wishing me above all things that I prosper
and be in health even as my soul prospers
was one of the nicest things a friend can want for me.

Hmmmm.... thought if my health and my soul were connected.

I spent a few hours researching this and interestingly I found that your soul
prospers first, then your health, then the good things in life follows.

Source-Google images

Your soul and your health are very connected, and they occur in order. 
I gave this some thought- in order to enjoy the good things in life,
if you're not in good health, you’re going to miss some of the good things in life.
And, without good health prospering would be difficult.

So, if your soul is unhealthy, you can't truly prospering, nor truly enjoy good
The health of your soul is critical to the health of your body so you can enjoy the
fullness of life- body, soul and spirit.

5 Thing a Man's Soul Wants Him to Know  ( 'Man' includes females)

This VIDEO explains the difference between the soul and spirit & your body and mind.

Your soul is what makes you one of-a-kind.
Your soul makes you, you.
Your soul, like your inner thoughts and emotions are what make you like no one
Your soul is not a physical object like an internal organ, but without it you
couldn't live.
Your body needs your soul to live, but your soul housed within your body
doesn't die when your body dies.

The various degrees of health of your physical body is something you possess
and experience.
Most of the time you have a good idea of the state of your health by how your
body feels, performs, and functions.
Medical doctors and other health providers can help with ailments of the body.
When your physical body no longer has strength or is gravely damaged by
injury or severely weakened by disease, it can cease functioning and dies.

However, your doctor can’t test, operate or medicate on your soul,
nor can a psychiatrist counsel an unhealthy soul.
Since your soul is you, if your soul isn't healthy, then you’re not healthy.

The way to have a healthy soul is by way of the One who Created your soul.
We were created a soul to choose to allow or hearts and minds to come to know
the Lord. This also awakens our spirit so we can have a spiritual relationship with
the Holy Father through the Holy Spirit. By Spirit and Truth can we come to know
the Father.
Until then, you're not entirely alive or have a healthy soul.
Our heavenly Father desires an intimate relationship with every soul in the world.
and it's possible for Him to do that with ever soul at the same time,
any time of the day and night. 

Our Heavenly Father longingly desires us to know Him and commune with Him
because His love for you and I is without end. He desires the best for every
soul to prosper and have life to the fullest now and forever. 
He wants better for you than you want for yourself.
In the physical world we live in, we have physical bodies which will one day die,
but our soul and spirit live on.

This is all designed for us through Jesus,(the Messiah, the Christ, the Savior).
Through Jesus, our souls and spirits are awakened, made healthy to prosper
in the things which are truly worthwhile and lasting. 

Source:Google images

Prosperity is much more than money and material things
which will one day fade away.

Think about it,
and may your soul prosper.

Friday, April 5, 2019

The evolving bicycle

How cool! A bicycle with a hidden electric motor

It looks like an off-road bike with fat tires.
But it's equipped with an electric motor to switch on when you want a break from peddling.
I like it.

How about an electric bike that folds to fit in your backpack.
I like it.

Remember scooters and mopeds?

I hadn't been on a bicycle in about 20 years.
A couple years ago I spotted a 21-speed Mongoose bike at an outdoor flea market and I couldn't
walk away from it. It was as if it was meant for me. 100 bucks and it was mine.

I spent 80 bucks for padded biking shorts and shelled out 20 bucks to exchange the narrow bike seat for a softer, wider, more comfortable one, which was a necessity for my tush.
Then 4 bucks for a helmet I found at a thrift store and I was set. All I lacked was some nice weather and a bike path so I could start riding.

I remember two Schwinn bikes I had when I was younger. One was blue and Dad took a photo of me sitting on it. I was probably about eight years old. It's one of my treasured photos because it reminds me of one-on-one time with my Dad.  (Another treasured photo is of the both of us taken inside a Sears store at a camera counter. Dad is holding me and the moment is preserved on Polaroid film when Polaroids were the newfangled cameras to own). Seeing images develop before your eyes was one of those cool thing from the 60's era, like when we could watch television in living color. But back to my other bike.

image from google images
My other Schwinn bike was a 3-speed and it was black in color. I took that bike to college and because it was a heavy bike, I got an excellent cardio and leg workouts peddling the hills around Davenport, Iowa in the early 80's. I had that bike when I was in the Marines, too. My favorite uncle in Chicago bought it for me. I remember when he took me to the Schwinn bike shop. I was so proud of that bike. Chicago most likely was where the bike was manufactured- and it had the classic Schwinn head badge. To this day, I haven't a clue what happened to either of my trusted Schwinn bikes. (other than color, this bike is the closest I can find of how my bike looked).

My Mongoose bike was made for off-road riding. I set a date and had a friend and my dog with me to drive three miles to the other end of the bike path I had chosen I'd conquer on the Mongoose.
Well, I never got far. Matter of fact, I didn't get more than thirty feet when the gear chain broke. Then after a year or so of seeing it parked on my front porch with the broken chain, I got tired of looking at it and gave it away.

I have a goal to ride a good part of the Silver Comet and the Chief Ladiga Trails. (61.5 and 33 miles respectively.)
And, the plan is to do this on a rental bike.