Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Female sumo wrestlers

Female sumo wrestlers.  I'm just hearing about this. I find that Sports Illustrated has even done a layout on female sumo wrestlers. I sure would've liked to have known of this interesting development before now. I think it's so cool that a few women have taken up sumo wrestling.

This ancient Japanese sport, is reserved for the full, hefty-bodied male, rikishi. Women can compete only at the amateur level. Women aren't allowed in the matches because the platform is blessed by a Shinto priest, and women are considered unclean. There's a lot of ritual purification going on in this sport and no protesting the judges rulings.

Sumo wrestlers charge their opponent with a weighty burst of energy

Photo credit: hotblack from morguefile.com

Wrestling is a full-contact sport with the objective to use your mind to out-maneuver your opponent with your body to get control of your opponent and pin them down, or push them outside the ring. This sport is a blend of self-defense, martial arts, and hand-to-hand combat disciplines, performed while barefoot.

Wrestling reminds me of a chess game, with two queen game pieces remaining on the board, so every move is vitally pertinent for the win. The stare-down is part of the psyching-out your opponent, is all part of the sport.

But unlike chess, tennis or boxing, sumo wrestling has a lot of rituals dating back hundreds of years.
When you watch a match, don't blink, cause the wrestling match could be over in seconds. The opponents size each other up to get that split second lead of charging first with a blast of energy to throw the other off balance. Blink, and you might miss their lightening moves.

I can't believe how some wrestlers are so limber. But wrestlers have to be. A match can put the players in all sorts of configurations.  I like watching wrestling matches and sumo wrestling is the most fascinating to watch.

Dan Gable won an Olympic gold medal in wrestling, and I had the privilege to attend the same high school he graduated. There's a big portrait of Dan hanging in the school gymnasium.  I went to more wrestling meets than football and basketball combined.

Wrestlers have to be quick, strong, limber, and light on their feet. There's always action going, so it's never boring to watch.

Wrestlers have some nice bodies too.  No lie. At least the one's I watched in high school did.

Sumo wrestlers must be comfortable with their bodies to move about while wearing only a big thong, uhh, I mean a belt, called a mawashi. Women sumo wrestlers wear a mawashi over spandex, thank goodness.

Japan's national sport.

More interesting facts to know about sumo wrestling.

These wrestlers are strong and solid. View this video and notice when they go down, nothing giggles.

Back to women and wrestling...if I were younger, and take a look at this young female sumo wrestler from the UK, and also this young lady who used to fight with her brothers and is now traveling and competing in sumo matches, I could see myself participating in this sport for the benefit of exercise. Even though I've never been to a sumo tournament, I can see this sport would increase one's focus and strength, help one be more disciplined and agile and improve mind control, and I'd improve one's self-defense skills as well.

In the UK, this grandmother is a sumo wrestler weighing in at 32 stones, which happens to be 448 pounds. She's been winning her matches. Good for her.
And this Indian woman needing a sponsor so she can compete in more sumo competitions. Good for her for pursuing her passion and doing well without a trainer.  I hope she gets some sponsors.                                                     

If I could quickly charge someone and knock them over before they knew what hit 'em.
They'd think long and hard about messing with me again.

But first, I need to practice my squats.

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