Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mr. Jack Lalanne

When I heard the news of the passing of Jack LaLanne, on Jan 23th , 2011, I was stunned for a moment.  I knew he was in his nineties, however, to myself I was thinking he'd be blessed to live to see his 100th birthday.  I know wishing that was just a wish and totally out of my hands, but I was so hoping his life of healthy living, with decades of exercise and juicing, would enable him on his 100th birthday to perform another awesome physical feat of strength and endurance that would be such a marvel to all us mere folks half his age as we can only wish we could just have the gumption to do even one tenth of what he physically does.  I wonder how many sit ups or push ups he did in his life time?  I've not read any of his books, but it's ingrained in my mind's eye him in a dark jumpsuit doing jumping jacks or leg lifts in a chair so easily and gracefully.  When he moved his legs, it looked as if it wasn't an ounce of effort to  him, almost like they were weightless. He was something else.  To me, he's one a national treasure, not only as a motivator for fitness and natural health, but just as a genuine person that wanted all folks to posses something of extreme value, and that's health. I never knew him, but I am going to miss him. His work is done and he did it well. God bless his soul and his wife I can just imagine how she's missing him also.   I'm posting this entry without an image for the reason of a moment of silence to Mr. Jack Lalanne.  

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