Thursday, September 2, 2010

Need muscle

I was looking through my bookcase and pulled out some books I haven't looked at quite a good while. You know what, these were pretty good books when I got them and I bet the information is still good today.  Yes, I hate to say it, 'cause it does not seem that it was that long ago, but it's been over thirty years ago that I bought some of the books I pulled out and dusted off. This holiday weekend I'm going to look through them and reacquaint myself with them.  I'll tell you right now that they of course were about health and staying fit and well.  Yes, even back then, before some of you were even born, women were lifting weights.  Wow! And to see now how 'in' weight training is in addition to cardio exercise for keeping your muscles toned and helping keep metabolism going strong into age 40 and beyond. These books will be like revisiting an old friend.

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They were a good read back then when I was one fit teenager and into my twenties. I was into jogging, track, racquetball, tennis, cycling, swimming, skating, and working out in the gym. It was all good and I sure do miss doing them all. I could eat and not gain an ounce and look good in short shorts and a halter top.

These were the books that I spent hours looking through at the photos in them and reading.  I they're probably out of print, but maybe you can view them where old books are sold. Anyway, look through some of your old books and magazines. You don't have to spend lots of money reading only current literature when there's been some pretty fabulous fitness info written years ago.  The key is to keep moving and exert those muscles through all ranges of motion to stay strong, toned, and fit. Keep at it consistently and you will start to feel your clothes fitting a little looser and you're standing a little taller.
  The 'Cellulite: Those lumps, bumps, and bulges you couldn't lose before" book I bought for $5.95 back in 1973.  The 'You Can Be Physically Perfect, Powerfully Strong', book was given to me by my brother. Copyright date 1975. The 'Lisa Lyon's Body Magic', book, copyright 1981, I bought for $9.95.  The 'Lady Bullworker' wall chart I've had for eons, and the 'Vitalizer' brochure came with my first aerobic rebounder I bought in 1980 for $185. Wow!  So dust off and revisit your old exercise videos and books and have a flashback to the oldies but goodies.  Hey,  be smart and check with your doctor before embarking an any exercise regimen.  And check out my Fitness page on my website.  Enjoy your day while striving to be your best.

Great books and equipment that helped me back in the late 70's-early 80's

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