Monday, January 2, 2012

Motivated by the Chinese Women's Army

I was surfing the web and found an interesting video which has motivated me. After viewing it, what stayed in my mind was the huge number of women in the Chinese Army- the number of women in the Chinese Army is greater than the entire population of the United States!  I know this video is just a quick look at the women in China. But is saw not a one of them on the video is fat, and are appear to be very light on their feet and look to be extremely agile.  If they can march kicking their legs up like that, and they all look to be probably all of 100 pounds, I best get myself in better shape than I am right now.  I used to be in top physical condition by staying active with aerobics. cycling, tennis, racquetball, jogging, swimming, and hiking.  I could do push-ups, sit-ups and run during my physical tests while I was enlisted in the Marine Corps and used to think when was the tough stuff coming?  I used to jump up and down and nothing on my body moved. I was solid, fit and strong before during and a while after my years as a Marine. I still am proud to have worn the uniform well.

Below is the video that motivated me to get off my 'butt' and work to get myself in better physical condition. And, I don't mean later, but now!  Even though my military days are many moons past,  I owe it to myself for my health's sake, and heaven forbid, should any crisis or emergency arise requiring physical fitness, I will be prepared the best of my ability to accommodate to take whatever action on my part I can fill. These women in the Chinese Army have really, really motivated me.

Chinese Women Army

Then I searched to see what is typical daily Chinese diet.  

I may not eat rice at every meal, or even every day, (here are interesting facts on rice in China) but I am going to eat healthier. If China can show off their Army of women, then I am going to show off and make being an woman ex-Marine proud.

For the person reading this, you may be motivated by a different trigger than I. I was not looking for this to motivate me, but it has. This video, and thinking of what I saw in this
video is now a 'fire' under my behind and has ignited me to seriously take steps to go about getting back in physical condition.

I hope you find your motivation to action for any changes you need to make in your life. 

By the end of this new year I will come back to see how much progress I made during the year. I want to be able to jump up and down and very little move.  I am realistic about this. I've been out of the military thirty years.

Below is the Insanity interval training I'm challenging myself to.

Another challenge of mine is to do upside down situps. 

I'm challenging myself and I'm motivated!

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