Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Super-bacteria and super-essential oils to the rescue

There are now stains of bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics.
Read the above sentence again.
Think about how a bacterial infection may affect you and your household.

This is an unfavorable, critical predicament for us (mankind) to be without antibiotics to counter the effects of a bacterial infection.

Read about drug-resistance infectious diseases from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

Personally, I believe it would be in our best interest to look into essential oils.

1. Because certain essential oils have strong anti-bacterial chemical properties, and,

2. Bacteria can't build or form resistant to essential oils. Essential oils (they're called oils but they really aren't oily like vegetable oils) contain hundreds of natural chemical compounds which make it impossible for any bacteria strain to become resistant to the many chemical compounds in a single oil.  The major two or three chemical compounds of an oil are normally listed, but an oil is made of hundreds of chemicals, and,

3. Each season the oil is slightly different in it's chemical composition due to the masterful design of the Creator making essential oils even more difficult for any super-bacteria to ever become resistant to the anti-bacterial chemical properties of an essential oil which we get from plants.
Essential oils are the best alternative.

Content about essential oils and how they are able to assist us to fight bacteria and other microbes.
From the Journal of Applied Microbiology.
From the Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy
From Ananda Apothecary
From Abundant Health

Always utilize essential oils with extreme caution as essential oils are very potent and very concentrated chemical substances. Be advised that these are not to be played with or used without proper education and experience.
A drop or two can do wonders, and a drop or two can cause much discomfort if not utilized correctly and properly.  Seek immediate medical attention should essential oils cause any adverse reaction.
Keep away from the eyes and other mucus membranes.
Do not ingest without professional advice.
Extreme caution if using around children, the elderly, sickly, in pregnancy or with other serious health issues.

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