Friday, August 13, 2010

Yoga for firm, fit and flexible muscles

   I used to think yoga was for sissies. Come on, it's just getting into pretzel positions. That's not gonna do much except probably make you feel like a contortionist , and unless you're wanting to be a circus performer, what good will that do?  Well, have I opened my mouth an inserted foot, literally.  I was wrong.  Yoga is so much more than contorting into forms of  human pretzels. Yoga actually helps you from head to toe improve in multiple healthy aspects, and without the exhausting exertion of sweating and panting that you go through when jogging. Yoga has gained my total respect.  Number one is the fact that it helps firm, tone and build muscle. And when you do that to your muscles, you're automatically burning more calories throughout the day, your able to move and walk more fluidly, your joints are better supported when your muscles around them are toned, and your clothing fits better naturally when your muscles are toned and firm for sure, your metabolism gets revved up, and you age much more gracefully and so important for seniors to keep their independence, yoga helps maintain mobility.  So keep 'em guessing your age 'cause you won't be showing it or acting it!
   I am really enjoying these yoga videos with Dina called "Get Exercised", and I bet you will too. Laugh while you try a few yoga poses and know you're doing good stuff to your muscles. You never will get bored, there's a ton of yoga positions/poses to experiment with. The easiest way I like to incorporate them is do a couple during commercial breaks, or when I want to take a stretch break from typing or reading, or even at work on a break. At home Perfect, my dog, likes it when I unroll my exercise mat, 'cause he knows after wards it's play time.  Be sure to get a mat. It helps you not slip and slide and cushions your tush and joints when you're moving about and wear something that allows free movement.  That's really about all you need.  Visit my yoga store on my shopping page.
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