Sunday, February 16, 2014

Disability overcome

The Paralympic Games are held following the regular Olympic Games every four years, and give athletes with a physical disability who qualify to compete just like 'non-disabled' athletes to go for the gold.

All athletes have a competitive spirit to win

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Trisha Zorn,  blind from birth, has won 41 gold medals in various swimming competitions.  I believe she holds the record for gold metal wins in any Olympic Games.
 Michael Phelps won 14 gold metals for his swimming wins in the regular Olympic Games.

The Special Olympics are for those athletes with intellectual disabilities.

The Deaflympics are for those athletes with hearing disabilities.

All of these athletes had to start some where and practice, train, practice, train,   the win local,  regional and national sporting events in order to advance and quality to be eligible for the Olympic Game.

Regardless, all competing in any of the Olympic Games have to prepare and face stresses associated with the pressure of these Games.

 The fact that they made it to the Games, means they had to overcome physical, mental and/or emotional challenges. 

 Even with their disabilities, they've accomplished more in the realm of physical endurance and strength than most of us even desire to even try.

They're all winners in my book.