Saturday, April 13, 2013

The change is priceless

I read this story today and it made me proud of this guy.

Imagine having earnings in one week what it takes most years and years to earn?
Imagine the expensive toys, cars, boats, and jewels he once had at his disposal?
Imagine the control, respect and power he used to have on the streets?
Imagine the people working for him, the business he ran-he was living it up in high style at one time.
But, this was all from dealing and providing illegal drugs that people got hooked on and most likely ruined their lives to some degree.

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photo credit: benben via photopin cc

Then, imagine being in prison for 20 years to pay for his crime to society.

I'm proud Tommy chose not to go back into his old lifestyle. Instead, he chose a better one.

He chose to help people. Really help people. And people often overlooked in society. I'm proud of him and for him and hope he continues to inspire others to change their choices to be of service to others in a 'good' way as well.

Here's a link to view another article and video of Tommy in action.

When you serve others, I truly believe it's of the Lord.

There's a lot more to life than things. It's people. This is where you will discover true happiness.
So reach out and find people and what they need and help them. I can promise you that you will be happy when you see people appreciating your service. There's another name for this- it's called love. And it's priceless.

I salute you Tommy Mickens.

And please, someone needs to find what made this former convict want to be a help to society. This needs to be available so all prisoners can see and know there are choices they can make which will keep them out of the legal system and earn them a living and be a help to others all at the same time.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Superb intelligence must be wiping the floor of wisdom and common sense.

Slowly, surely, methodically, man has evolved in his of things that were once considered 'wrong' to now being 'fair' and 'within their individual rights' and glamorized by television, celebrities, politicians and professors. One step leads to another and will come another and soon, 'w'e lose what was one reserved as being something sacred you shared with another person (in marriage) meant to be the physical and emotional and spiritual union of a married couple for a stable family unit in society. But now......

Intelligent man now thinks nothing is wrong with having sexual relations with his own daughter.

photo credit: katiew via photopin cc
Does any one find this disturbing? This the 'intelligence' of man leading him further and further from the wisdom of God?
If this is intelligence, (aren't professors considered to be the most intelligent people in society?), then I think the word intelligent.has a meaning totally different from what I think is intelligence.

My summation- Man is using his 'intelligence' to reason their actions so they can believe their physical wants and needs are 'good' and justified'. This is very different from the intent God gave brains in the first place. Man is exercising his free will to maximum capacity taking giant steps in the direction leading away from God and right into the snare the 'Father of all lies' wants man to fall into. This one deceiving many, this charmingly convincing 'voice' goes by the name of Lucifer and he's the great master at lassoing many an intelligent mind away from the things of God which are holy, good and righteous. This feat can be done because the heart of man prefers sin. Plain and simple. What the heart of man desires, he will find a way, and Lucifer is having a hay day with his work being so easy, to keep man desiring things of ill-repute and believe it's their 'right' to seek and have it to enjoy, so he continues on to want more and more of the same.  Is this intelligence at it's best? And more importantly, what's happened to wisdom? Has the pursuit of wisdom been hijacked?

My conclusion- The sidestepping of wisdom in his quest for more and more knowledge has given man a 'weird and ungodly' intelligence.  If this continues, man will ultimately destroy himself.

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And what about the cousin of intelligence, you know, that thing called common sense? Read what this person has to say about it, and what I say has sadly been evolving into something of 'uncommon un-sense.'