Saturday, November 27, 2010

Back in time

I wasn't in a hurry the other day and decided it was an ideal time to treat myself and take a back road through some scenic territory on the way to town.  I found this old country road by accident a few years ago, and whenever I drive it, I feel like I've gone back in time.
old country road
There are no street signs, no pavement, no power poles, no other traffic, just three miles or so of old trees on both sides of this winding and amazingly smooth dirt road. It's so peaceful. Even though I'm in my truck, I can't help but think this is a little what it must have felt like traveling during the turn of the century. At night it must be pitch black without a single light pole during the entire length of this dirt road. It's escaped being developed. Not many places like this around any more that are this untouched.  I like it.

I slow way down and put all the windows down and take in the very pleasant 66°F air and the quietness of nature along this undisturbed road. Sounds of nature naturally make me slow  down. I've escaped from civilization.  I like that, too.

a road back in time
One day I want to walk this road with a friend. It would be a nice walk with the dogs. That would be a treat for us all. This hidden road is off from another country road which is a turn off another country road. It's probably only used by the land owners and cattle farmers.  I do see some cattle off in the distance along the way. For ten minutes I absorb all I can of blissful peace and quiet. It does the soul good. Then, coming out onto a paved road, I'm back to  present time.  Those few minutes back in time were refreshing and restful.  I hope that road always stays just like it is.

Matthew 11:28-29  In this scripture I find that I can always go to God and find rest with Him anytime I want, no matter what's bothering me.  That's sort of how I feel on this road, at peace and close to God. So refreshing and all my cares are gone.

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