Sunday, May 24, 2015

Before you tee off, Mr. President

The author of this article, and I are on the same page.

I've given thought as to what must have been the deciding factor or factors why did the
Obama administration decided not to voice acknowledgement, condolence, or send a White House official or aide to the funeral's of those who served this country with honor or been a great friend to this country.

I've given thought as to why did the Obama administration sent not one, but three aides to the funeral of an 18 year-old man who shortly before his death was in a physical altercation with a policemen, and he'd been videotaped stealing from a convenience store. Unfortunately, Michael Brown lost his life, tho he was unarmed, because the police officer shot him to stop Mr. Brown's violent hostile advances.

I've also given thought as to why the Obama administration didn't acknowledge the passing of Shirley Temple Black last year?
Mrs. Black had served this country as a diplomat in the United Nations general assembly, and appointed as an ambassador to two countries, Ghana and Czechoslovakia.

This ordained minister writes that the Obama administration was wrong to not acknowledge the passing of Shirley Temple Black and I agree with him.

I believe the person holding the office of the President of the United States should represent and be accountable to all citizens of the United States.

United States citizens do include...
those who are light-skinned...
those who are politically conservative....
those who are of Jewish heritage....
those who call Jesus their Lord and Savior...
those who abide by the law of the land...
and, those who respect those in authority working to uphold peace and lawfulness in society.

Teeing off vs showing respect of the passing of those who've served this country
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It only takes a few minutes to send a condolence or appoint a White House aide to attend a funeral showing some honor from the Presidential office.
This gesture would mean more to U.S. citizens than the Presidential teeing off.

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