Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The feats those daredevils must do

The tightrope walk across the Grand Canyon yesterday by Nik Wallenda, who wore a microphone, and from the famous funambulism family known as the " FlyingWallenda's", caused me to think of various other astonishing feats men a women perform requiring guts, unrelenting determination, nerves of solid steel with a gutsy desire to do some thing only a handful of people on Earth could even attempt to successfully do.  Then, to make the feat even more challenging and solidifying their name in history, add the element of possible death if there's a mistake or failure on their part in performing the feat.

Feats require great balance, precision, strength and training
Photo credit: rollingroscoe from morguefile.com

I'm sure the adrenaline rush is huge and one reason why some daredevils return to perform even
more challenging feats. It must be addictive. We won't mention the financial gain and notoriety-
those are a given to these daredevils.

Check out this impressive list of Niagara Falls daredevils.

These women she-daredevils were each quite astonishing with their feats of skill.

Is it possible to 'not sink' running over water?

Photo credit: kconnors from morguefile.com

My favorite is a guy running on water(I think it looks real). See for yourself along with other amazing physical feats-(click link for video)

 I have to include Harry Houdini's feats of escape so many people fell spellbound to. A daredevil, an entertainer, an escape artist and master illusionist.  He was quite an original.

In this vid, you see a man 'walking on mostly water '.  Kinda funny how he was able to.

And of course, remember the always fit-and-spry Jack LaLanne doing something more featful than the year before.  Maybe I should say, 'more feating, but his feats were not life-threateningly dangerous, but they still required great skill and physical strength which the majority of us regular folk could consider to be super-human,
so I consider them feats.

In this posting I've mentioned just a few daredevil feats. Each prove the potential of the mind and body can do much more than the limits we normally place upon our bodies is very possible.

BONUS:Nik Wallenda's 22 plus minute tighrope feat crossing a gorge spanning a quarter mile at the Grand Canyon was accompanied by continual prayer. See this photo of him.

(That's 22 minutes of death defying walking and balancing without a safety harness or net on a cable
across a gorge with wind blowing).

He's got my vote for having nerve to even attempt something
like that. I think I would like to read his memoir-I bet it would be interesting. Click to read the transcript of an interview he gave.

Daredevils have to be bold and have confidence in their abilities to perform their daredevil feats.
They keep us enthralled and mystified with their confidence to even attempt such challenges
that can bring fame, but also the possibility of losing their life should they fail. That's what I call
 do or die trying.

I applaud them for doing what they must do.

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