Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Performing on brain power, youthful winners win for all

I read about the top winners in this years Intel International Science and Engineering Fair.
Just the top three winners alone have such inventions that could benefit the world- and I mean
the potential to affect and reach the vast majority of every single person on Earth.
The top winners of this fair are ages 18 and 17 and hale from Romania and the United States.

Exercising the brain is a wonderful thing
photo credit: Paul Mayne via photopin cc
I sure would like to know what other inventions were considered and even from past years what's become of the inventions of past winners.

I sure do like to hear about young minds putting forth effort and energy into thinking. Way too much emphasis and exposure is placed on athletic abilities and outward physical attraction.

The rewards sure have drastically increased compared to just last year.

In 6th grade I came up with an idea for a solar powered washer and dryer. I don't remember where I put that paper, but I had sketched and detailed how my invention would work for a class project.  It was fun designing something new that would help the earth and mankind.  About eight years ago I had submitted my idea design for a therapeutic pillow to help relax neck and upper back muscles and keep pressure off the ear. The company, which I will not mention by name,  I made my submission to to help me make my design presentable to potential industry buyers and market and sell it, wouldn't 'cha know, was hit with a class action lawsuit. I would've rather chosen my design get patented and marketed rather than the few hundred lawsuit dollars I received. The world of inventions can be a ruthless one if not careful.

Here's info on invention fairs.

Wrapping this up, I do appreciate one's physical abilities to run fast, jump high, throw a ball through
a hoop from thirty feet away and looking at a perfectly symmetrical face, a body with little body fat and a thick head of hair, but in the scope of daily living, how do any of those things really benefit
you and me?

We, collectively, need to really consider top rewards to those who's inventions help mankind on a daily basis. I am really proud of all those who win but also each one who submits their entry to an invention fair.

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