Sunday, June 23, 2013

Barks and second chances behind bars

When someone incarcerated decides to make a positive change for him or herself and is a positive influence on another living creature, it makes for a happy ending for all involved.

This video shows inmates training greyhounds with love. Lots of good teaching advice.

Inmates train dogs to be rescue dogs, service dogs for the disabled, and prepare dogs for adoption.
In other words, people serving time behind bars who failed in society are training dogs to be of service in society.

These programs are very rewarding and good not only for the inmates but for all involved when the dog is later placed with a person in need of service or rescue dog.

I'm pleased to know there are many programs the incarcerated are training dogs.  This link will show many videos of such programs.

 In essence, inmates receive first-hand training themselves by training dogs to have acceptable social behavior greatly increases their own second chance success in society.

Every one deserves second changes for a better ending.

Congrats to all. Keep it up.

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