Thursday, October 1, 2015

Totally into Hello Kitty™

There are some who adore kittens and some who can't get quite enough Hello Kitty™.

Hello Kitty is BIG! and not showing any signs of slowing any time soon.

Hello Kitty is everywhere! I'm not surprised there isn't a Hello Kitty house.
Wait! There is a Hello Kitty™ house.

Here's Hello Kitty's family.

You can even have Hello Kitty™ in your green tea.

I came across some interesting things out there for those who must have their Hello Kitty® fix
satisfied in a big way.

Restaurant- You can eat in 'Hello Kitty' style.

A girl can sleep, wear, eat, drink, wake up to, fall asleep on, walk on, be adorned by, carry, tell time on, etc. Hello Kitty. Hello Kitty™ is a way of life and making many girls and women happy.

There are two destination theme parks for those who need to be surrounded for taking in all the Hello Kitty™ one can imagine.

Eat your heart out Mickey!

Theme park.  Japan
Theme park.  China

There's probably lots more, but that's enough Hello Kitty™ pinkness for this blog post.

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