Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Ferguson fiasco- who and what can change the entire situation

The tension is thick in Ferguson, Missouri. A shooting resulted in the death of Michael Brown by the hand of police officer Darren Wilson.

There were peaceful protests because the person shot was unarmed, and Black. Then riots and
looting took place in Ferguson by those wanting officer Wilson charged with murder. Then
full-armored police/crowd control was sent in to disburse those looting and rioting.  One thing lead to another and the situation was pretty chaotic for a while.

There's been an investigation and evidence showed there was a struggle between the two men. Officer Wilson had his face badly beaten and Michael Brown was first shot multiple times in his arm and then fatally in the head.

I would think anyone being beaten in the face by a big, tall,  angry, muscular man, would think their life is in danger. Officer Wilson shot to save his life or he very well could have been strangled, beaten, or even shot with his own gun by Michael Brown.

We don't know the history of these two people. They may have even had prior confrontation?

I question the motive of a person reaching into a police vehicle and attacking a police officer

Why was there a need for so many shots to be fired?
Here's a photo of what Michael Brown looked like, showing he was not a puny 18 year old.

His arm muscles and bulk along with his 'no-respect for authority' attitude are weapons.

Michael Brown's parents are involving the United Nations to overstep the legal process for officer Wilson to be arrested. 

I was not an eye-witness to what happened on August 9, 2014,  but these are some of my thoughts.

Years ago, Black men were not given fair trials and many were hung.
Today, Blacks in Ferguson gathered in mob fashion looting businesses (who had nothing to do with the shooting), and are voicing that they'll gather for more of the same if Mr. Wilson is not arrested.
 I dare say if these angry folks could get their hands on Mr. Wilson right now, they'd hang him without any trial. (I hope not)

Could these demands be a form of pay back, retribution, and/or retaliation by the Blacks for crimes subjected to their forefathers by White men who are all long gone?

Had Michael Brown not violated the law, he would have gone on his way without any need for a police officer to be called and both men and their families and friends would all have been spared the horrible grief of the past few weeks.

But it did happen, the policeman was called and Mr. Wilson was doing his job, but Michael Brown exhibited defiance towards authority. There could have been words, or Mr. Wilson discovered a possible robbery suspect (cigars) and things escalated quickly to a physical fight in which blood was shed and a life was cut short.
The situation didn't have to happen but when a strong, defiant man charges a trained officer with a gun, and there's a struggle for the gun, more than likely someone is going to be shot.

Nothing can change what happened.  Will this tragic incident incite more of the same? Will be see a repeat of the 60's?
 There are other policemen and women right now wondering what would they have done? Will they be next to get into a racial confrontation?
 There are other Black men wondering what would they have done? Will they be next to get into a confrontation with the police?

Policemen have a dangerous job. People are unpredictable. Police are people and get emotional and have to be even more careful when a person on the street wants to challenge them.
Black men know they're watched closely because they've grown up with the mentality that they are the first ones targeted when a crime occurs.

Have Black men done anything to bring this upon themselves? Stop challenging the police.
And hadn't Mr. Brown just robbed a convenience store?

Why not aim to NOT have dealings in situations that would pose a change of any police being called out? The police don't come around unless there's a reason for them to be around. Give them no reason and there will be no confrontation what-so-ever. No more racial tension. No more police brutality. No more Black and White hatred.

Why not immediately do what the police say to do which would snuff out any misunderstandings which would evoke hostility on either end?

I might add that not all policemen are White and not all men who disrespect the police are Black.

I wonder if Michael Brown was taught stealing wrong and disrespecting police authority will most likely get you arrested, detained or worse?
I wonder if he learned or was taught that acting tough and getting arrested (numerous times he'd been in trouble with the law) was looked upon as something desirable to have experienced?

Listen to Charles Barkley explains 'the dirty, dark secret' thugs and unintelligent Blacks go by.

The parents of Michael Brown are demanding justice for the death of their son, which any parent should. It's devastating for any parent to have to bury a child.

 Why was Michael Brown shot?

What happened in Ferguson is one more entanglement involving a figure of authority (police) and
an unarmed Black male.
We all have our opinions made up of bits and pieces of info,  but until we know all the details, (and there are a lot of details yet to be revealed to the public) we have to be patient because 
it's never easy determining motives, reasoning or reactions which occur in a split second between people. The detectives assigned to this case have a lot of evidence to piece over and consider eye-witness testimonies and recording of the guns shots, before drawing any conclusions.  

From my outside perspective, I have a strong feeling not everyone is going to be happy when the investigation is all said and done.

 Until then, I believe forgiveness is going to have to be extended from both sides for any healing to begin. No one can undo what was done, so might as well go forward and learn from this situation.

Will the final investigation results or a hearing bring about an end to the tension in Ferguson and to our country, which obviously in 2014 is still not over the hurt of one group of people wronged by another group, even though the means to advance out of the ghettos or poverty is available to one and all. You just have to want it.

For starters, young Black boys and men need positive role models and more encouragement to help them strive to attain to do better in life than settle to be stuck with selling drugs, listening to rap music most of the day, wearing pants that sag, and getting in trouble with the police.

What do you say, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr, the great unifier and with your commitment to youth, and Rev. Al Sharpton- you're both in influential positions.
Rather than stoking racism fire, how about inciting an internal fire to the youth to make a change from within. There is so much room for positive personal improvement to be made which would lead to different treatment of Blacks.
Blacks can better themselves by getting a higher education, refraining from illegal activities, and choosing to dress more respectfully rather than 'thuggishly', These would be a good starting points which would do so much more than continually being angry about being mistreated for your skin color. It's it getting old to keep playing that old race card? It's time now to own up to choices of
 action may be the cause of most of the hostility Blacks bring onto themselves.

Sadly, there are still too many holding onto the mindset to keep doing the same old things because they prefer the 'woe is me' attitude so they can keep being bitter about their life situation.

But there is a way out of the projects and the ghetto, and if you continue to believe skin color is holding you back, then your beliefs are holding you back and you will never get to know the
extent of your capabilities and just how high you can advance or just how much you can be a positive
contributor to society.  Just how personally rewarding is it to remain in the welfare line and get your
government hand-outs? 

These people started poor and failed prior to reaching success. (and this is a very incomplete list).If any one of these people had not tried, or had quit, they would have never attained success and we wouldn't know anything about them.

The best way is to get an education or learn a skill and steadily get very good at it. Learn to mentally have confidence in yourself and stop believing the excuse that someone else is knocking you 'down'.  In reality, the only person or persons knocking you down are those who are themselves 'down' and don't want you to succeed either. Prove them wrong.

To succeed, you have to want it; you have to go for it, even if it means leaving your 'thug buddies,' or anyone talking your out of pursuing your dreams; you have to work or get an education, and clean up your act and quit allowing excuses hold you back.
To make success happen, the formula is you have to decide it's what you want and then go into action and work your plan to succeed.
The pay-off and pride of succeeding is so personally rewarding. 

Do it and have some pride in self in your life.  Don't settle for being part of the crowd that likes to be angry because someone is mistreating you. Get away and rise above that and leave all that behind in the dust. Prove them all wrong.

It's all up to YOU, each individual to put yourself in a much better place in life.

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