Monday, February 28, 2011

Hobbel pobbel and monkey bread

I don't ever tire being treated to scrupulous meals. Hobbel pobbel is a new breakfast dish for me and let me tell you, I eagerly volunteer to be the guinea pig and try a culinary dish Bonnie's improving upon in the kitchen and then give her my honest, unbiased tasting opinion of it. She entertained a few guests Saturday morning and made a breakfast fitting for a king.  And lucky me, the next day I had the best kind of leftovers because she added cheese to the remaining hobbel pobbel from the morning before, and told me it's better the day after.  She didn't have to tell me that, my well-functioning taste buds were already bursting for joy inside my mouth.  I have to admit  hobbel pobbel is fantastic with cheese.  And, thinking that couldn't be topped, Bonnie outdid that! She brought out her monkey bread with cream cheese inside. She's told me she's already made notes to improve by 'zesting up' the monkey bread adding orange zest and cinnamon. (See her cookbooks for these recipes).  Bonnie mentioned this recipe is actually a healthy recipe. Try either one and impress someone for breakfast or brunch.  She served the monkey bread up in an oblong dish, the perfect presentation for another wonderful meal at Bonnie's '5-star' table. 

I again told her I would rather pay to eat at her table and refuse a free cruise, unless she packed up enough meals I could take to eat on the cruise rather eat what was served on a cruise ship.  Read  how I longed to be eating at Bonnie's while I was dining on a cruise ship to Mexico. here's more on hobbel pobbel. (I like saying it as much as I like eating it.)
And a hobbel pobbel recipe here.

That's it for now.

Update March4, 2011- Bonnie called and said she's making Zesty Monkey Bread this Sunday.  I will make sure to give my unbiased taste test results along with photos. So check  back later and I think I might include recipes.

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