Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Brightening up the guest bath

Who would think to write about a wall switch plates? Me, of course. And reason being I
think it's a very attractive switch plate. I got to looking and thought the old standard plane,
boring, off-white switch plate had to go.

colorful alcohol ink switch plate

Now, doesn't this make for a more attractive switch plate?   Then to make it a bit more
interesting, I found just the shower curtain to compliment my switch plate.

tropical scenery shower curtain

So, now the room is looking a lot more colorful and inviting. Every time I walk past the
bathroom I see this scenery and I can almost imagine smelling coconut, sipping on a
mimosa and walking along the beach of a tropical island. Oh, yeah.

Need I say more?

Oh yeah, I'm planning to decorate more rooms with switch plates of Renee's hand-painted
alcohol ink designs from her etsy shop- ReneeKDesigns.  Her colors 'pop'. I promise you'll
think the same thing.
And, it just wouldn't have been right to not get a matching outlet cover to match the
light switch plate cover.

My attractive Renee K Designs outlet cover
 So, what I did was add a shower curtain complimenting the colors in the wall switch plate
and outlet cover, and find some small rugs, and voila, not too shabby for decorating a guest
bath, huh?

Throw rugs from a dollar store

But all in all, I have to say what I like the best are the hand painted wall plates. They're one
of-a-kind, artsy, hand-painted originals.  Pretty cool! Now, wouldn't you like to perk up a
room or two? If you do, send me a photo. I want to see what you came up with.
 Challenge- do if for under $65.

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