Monday, September 9, 2013

A powerful color punch

There are certain colors that resonate with me. 
 For a long time my favorite color was blue.
What I mean by resonate, is the color does 'something' that's not easy to explain, but I like looking at it and how I feel when looking at it.

Check out these colorful exterior homes.

Chartreuse, anyone?

Colors with unusual names.

Color is important and every where from college colors, to traffic signs, flags and wrist bands.

Here is what someone describes what it's like to be color-blind.

Some vivid colors or groupings of colors we tend to 'like' better than others. 
Color is perceived through wavelengths to the retina of the eye and sends an electrical  impulse to the brain which recognizes what we call 'color'.
Perhaps a related experience which our brain then relates or recalls to that 'color' and that's why certain colors resonate and we like them over other colors.

I like these artists use of color-
Roy Woodard-Fairchild
Diane Clancy

How do we perceive color?

Can color change your mood?   or affect your mood? 
How about the psychological effects color plays on mood and emotions?

Hue, saturation, temperature and value can used to describe colors we see, making for visual interest.

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Well, I was just thinking about our world of so many gloriously, vivid colors. Nice!

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