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Have you wondered why it's called a 'spelling bee?' Why not 'spelling stand-off' or 'spelling derby'?  All in all, I think it's a grand thing that kids devote a huge part of their young lives studying words because what they gain will carry forward to everything they will do. Spend hours memorizing little nuances of different languages for the possibility of having to spell a word from a language different from their own will help them in every form of communication in every profession or field of study.

There's a lot of words to spell in the world

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Here's info on the history of spelling bees.

Here is a list of past winning words. Make sure you check the 'Spellers' to read these kids are very intelligent and gifted in academics and music.

Contestants have to study world dictionaries to spell words I wouldn't even begin to use in a normal conversation. But they are amazing to even know how to dissect a word apart based upon it's origin, the put it all together.

Congratulations to this year's National Spelling Bee Champion.. This teen, Arvind Mahankli, has a sense of humor, and, a set goal for his future. His parents and sibling I'm sure are so proud of him.  I especially like that he's humble of spirit, taking his winning all in stride. He was a contestant in 2010, 2011 and 2012. Now that he's a winner and in more ways than one. What a role model for all of us to never give up until you succeed.

Video of the newest spelling bee champion and the German-derived word he nailed sealing his win.

 Congratulations to all who entered and spelled words I wouldn't even know how to begin spelling.

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