Friday, November 23, 2012

One more art form passing away- Ninjutsu

Viewing depictions of Ninjas in movies has been a fascination of mine. Ninjas are almost super-human. They make their actions look as if they defy gravity.  They can scale any natural or man-made structure, move without making a sound then disappear in a flash.  I remember thinking it must be so cool to be able to do those things.
Ninjas were Japanese spies, killers, and assassins. I would imagine their training took years to master their precisely executed stills under the cloak of darkness and all without making a sound. They had to be experts in martial arts, weaponry of all sorts, have super strength with amazing agility, and nerves of steel. And I'd add, not be squeamish about killing someone with dead accuracy.

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This art form, jinjutsu, it may be called a self-defense technique of martial art precision killing has died out.  The need for Ninjas is gone.

The secrets of the Ninjas was passed down from father to son, but it has come to an end.

But, no doubt, Ninjas will live on in movies, games, toys, and  in contests challenging the body in every imaginable way, giving us some idea of the rigors the Ninjas executed perfectly.

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 The mighty Ninja will never be forgotten.

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