Monday, May 7, 2012

Zombies and such

They're baaaaaack. I remember years ago watching in black and white, movies of Abbott and Costello running from zombies. They somehow got themselves in come situation that they were running from mummies or werewolves or something ugly.  There were movies of the Three Stooges encountering inhumane beings, too.  And, back in the early 60s, I watched a show called Dark Shadows, a vampire soap opera in the afternoons after I got home from school. Now, zombies are back big time and I'm wondering what's all the fuss?  I see new books written on how to survive a zombie attack, for 'they' are coming.

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I have a difficult time understanding this phenomena of zombies. It's not scientifically possible for a person to get up and walk again after they've been decomposing.
Can a virus reinvigorate life back into a brain and make it be half-alive? I don't think so.   When the brain's been deprived of oxygenated blood, brain cells die inside of 10 minutes. So how can a dead person think even with part of their brain kick-started by a virus?

So zombies function on basic reflex and hunger to eat living flesh. I guess that's the zombie virus telling a half-dead brain that it instinctly needs living flesh so the virus can replicate itself, because viruses need a live medium to stay viable. This means zombie brains must somehow get the rest of the zombie body functioning-like the sense of smell and/or sight to locate and go after living flesh to eat.  How do cells of the nervous, olfactory, bone and soft tissue systems all become functional again? Decomposing tissue can't function. How can zombie hearts beat to circulate blood? And whatever the virus is  that attacks zombie brains, it's got to be some powerful agent if it can control muscle coordination for standing, walking or shuffling for seeking out their prey and keeping a half-dead brain functioning.

How can zombies go on an attack or do anything? Or are they supposed to be not all-the-way dead? Nothing can be a little bit dead and a little bit alive.  If you're infected with the zombie virus, by a zombie, does the virus kill your brain and make you go delirious? If zombies have hunger for live flesh, do they go after the brain tissue for their meal or any live tissue? 

Maybe the 'undead' don't need air or blood in their tissues. Maybe all the fuss about zombies is they're looking for someone to take them all-the-way out of their misery. But that can't be either. They don't feel anything. They're just beings without knowing or thinking. Just half-existing to kill and eat to stay half-alive, or half-dead. Whatever. 

If zombies and vampires are back, are the mummies not far behind?

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I'm fascinated that people are so fascinated in zombies. Could it be zombies symbolize that we as a people are becoming so disconnected from caring for each other and the sanctity of life? I also find it a bit disturbing that I've taken time to write on the subject of zombies.

Zombies eat flesh, vampires suck blood, what is it that mummies do?

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