Friday, July 3, 2015

The poisonous vs non-poisonous cancer treatment

I've been around long enough to remember when a cancer diagnosis was a rarity.
Today a cancer diagnosis is common and no person is immune- the very young and the old have receivde this dreaded diagnosis.
The treatment most likely will include radiation and/or chemotherapy.
Chemotherapy is chemical therapy, administered to kill tumors and cancer cells.
It's a poison.

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Chemotherapy is designed to disrupt and kill cancer cells which divide more rapidly than normal cells.

This treatment has come to be the norm, but chemical therapy renders some negative side-effects, which can be almost as detrimental to health as the cancer.

Some info the Cancer Industry doesn't want you to know about chemical and radiation therapies.

Cancer, any type of cancer diagnosis should not be ignored. Seek medical attention.

Of course I'm not an oncologist, but there are a number of natural remedies that are also worth looking into.
The premise is to halt the growth of these quick dividing, invasive cells.

A short list of natural therapies are-

PH treatment- making the environment counter to cancer cells inhibition and growth.
 Oxygen deprivation- starving the cancer cells of what they need to sustain and grow.
Frequency/vibrational therapy- making the environment counter to the presence of cancer cells.
Increasing immunity-strengthening and increasing natural body defenses against attack.
 Cutting off nutrients to the cells- starving cancer cells of nutrients to slow division and invasion

 These are all potential, non-poisonous methods of halting the growth and making the unwanted
cells die or at least be made vulnerable and/or not as invasive in the body.

Cancer is a microbial disease. Read about these alternative cancer treatments.

Here are 20 herbs that cancer cells do not like.

Is there a link between cancer and oxygen?
Also this article about oxygen and cancer.
And a biochemical outline for a cancer cure.

Frankincense essential oil possesses powerful anti-cancer properties.

Cancer loses against this substance.

Frequencies from substances and our environment affect our bodies. Essential oils have the highest frequency and can be used for our benefit to combat dis-eases.

Health IS energy. 
And essential oils can be a tremendous benefit to help return to a healthy state on multiple levels.

The distillation, how the plants are grown and harvested is very important for the quality and properties of essential oils to be effective for their intended purpose.

There's more than one way to assist the body help return to a natural state of health that don't involve poisoning healthy cells.

Of course, speak to your physician and get more than one opinion. Sometimes a multiple attack against cancer or any attack against your health is very good plan-of-attack. Your health is your wealth.