Monday, August 20, 2012

Finally, Male 'Birth Control" - RISUG !

Male birth control! When I read it, I actually said out loud,"Finally! For the man, he can do more in the birth control department so it's not 99% on the woman's part!"

This is the article I read, and who ever came up with the contraceptive procedure called Reversible Inhibition of Sperm Under Guidance, RISUG,  needs to be given a Nobel prize right now! This is how it works. Women all over the world need to line up and shake the hand of this person responsible of designing this simple solution, RISUG, whose time has been so long awaited.

Let's fill the waiting rooms with men 

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Now, men can take their time and visit their doctor, but still not as often as women had to for her birth control. but still, man can go into the doctor's office for a visit to get this done while women can sit outside reading a magazine for a change. Let the man drop his drawers and be a major/equal contributor in the pursuit of controlling births other than the stand by condoms or a vasectomy procedure.

Could they be on their way to do their part to control birth population?

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 This male contraceptive IS reversible, too, and, it lasts 10, yes, 10 long years!! It sounds very promising with more clinical studies to pass, let's keep our fingers and toes crossed. And it just a gel! Not a male IUD that would be uncomfortable or irritating.

I, for one, want to help spread the word about RISUG, since word of it has not spread far and wide very well. There should be billboards and commercials, but mostly just word of mouth so the cost remains reasonable. That would be the best. Something inexpensive, that works, and the drug companies can't boost the cost up 1000%. It would be nice if for a change if we could block out the drug company on this one from making a billion dollar profit-they make enough already. Let this procedure and contraceptive gel be reasonably attainable for all men the world over. Please!

I'm just so happy there's finally an effect male birth control that us women can know works but we don't have to take or remember to take or go to the doctor to renew. It's on the man this time, finally!